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February 27, 2017
January 16, 2013

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What's New

Version 0.60240

  • Fixed an issue with arrival time divider.

  • Version 0.60230

  • Fixed a large error with maps/address; now additional network traffic should stop for all machines
  • Re-added keyboard backlight to the snapshot list...
  • Added time been at a particular location
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow for time machine backups on hardware sets
  • Cleaned up some verbose logs
  • Various other bugfixes...

  • Version 0.60221

  • Overhauled Address/Map detection methods to fix memory, network issues
  • Updated Adium status to account for fast computers.
  • Fixed a bug causing locations to not be properly deleted on some machines
  • Various bugfixes...

  • Version 0.60212

  • Fixed an issue causing addresses with special charactesr to not show properly

  • Version 0.60211

  • Improved Proximity Lock to further prevent false lockouts
  • If you have Volume enabled, AL will automatically mute before sleep to prevent ANY sound from occurring on wake
  • Removed some rather verbose logs when in fullscreen modedd
  • Fixed an issue with Bootcamp Applications being launched via parallels
  • Fixed an issue with "Immediate Time machine Backups" not showing if Time Machine action was not enabled

  • Version 0.60207

  • Improved Proximity Lock to further prevent false lockouts
  • NEW SNAPSHOT ACTION: Socks Proxy AirPort
  • NEW SNAPSHOT ACTION: Socks Proxy Ethernet
  • New SNAPSHOT ACTION (included with desktop): Random ordering desktop changing
  • New SNAPSHOT ACTION (included with desktop): Sequntial ordering desktop changing
  • New SNAPSHOT ACTION (included with desktop): Desktop changing interval
  • New SNAPSHOT ACTION: Opaque Menubar. A more straighforward phrasing than "Translucent Menubar"
  • Other small bugfixes.
  • Fixed an issue with "Restart now" not working
  • Small memory leak fixed
  • Added "warnings" to the growl alert types - if you don't want to see the AL warnings, you don't have to!
  • Added "detect all network changes" to detection settings. Disable this if you're running a third-party VPN like OpenVPN so that AL does not scan each and every time you connect
  • Added "screensaver on device absence to Bluetooth Proximity Lock"; NOTE that this does not automatically enable a password.

  • Version 0.60201

  • Improved Proximity Lock to further prevent false lockouts
  • NEW FEATURE:(WARNING: HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL)Application Preferences of ANY traditional application.Essentially, this saves the entire preference file for any applicationand re-writes it on snapshot execution. Such file operations always havea small risk of data loss. Use at your own risk.

    Some Notes on App Preferences:
    (1) The more apps you select, the more AL will slow down and the more memory it will take.
    (2) After you list your apps in the Snapshot menu, you must hit "Update Snapshot" to save the actual settings. Two step process.
    (3) I would not recommend this with any application that has a large set of preferences (i.e. iTunes)
    (4) This only works for apps who store their prefs in the ~/Library/Preferences/ folder. AL will filter out/ignore apps that it cannot modify.

  • Other small bugfixes.

  • Version 0.60194

  • Added "Disable detection" dialog box to the Bleutooth Proximity Lock feature
  • Fixed a silly bug in the Bluetooth Proximity Lock implementation
  • Fixed a silly bug in the fullscreen detection implementation
  • Vastly improved Bleutooth Proximity Lock

  • Version 0.60193

  • NEW FEATURE: Bluetooth Proximity Lock - select a bluetooth device to monitor (Cellphone perhaps) and when that device is out of range, computer locks
  • Fixed a silly bug that caused crashes after fullscreen
  • Fixed an issue with Applications action that hid the frontmost app
  • Fixed an issue with Expose and fullscreen detection
  • Fixed an issue with deleting locations
  • Removed some verbose logs
  • Added "Ethernet Status Only" detection method
  • Added "Wi-Fi Status Only" detection method
  • Moved all dectection-related options to a new "Detection Settings" menu
  • Fixed an issue with "Wake on Bluetooth" functionality turning on Bluetooth unexpectedly

  • Version 0.60186

  • Fixed an exceptionally irritating bug causing AL to hang if iTunes is hidden but has a confirmation/notification dialog box awaiting user input

  • Version 0.60185

  • NEW ACTION: Toggle global Growl Alerts
  • NEW ACTION: Stealth Mode for firewall
  • NEW FEATURE: Choose which snapshot is applied if the location is undeterminable.
  • NEW FEATURE: Detect when another application is fullscreen and apply snapshot in background
  • Completely New Keyboard backlight set/get methods! Now it works and sets exactly as you'd expect for dark locations. No more fighting with the OS for control!
  • Changed from geonames to google maps for Reverse Geocaching - Street addresses available to non-US residents! (and is MUCH more accurate)
  • Updated dectection algorithm
  • Updated italian translation
  • Fixed some small memory leaks
  • Addressed an irritating iChat bug that if an internet connection is not found, iChat continues to force itself open for a minute or more.
  • Fixed an issue where AL tried to mount HDs didn't exist
  • Fixed applications action for showing applications
  • Fixed an issue with IP address locations not deleting properly
  • Removed leading whitespace from snapshot menu
  • Removed "Beta" tag, although AL still has active development, I haven't received reports (or experienced) crashes for the last 4-5 versions
  • Moved "Check for Update..." to main menu for easier access

