What's New

Macaw v1.6.1 Release Notes

  • Patches a security vulnerability involving the Sparkle updater.


Mac Users: If you are updating from Macaw v1.5.6 or v1.5.7 please download this update directly from http://download.macaw.co/ and manually install.

Macaw v1.6 Release Notes

  • Fixed background visibility toggling for the body.
  • Make sure when moving elements into and out of containers we reset visibility, locked and display properties.
  • Updated to latest Typekit icon.
  • Fixed border shorthanding bug.
  • Fixed font weight publishing bug.
  • Fixed bug that would cause an additional browser window to open when using remote preview.
  • Fixed body background color bug.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the read-only sections of the Head & Tail Publish Settings screen to be editable.
  • Removed login requirements for the application.

Macaw v1.5.15 Release Notes

  • Fixed image deletion bug where images with certain characters in the name could not be deleted.
  • Fixed text align buttons in the class dialog.
  • Fixed bug related to copying rich text nodes.
  • Fixed unsynced rich text nodes.

Macaw v1.5.14 Release Notes

  • Fixed right origin breakpoint overwrite bug.
  • Fixed bug where tabbing through inputs would in some cases cause the interface to toggle off and stay off.

Macaw v1.5.13 Release Notes

  • Fixed global styles color picker bug.
  • Fixed color picker keyboard shortcuts in global styles dialog and shadows dialog.

Macaw v1.5.12 Release Notes

  • Fixed issue that would sometimes cause Typekit kits not to load.
  • Fixed issue where the enter key closed both the gradient dialog and the color picker dialog resulting in a broken UI state where elements couldn't be selected, etc.
  • Windows Only: Fixed issue with CTRL click to toggle display in the outline.
  • Windows Only: Handle loading system fonts with special characters in their names and/or styles.

Macaw v1.5.10 Release Notes

  • Fixed switching between anchor nodes when rich text editing.
  • Fixed issue where URLs would not get saved when pasting in URLs for rich text anchor nodes.
  • Fixed unconsolidated rich text bug sometimes seen across multi-page publishing.

Macaw v1.5.9 Release Notes

  • Fixed gradient picker preview.
  • Fixed relative responsive layout publishing bug.
  • Fixed component placing bug.
  • Fixed paste simple command across pages.
  • Prevented "inherit" font weight value from being placed in the Google Fonts import link on publish.

Macaw v1.5.8 Release Notes

  • Fixed bug with the updater that would cause the update the fail.

Macaw v1.5.7 Release Notes

  • Fixed issue where some projects would freeze on load.

Macaw v1.5.6 Release Notes

  • Fixed publish issue where files would only be published a single time and the preview window would never be displayed.
  • Added ability to disable / enable the remote preview server via a new Publish Settings option.
  • Fix issue where deleting images from the Library did not always remove them from the mcw file.
  • Removed unused "Break Component Reference" menu item.
  • Fixed editing anchor href property for rich text nodes so that they can be edited.
  • Make sure history is hooked up for the body background color.
  • Fixed button text issue where double text would show up.
  • Fixed issue where error would be thrown when changing the font color while editing rich text nodes.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes adding a rich text node to an element and hitting done would cause extra line breaks to be added.
  • Fixed issue where users could not use the arrow keys in inputs while editing rich text nodex.
  • Addressed issue where projects would not publish due to some image elements not having all the necessary properties.
  • Fixed issue where tabbing through the element name, variable and id fields in the inspector would cause the entire interface to toggle.
  • Fixed issue where copying/pasting across pages would sometimes not work.
  • Fixed bottom: 0; publishing bug.
  • Prevent point text elements from showing on display: none.
  • Fixed positioning of bottom elements.
  • Prevent class collisions with body tag.
  • Fixed loss of display: none coordinates.
  • Standardize border-radius on select elements.
  • Fixed random rounding bugs.
  • Fixed bug where parent font size was unavailable in state publishing.
  • Fixed word-wrap and word-break values in the advanced palette.
  • Fixed the ability to place cursor via mouse click in element name, variable and ID fields while editing.
  • Fixed issue where tabbing would cause interface to toggle after opening the color picker from a dialog.
  • Added hover text for page tabs so that you can always see the full page name with multiple tabs open.
  • Fixed bug when tabbing through element name, variable and ID fields that would cause the interface to disappear.

