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December 6, 2011
January 9, 2013

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"You are a cat that spits bombs out of its mouth. I don't know if I can stress that enough." -Jared Nelson, The Touch Arcade Show
Misu and our gang of space cats find themselves victims of a holiday theft!

The lol cat hating Santa Cowz has decided to steal all of our dear cats' burgers!!!

Now it's up to you and our favorite bomb spitting cat to venture out, destroy your way through puzzling obstacles, fend the forces of Santa Cowz, all while avoiding any harm come to those delicious cheeseburgers, or yourself!

  • Play as a bomb spitting cat!
  • 15 levels of explosive puzzles!
  • Platforming action across a holiday themed environment!
  • Collect Burger Coins to customize your lol cat with holiday costumes
  • Dangerous enemies to defeat and hazards to avoid
  • Dynamic zoom mechanics, sunsets and snow fall effects!
  • Fight Santa Cowz!

  • What's New
    Remember that your ratings keep updates coming!

    Added 4 new bomb types to the game, all with their own mechanics.
  • Water bombs that can turn off fires. They do no damage but can defeat bouncing living fire.
  • Grappling bombs that stick to surfaces, great to use as temporary stepping stone to climb up high indestructible obstacles.
  • Hover bombs that are not affected by gravity. These are great to reach far, away places.
  • Micro bombs that can do little damage but can go into small spaces.
  • Old fashioned bombs are still pack the largest amount of damage.

  • Added hints to the boss fight.

    Interface & Display
  • Renamed game the game from Misu Misu Kaboom! to Bomber Cat
  • Changed game icon.
  • Support for the following languages: Spanish, French, Russian, German, Korean, Japanese & Chinese (videos are only in English.)
  • You can now skip levels after the first failure.
  • Added a skip button to the pause screen.
  • Levels no longer end after time is up, but your score will be zero if at the end of the level if you don't have any time left once you are done.
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor would not show up in the game ending scene.

    Other changes
  • Fixed a bug while shooting bombs while aiming up

  • Bomber Cat (starsmangamesllc.misumisukaboomspecial) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Bundle Identifier: Misu Misu Kaboom! Special! (mac.starsmangamesllc.misumisukaboomspecial)

    Bundle Information: Misu Misu Kaboom! Special! version 1.0

    Copyright: Misu Misu Kaboom! Special! v1.0 (c) Starsman Games LLC