  • Version 0.60170

  • Added close confirmation to snapshot configuration window- if the user tries to close the box after changes have been made, AL asks for confirmation
  • Re-organized snapshot configuration menu - much easier to navigate
  • Added ability to hide and show menubar icon; toggle hide/show with CTRL+OPTION+equals, or when hidden, click on a growl alert.
  • Added ability to recognize PPP IP Addresses as well as Firewire-over-IP IP addresses for IP Address Detection
  • Fixed an issue with SMB servers with spaces in the name
  • Made "About" AirPort Location much more helpful
  • Moved "Name this Location" to the top of the "Location Settings..." menu for unnamed locations
  • Split view for snapshot selection window
  • Added Unnamed location counter in snapshot menu
  • Fixed an application launch window that was showing for non-english AL installations

  • Version 0.60158

  • Re-prioritized Hardware above IP Address detection
  • AirPort will on if off only after an ethernet scan, IP scan, and hardware scan have occurred.
  • Fixed an issue on managed DNS systems where significant delays were experienced.
  • Fixed an issue of broken automatic updates

  • Version 0.60157

  • NEW FEATURE: Automation Location naming is now here! Now (optionally) locations are automatically named in the background; naming locations is no longer a requirement for AL to properly identify them.
  • NEW FEATURE: added a detection method identifier to the location menu item. Now you can see how AirPortLocation sees your locations!
  • NEW FEATURE: added IP address as a detection method on per-location basis, like the "Location based on network name"
  • MODIFIED FEATURE: Quit Applications not in Snapshot is now Location-Specific!
  • MODIFIED FEATURE: modified most common snapshot elements
  • Moved "Quit Applications not in Snapshot" to the "Location setting..." menu
  • Moved detection method controls to the AirPortLocation settings menu
  • Fixed a bug in the status messages for Snapshot@Location
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Ask for Snapshot Here" to disappear on Snapshot@Location
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Immediate Time Machine Backup here" to disappear on Snapshot@Location
  • Fixed a bug that caused "show/hidden" applications to not display properly in the applications menu
  • Fixed "Calendar Naming" so that for new installations, it is not enabled by default.
  • Fixed an issue with menu displays
  • Fixed an issue with focus on the configuration window
  • Fixed a huge issue with snapshot renaming

  • Version 0.60151

  • Snapshot execution is faster for most common configurations
  • Fixed a crash that caused menus to not properly display
  • Changed the format of the Release Notes file.
  • Fixed an issue with Ethernet Scanning Working properly
  • Fixed an issue with User control of AirPort power
  • Fixed an issue with @offline status for iChat/Adium/Skype

  • Version 0.60145

  • Found a way to speed up WIFI SCANNING by 250%!!! Down to 1.3 seconds in MOST cases
  • Windows are now drag-able!
  • New Snapshot action: iSync Control! at any location, you can set whether iSync is enabled or disabled (MobileMe, for instance, would be enabled/disabled)
  • Reduced memory footprint by another 25%, while increasing location detection another 5%!!
  • Added "Hidden/Shown" icon to application submenu
  • Added "Open File" dialog to script entry windows
  • Added a "halo" to show the range of approximation for "Show Approximate Map" - kind of like the iPhone/iPad map
  • Applications hidden while taking a snapshot are hidden when executing the snapshot
  • Certain growl alerts are now manageable
  • Clicking on the "Location Updated" notification will show a map of the location (if available)
  • Completely re-vampted the way that the databases are read, access, stored, and saved.
  • FINALLY added the "Escape to Close" (sorry I've forgotten about this for the longest time)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing DISCRETE CARDS to turn on!!!
  • Fixed an issue that caused location blurring (and scan errors) because of a cache kept for too long
  • Fixed an issue where the "please name this" location dialog was not shown for new locations even if the 'Automatic Location Finding' was turned on.
  • Fixed an issue with "Fix Mis-Identified"
  • Fixed an issue with "Show All", "Show None", "Show Recommended"
  • Fixed an issue with calendar recording that caused duplicate events in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with dense AP locations
  • Fixed an issue with iChat, Adium, Skype not setting status after changed from the AL window
  • Fixed an issue with renaming locations
  • Fixed issues with Ethernet detection
  • Fixed issues with Hardware Sets
  • If Adium & Skype are not installed, they will no longer show up in the "Configure Snapshot Elements" window.
  • Improved launch time by 75%
  • Quicker display of "name unknown location" dialog
  • Reduced file operations by 95%
  • Reduced RAM footprint, virtual and actual by about 75%
  • Removed "App Visibility" because it was not up to standards of other snapshot actions
  • Removed a bug that was causing a looping of "Waiting for scan to finish..." error.
  • Sped up "Location Based on Network Name" by 4-5 seconds
  • Updated SMTP method to recognize is Mail is hidden
  • Vastly improved AirPortLocationHelper for crash detection/re-launch
  • Application Hiding control ignores the frontmost app (if you're doing work or browsing, AL will not close the window you're working on)
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a separate location would cause the menu to display "Unnamed Location"

  • AirportLocation (com.andrewjfreyer.airportlocation) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is AirportLocation 0.60230.

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/

    Minimum OS version: 10.6