Macaw v1.5.4 Release Notes

  • Fixed Yosemite (OS X 10.10 beta) issue where Macaw failed Gatekeeper validation at launch and a "damaged" message was shown.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes publish unwanted white space in the HTML.
  • Improved rich-text markup handling.
  • Fixed breakpoint background attachment bugs.
  • Fixed multiple disabled background bugs.
  • Fixed shortcut bug on background gradient dialog.
  • Ensure geometry does not get saved in states.
  • Fixed center point text on breakpoints.
  • Fixed component placing when component was created from a right origin element.
  • Fixed issue where components would not drag correclty.
  • Fixed issue where elements could not be deleted if a component had rich-text nodes.
  • Make sure that width/height suffix values get applied when toggling them on/off in a global style.
  • Handle prefix of -webkit-transforms within transition property.
  • Windows Only: Improved system font support.

Macaw v1.5.3 Release Notes

  • Fixed margin publishing on states.
  • Fixed bug which cleared margins on publish.

Macaw v1.5.2 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that rewrote margins as 0.
  • Smarter handling of rich text html conversion.
  • Show alert when tags are illegally nested.
  • Fixed bug that would cause certain embed code to break publishing.
  • Ensure proper wrapping of text nodes to prevent the loss of line breaks.
  • Fixed freezing publish issue caused by missing image properties after copy/paste.
  • Fixed uppercase, italic and underline settings for rich text nodes so that they are correctly set when the parent element already has them.
  • Make sure the script panel turns off the current tool when open.

Macaw v1.5.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed image crop issues with images having black edges after cropping.
  • Fixed invisible element bug where they could not be made visible again.
  • Fixed eyedropper issue when using Macaw on a secondary monitor.
  • Fixed project publishing issue caused by opening projects with images created prior to v1.5.
  • Fixed text element tag changing to allow text elements to be switched to anchor, input, etc.
  • Fixed issue where elements could not be deleted.
  • Fixed rich text unit conversion bug that caused publishing to hang.

Macaw v1.5 Release Notes

Rich Text Editing

You can now add span, anchor (links), em and strong tag nodes and style them inside your text elements. The rich text styles are also responsive and they can have states as well. To get started begin editing a text element, select some text, add a node and style away.


Now you can define hover, focus and active states for each of your elements. Macaw will automatically consolidate your styles when publishing to keep your CSS nice and tidy.

Display Toggling

Macaw now allows you to toggle the display and visibility of elements. These settings can be changed per breakpoint so you can build more complex design systems.

Embed Tool

Now you can add videos, maps, iframes and custom HTML blocks to your document.

Responsive Backgrounds and Shadows

Background images, gradients and shadows are all now responsive. They can also be modified for every state.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed element renaming so that you can click on the suggestions to select them.
  • Fixed tabbing/blur on element name, ID and variable fields so that keyboard shortcuts get enabled correctly.
  • Added more logic for cleaning up any extra markup that might be added when pasting text into a text element.
  • Fixed element ID field so that text doesn't overflow outside of the field.
  • Make sure that F8 can toggle the scripts panel open and closed.
  • Fixed text calculations for number of characters and characters per line when the element changes in size.
  • Make sure that when images are pasted that the their properties are calculated correctly.
  • Fixed element order and parent/child relationships when copying and pasting groups.
  • Fixed font size publish bugs.
  • Ensure proper color properties.

Macaw v1.0.13 Release Notes

  • Fixed issue where the "About Macaw" dialog was not disabling drawing.
  • Fixed bug where components could not be placed on the canvas.
  • Addressed bug where using the breadcrumbs to exit image cropping would not fully exit image crop mode.
  • Preserve focused scope when double clicking to exit image cropping.
  • Fixed issue where pasting values in the shadow dialog would also paste elements on the canvas.
  • Fixed seemingly random font size publishing bugs due to em consolidation.

