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March 29, 2012
January 9, 2013

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"Fans of the original won't be disappointed." - iFanzine

Cavorite 2 continues the original and genre-crossing adventure game series, appealing to fans of puzzlers and platformers alike.

Dr. Cavor is back! Lacking sufficient fuel to launch his space vessel home, Dr. Cavor musters the courage to once again descend into the vast subsurface lunar labyrinth! There he must gather powerful moon gems, which harbor enough energy to propel him home. Once more armed with only his anti-gravity spray gun, Dr. Cavor puts his genius to its greatest test yet.

  • 63 all-new puzzling levels
  • New challenges including swimming, explosions, and crumbling walls
  • 3 more unique worlds and boss battles
  • Retro 16-bit era graphics
  • Authentic chiptune soundtrack

    He must descend even deeper. He must face greater dangers. He must fight stranger foes. He must unlock the power of the gem!

    Developer's Note: Version 1.0.2 will be available soon. It will improve resolution support and resolve the freeze-on-load error. This error affects less than 0.1% of all downloaders, but we want this app working perfectly for everyone. Thank you for your business!

  • What's New
  • Small graphical fix

  • Cavorite 2 (com.cascadiagames.cavorite2mac) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

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    Minimum OS version: 10.6.6

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