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October 6, 2011
January 9, 2013

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The earth are in danger !!! Every asteroid, comet and alien thing in universe are turn against our earth. They are everywhere, the earth are being attack in every direction. With our at most technologies the President command you to prevent this apocalypse. "Destroy every unknown subject that came near our earth, in all cost!!!" thats his command.

Now ... you are our only hope, just use your finger and tap to the unknown subject and our weapon will automatically destroy that subject.

And ... you can use our super weapons technologies to help you in defending our earth. When every super weapons are in full charge, you can use it any time.

Be careful of a very big asteroid !!! Our experts have just report to The President that this big asteroid will not destroy only in one shot of our weapon.

God Speed !!!

What's New
New Features :
Earth Satelite auto aiming and auto firing weapon on to asteroid.
Earth Spaceship auto aiming and auto firing weapon on to asteroid.
Add new soundFX.
Add new Enemy ship : X-Wing
X-Wing will firing on Earth simultaneously.

Fixed Bug :
Photon Defend have time limit when engage.
Fixed crash in Level up to 12.

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