Macaw v1.0.12 Release Notes

Major Enhancements:

This release includes a major rework of the Stream layout engine. This dramatically reduces jumping elements, improves speed all around and simplifies responsive workflow.

  • Improved DOM sorting algorithm.
  • Major speed enhancements.
  • Better handling of freshly drawn elements across all breakpoints.
  • Improved layout mechanics to maintain positioning across all breakpoints.

New Features:

  • ID's can now be set in the inspector, which allows you to target elements via scripting or link to spots on the page.
  • Full width grouping allows you to force a new container around elements with a 100% width.

Bug fixes

  • Better handling of center collisions on all breakpoints.
  • Handle new breakpoint indices over 10 properly.
  • Scoped snap guides.
  • Prevent random NaN margins.
  • Proper pasting of element widths when changing scope.
  • Proper handling of shift-clicking elements in the outline to select a range.
  • Improved history states for align operations.
  • Improved pasting of auto heights.
  • Check shadows and backgrounds properly when grouping and ungrouping.
  • Fixed retina image height issue.
  • Improved component placing.
  • Improved paragraph rule writing.
  • Improved sorting of media queries.
  • Fixed pasted elements from one page into a container on another page.
  • Disabled text editing on lower breakpoints for now.
  • Added more checks to limit max breakpoint widths of 2000px.
  • Fixed issue where hitting "return" for the first time in a text element wouldn't break the text at the cursor position.
  • Updated the script pane's sidebar to scroll when the project has alot of variables/swatches.
  • Fixed outline code hints so that they disappear on scroll of the outline.
  • Fixed default checkbox label element name
  • Fixed project migration backup so that it contains all project assets.
  • Make sure that the library search input can be cleared.
  • Cleaned up unnecessary history states.
  • Fixed issue that prevented an mcw file from opening when dragged into the app when the current project was on a non-default breakpoint
  • Fixed issue where single clicking while drawing would cause endless drawing of elements.
  • Address issue where cropped images were changing in dimensions causing black areas.
  • Make sure left, top, right and bottom values stay 'auto' when thier xOrigin is center or yOrigin is middle respectively.
  • Fixed issue where the grid would rerender incorrectly in the editor on publish.
  • Address issue where "Drop to Import" was being triggered when the user dragged non-file elements in the application.
  • Added threshold to outline moves to prevent accidental movement of layers when double clicking to rename.
  • Updated text element editing to prevent empty text elements from being created when clicking outside of the currently focused text element.
  • Fixed bug where tabbing through the element name, variable and ID fields would cause the editor's interface to disappear.

Macaw v1.0.11 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mcw file version comparison issue that caused the "temp fate" message to be improperly displayed.
  • Fixed issue that would incorrectly load the app in trial mode.

Macaw v1.0.10 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed calculation bug which caused elements within groups to throw an uncaught error.

Macaw v1.0.9 Release Notes

Minor Features

  • Outline alerts added to help identify unwanted properties and optimization opportunities for elements.
  • Faster geometry calculations.

Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced DOM sorting to prevent strange margins and jumping elements.
  • Fixed library insertion bug.

