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October 7, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Become an inventor with Algodoo Physics - Start designing and testing your ideas in seconds. Algodoo is endless fun for any age to create, play & learn physics!

In a simulated "real" world you can build, play and make your inventions come alive. With simple drawing tools, objects like gears, motors, lasers, springs, ropes, and even water, you can test wacky ideas, build amazing machines and design cool games. Easily share your beautiful creations with friends and challenge them to use their own creative minds.

The simulation methods are based on cutting edge technology and also used by Algoryx in advanced engineering simulations, movie visual effects and virtual realitys simulators! In Algodoo they come in a irrestible format accessible for everyone.

Note: Algodoo also comes in a Algodoo for Education version with additional tools for use in teaching and learning - eg. lesson samples, force arrows, plots, etc.

Algodoo Physics includes the following features:

  • For drawing and building
    Algodoo Physics comes with an abundance of tools for constructing, building and creating your designs.

  • Use the unique Sketch tool - an all-in-one tool with gestures for multi drawing and editing - that makes your workflow quick and easy.
  • Or draw your creations with basic tools like Circles, Boxes, Polygons, Planes, Gears, Ropes & Chains.
  • Make your inventions truly unique by adding physics like Springs, Axles, Thrusters, Lasers, Fixates and Tracers.
  • Edit and interact with your creations using tools like Scale, Rotate, Move, Cut and Drag.
  • For even more editing you can make water, set collision layers, group objects, add mechanics, etc, to your different components.

  • For design and final touches
    The Algodoo world is colorful but you can easily change the look and feel in Algodoo.

  • Set color for your background, water and your objects. Save your colors as different palettes for future work. You can also change the look of your artwork with pre-made palettes like X-ray, Optics, Sunset, and many others.
  • Experiment with different materials in Algodoo Physics. In seconds you can set density, friction and restitution for your objects. Making them slippery like ice, heavy like gold or bouncy like a rubber ball. Algodoo comes with 9 different pre-made materials: Gold, Glass, Stone, Steel, Rubber, Helium, Wood, Ice and the Default Algodoo material.

  • For sharing and daring
    If you want some inspiration, find scenes in "Algobox" - a library of Algodoo creations. There are more than 30 000 user-created scenes that you will find amazing, awe-inspiring and fun.

  • Browse around for hours, download and play your favourite scenes, all within Algodoo.
  • Sign up for your personal account and start sharing your creations. Challenge your friends to try them or dare them to build even cooler scenes.
  • Rate, comment and like all scenes on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

  • Quick and easy to get started
    Algodoo comes with built-in tutorials which step-by-step introduce you to all the tools an main functions. Getting started is made even easier. If you want additional training and tips then watch some of the many videos and webinars that exist from links within Algodoo.

    Algodoo is just endless fun for any age to create, play & learn physics!

    Note: This version of Algodoo comes WITHOUT features like plots, lessons and visualization of forces, velocities and momenta.

  • What's New
  • Scene thumbnail preview in save window.
  • Wind (available in air menu).
  • Direction picker for gravity, wind and object velocity.
  • Added the new skin Clean.
  • A lot of bug fixes.

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