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December 6, 2012
January 9, 2013

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This is a virtual reality mech game for 3D FPS and mech wars. It is supported with english and chinese(支持中文).
How to play: 'W','S','A','D' walk, Right Mouse Button launch missile, Left Button fire machine gun. 'F' fire laser, 'Space' for rush, 'B' toggle store, 'M' toggle map, 'Esc' pause game.
The specials: using 3D virtual reality production, Frame imitation next-gen, elegant atmosphere. using the most advanced engine building, frame number full, the feeling good.
3.the enemy's intelligence is quite clever, brings a strong sense of reality to players.
4.the sound and music Wonderful, bullet collision mechanical sound lets the person be full of excitement.
5.level design ingenious and based on Artificial Intelligence,let the game player,ups and downs. scene, let the game player can explore every inch of the corner, to find a mysterious incentives props.
7.gorgeous animation effects, the effect of the explosion seems Realistic
On December 12,2012, there appeared a fatal bug in the manufacturing process when the company of AOS was making new fighting robots. The bug controlled the robots. These man-made killermachines reversed to fire at AOS staffs, then, they controlled all the AOS manufacturing base,and even occupied the AOS headquarter.

What's New
add map (press M toggle map).
add screen resolution settings.
add fullscreen toggle.
fixed screen resolution bug.
fixed mouse sensitive issue.

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