Macaw v1.0.8 Release Notes

Trial Changes

Trial accounts can now use Macaw even after the trial period ends. Once expired, the fully-featured trial will switch to a limited trial which can no longer save or publish projects.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where select input elements would share options if they were created with copy/paste.
  • Addressed issue where background images would not render if they had an apostrophe in the filename.
  • Updated preview window CSS view so it always displays the correct CSS file for the current page.
  • Fixed pasting into textareas and inputs.
  • Fixed global style suffix changes for height and width.
  • Fixed illegal classname alert so that it actually updates the elements name so it doesn't keep displaying.
  • Fixed issue where 100% height background images and gradients were not showing in Firefox.
  • Updated text elements to better handle when text is pasted into the element that contains paragraph tags.
  • Fixed bug where users could not delete a global style if they right clicked on the class name and not the layer.
  • Addressed issue the link on an element appeared to not be clearable.
  • Added palette update after using the "Expand" command.
  • Added palette update on page change.
  • Fixed bug where elements with classes that contained the text "body" would get 100% height.
  • Fixed bug where undo/redo would not work after using the "Publish Settings" dialog.
  • Updated drawing so that drawing is only triggered via the left mouse button.
  • Fixed ability to select all, undo, and redo in the Scripts window.
  • Fixed rare issue that would overwrite mcw files with a corrupt version.

Macaw v1.0.7 Release Notes

Minor Features

  • Added toggle to set whether nudging and pudging should stay in or break flow.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevented pages from being renamed.
  • Allow deletion of advanced text-based properties.
  • Fixed shift-click bug which would sometimes cause the black screen of death.
  • Prevent radios and checks from clearing their floats after draw.
  • Don't allow illegal class names on body tags.
  • Ensure margins are cleared when setting center origin.
  • Fixed history undo/redo so that elements don't get flowed when they don't need to be.
  • Addressed style issues in the Global Style dialog for width and height inputs.
  • Fixed issue where element would incorrectly get a percentage height.
  • Make sure that the canvas is scrolled to the top when first opening a page.
  • Fixed bug that prevented images from importing with certain characters in the file name.
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused a blank or incorrect page name to be displayed on the Pages section of Publish Settings.

Macaw v1.0.6 Release Notes

Performance Enhancements

  • Publishing made up to 6x faster!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where components were not being placed with static position.
  • Fixed border radius selectors in the global styles dialog.
  • Fixed canvas height bug where canvas would not scroll down far enough to see all elements.
  • Fixed issue where image values were not correctly saved for publish.
  • Fixed absolute positioned elements jumping between breakpoints.
  • Fixed bug where undo after image edits would not regenerate the image.
  • Fixed application crash when holding shift while resizing images.
  • Addressed issue where center origin elements would jump on width changes.
  • Fixed bug where global styles were not syncing correctly across pages.
  • Ensure that current pages elements are correctly copied when duplicating pages.
  • Make sure that eyedrop tool in the color picker updates the correct elements every time.
  • Fixed issue where text shadows were incorrectly getting spread values applied causing them not to render.
  • Make sure that elements don't move inside containers that are copy/pasted.
  • Prevent strange parent/child relationships when using the "Move Forward" and "Move Backward" commands.
  • Throttle "Move Forward" and "Move Backward" commands to prevent negative element coordinates.
  • Update Macaw so it better handles images with periods in the filenames.
  • Make sure Macaw handles images with capitalized extensions.
  • Fixed publishing so that it waits for all images to be copied/generated before showing the preview window.
  • Make sure images get a frameHeight set whenever thier width changes.
  • Excessive looping through overly specific selectors.
  • Copy and paste enhancements.
  • Improved coordinate calculations across breakpoints when drawing, pasting and moving elements.
  • Component coordinates fixed.
  • Improved publishing of paragraph tag selectors.
  • Fixed body tag publishing when not consolidating styles.
  • Prevent illegal class names.
  • Fixed outline renaming field bug that appeared when scrollbars were present.
  • Improved property distribution on lower breakpoints.
  • Origin changing bug fixes which caused elements on other breakpoints to jump.
  • Improved calculation of elements with relative positioning.
  • Lock/unlock improvements.
  • Fixed rem publishing on lower breakpoints.
  • Fixed grid suffix changing on breakpoints.
  • Improved calculations when grouping across breakpoints.
  • Improved image calculations.
  • Fixed bug that would show the View > Toggle Snap menu item checked when it was actually disabled.
  • Updated position toggling to correctly adjust for page scroll when switching to/from fixed position.
  • Browser prefixes for advanced properties.
  • Improved percentage normalizing across breakpoints.
  • Better property conservation of children elements across breakpoints when pasting.
  • Fixed offline publishing issue where the preview window would stop working after publishing mutiple times.

Windows Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Installer issue relating to locales.
  • Corrected keyboard shortcut menu.

Minor Features

  • Feedback email address is now pre-filled with the current user's email address.
  • When renaming a page, all links that point to that page are updated.
  • Changed the way center origin static elements are handled when overlapping other elements. they will now convert to left origins instead of converting to absolute positioning.
  • Nudge and pudge have been modified to work with absolute coordinates for more intuitive moving of elements without affecting other elements.

Macaw v1.0.5 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed project publish freezing.
  • Fixed migration script so it correctly calculates all image dimensions.
  • Fixed image dimension calculation for non-edited images when "Generate Optimized Images" is on.

Macaw v1.0.4 Release Notes

Major Bug Fixes

We discovered a rather tricky and random bug in which elements would jump on other breakpoints. We spent a lot of time hunting this bug down and believe we have it settled. We want to thank everyone who sent in their files to help us!

Performance Enhancements

  • Stream layout logic has been localized resulting in a significant performance boost.
  • Optimized image dimension saving.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed OSX and Windows mcw file compatibility issues.
  • Fixed style consolidation of "p" tags when using tag selectors.
  • Fixed transform bugs when preserving child geometry.
  • Use the appropriate suffixes when adding a breakpoint above the default.
  • Fixed specificity overrides during shorthanding.
  • Fixed positioning overrides on lower breakpoints due to specificity.
  • Fixed auto height resetting when changing positioning modes.
  • Fixed the random drag issues where guides would update but an element would not.
  • Fixed top/bottom values for middle origin elements.
  • Fixed issue where background image dialog was submitting if the user used the enter key to select an image on their computer.
  • Updated background dialog so it waits for image dimensions to get calculated before continueing.
  • Fixed issue where retina images were not being generated for non-edited images.
  • Fixed issue where min/max values were not being cleaned/toggled off when width or height properties were toggled in a global style.
  • Fixed global style syncing so that it doesn't try to compare text releated properties for elements that are not text editable.
  • Fixed extra divs in text elements after pasting text into the element.
  • Fixed SVG import so that correct dimensions are calculated.
  • Fixed issue where SVGs could not be placed onto the canvas from the library.
  • Fixed issue where global styles would not be preserved on elements post copy/paste.
  • Fixed issue where eyedropper was not setting color value in currently selected format.
  • Fixed checkbox and radio labels so that they use a left pixel value instead of % by default.
  • Fixed component placing on the canvas.
  • Make sure that SVGs always get a height of auto on the canvas.
  • Fixed element jumping on drag duplication.

OSX Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) issue that forced the user to login every time the app launched. This fix allows Macaw to run with no internet connect on 10.6.x as long as you have previously logged in.

Windows Bug Fixes

  • Corrected Windows region/locale issue.
  • Improvements in loading Windows system fonts.
  • Corrected 'ding' sound on some shortcuts.
  • Update to remote preview on Windows.

Macaw v1.0.3 Release Notes

We see some of you early birds found our v1.0.2 Windows release before it was hatched. Well we've flown forward to v1.0.3 so that you all get the latest updates.

Trial Updates

  • Trial Length: By popular demand, new trials are now 30 days instead of 14. All existing trials have been extended by an additional 30 days.
  • Quick Trial Start: Trial users can start using the app almost immediately. Just enter your email and start using the app. No more email confirmation or account setup is necessary.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rem publishing across breakpoints.
  • Ensure page opened in preview browser is an actual published page.
  • Proper conversion of static to relative positioning on elements with children with absolute positioning across breakpoints.
  • Textarea border reset added to standardize css.
  • Repairing of broken parent/child relationships.
  • Fixed lost elements when publishing.
  • Fixed first child with negative margins from throwing off the margins of siblings.
  • Remove publishing of resize: none on buttons.
  • Convert static elements with center origins to absolute positioning when other elements intrude their auto margin area to prevent unwanted flow changes.
  • Thresholds added to prevent elements from being slightly outside of their parent's bounds.
  • Prevent loss of flow attributes like float and clear across breakpoint trickle.
  • Fixed images publishing so it longer causes the application to hang.
  • Fixed image file publishing so that only edited images get generated. All others just get saved.
  • Fixed image editing history.
  • Fixed edited image property adjusting for images that are inheriting values from another breakpoint.
  • Fixed issue where the selection bounding box would not be correct when exiting image edit mode.
  • Updated image editing so that it always works on a clone of the element.
  • Update palettes to handle SVGs. Don't allow for retina toggle and grab image dimensions correctly.
  • Addressed issue where SVGs weren't getting all the necessary image properties.
  • Fixed inner image width/height jumping when editing an image.
  • Fixed incorrect image height values when dragging the canvas between breakpoints.
  • Fixed issue where undo/redo would insert double values in inputs causing element values to get bad values.
  • Fixed drawing issue where user could not stop drawing if they clicked off the canvas first.
  • Addressed issue where elements would get screwed up when undo/redo changed breakpoints.
  • Fixed calculations of values when parent elements had a padding or border of "none".
  • Fixed undo/redo for suffix changes so that it now saves the changing properties value as well.
  • Removed extra history state when using drag-to-copy of elements.
  • Fixed copy and pasting between pages.

Windows Updates

  • Fixed bug related to loading fonts at startup that could crash the app.
  • Fixed bug where canvas scrolled to the left on minimize of the window.
  • Fixed bug allowing toggling of the inspector from the menu.
  • Fixed bug related to updating the app from the menu.
  • Fixed some keyboard shortcuts.
  • Updated the windows installer.

Macaw v1.0.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes and Updates

  • Log in time has been greatly reduced.
  • Fixed feedback dialog send functionality.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent a breakpoint from being added when the application incorrectly thought it was less than 40px from another breakpoint.
  • Removed unused Morph shortcut from the shortcut menu.
  • Fixed line-height under 1 publishing bug.
  • Prevent import trigger on dragging of input text selection.
  • Fixed image height calculations.
  • Fixed save error that would not allow files to be saved to hard drives besides the main disk on OS X (network drives, flash drives, etc)

Macaw v1.0 Release Notes

New Licensing System

No more license keys! We will be emailing everyone a link to create a Macaw account. Once your account is complete, you will be able to use your email address and password to log into Macaw on any computer. No more machine limits and no need to activate or deactivate the app.

Bug Fixes

  • Performance optimizations.
  • Cleaned up grouping logic.
  • Fixed grouping with auto heights.
  • Fixed issue where child element dimensions were not preserved on grouping.
  • Fixed element jumping when transforming.
  • Fixed overlapping of centered elements with static elements.
  • Fixed pasting of elements between pages.
  • FIxed element placement on paste.
  • Handle deletion of width and height and set values to auto.
  • Fixed value scrubbing math.
  • Fixed color parsing on publish.
  • Fixed zIndex publish issues.
  • Optimizations on app load and element cleanup.
  • Fixed issue where backgrounds and shadows were being added to global styles.
  • Fixed element renaming when editing a text element.
  • Fixed element dimension/position calculation when Typekit fonts were present.
  • Fixed backgrounds/shadows when pasting visual styles.
  • Fixed image proportion preservation after image reset.
  • Make sure SVGs get transform handles.
  • Fixed issue where importing multiple images to the canvas was not working correctly.
  • Added auto fix for parent Ids.
  • Fixed dragging of absolute positioned elements.
  • Form inputs now have the advanced palette in the inspector.
  • Fixed history for suffix changes, border radius, links and font properties in the inspector.
  • Fixed fit to children when children have auto widths/heights.

Known Issues

  • Windows Only: Remote preview does not always update.

Macaw (co.macaw) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Macaw 1.6.1.

Operating System: Mac