What's New
- Changes for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. - Revised Excel XML (italics) export. - Revised DLP Cinema export. - Revised w3c TimedText export (e.g. added Ooyala Timed Text). - Revised EBU STL 0 vertical position import. - Revised F5 import/export. - Added ESUB-XF export (standard and EBU-STL). - Moved SAMI and extended export to a plugin. - Includes update of Annotation Transcriber. - Includes update of zeitAnker Teletext demo. - Polishes.Version 1.9.62- Added Mac OS X 10.9.5 gate keeper support (apps and installers). - Prepared for OS X 10.10 Yosemite. - W3C Timed Text export. Updated Netflix export to Netflix Timed Style Guide 2.2. Replaced version 1.9.62. - Added MS Word .docx export. - Final Cut Pro X subtitle text import. Added import of nested subtitles. - Revised Thai language support. - Revised top position display in video viewer. - Revised video viewer activation after app switch. - Polishes.Version 1.9.54 - Revised image exports of version - Image Export (Blu-ray, DVD). Added DVD image color schemes. - Re-introduced line-wrap preview. - Added just text rtf export. - Corrected subtitle video overlay of version - Includes new version of zeitAnker Teletext demo (added ESUB-XF export).Version 1.9.59- Added import of closed caption streams from Adobe Premiere project files (text, timecode). - w3c Timed Text export. Added SMPTE-TT 708. Adobe Premiere can use it for CEA 708 closedcaptions. Choose HD for SMPTE-TT 708 16:9 aspect ratio. - Final Cut Pro X 10.1 effect import/export. Export allows AE Style for dual field Motion templates.Added support for half line shift. Added XML style export option.XML style uses font style from imported .fcpxml and allows temporal italics and justification. - Basic usage of AE Subtitle X for Final Cut Pro X 10.0.x is possible. - Image exports. Renamed "Alignment" to "Horizontal position".If "Horizontal position" is unspecified, justification will override. - Added Fountain (.fountain) Dialogue import (dialogue, character, action, paranthetical,comment, italics). - Added Fountain (.fountain) Dialogue export (dialogue, character, action, paranthetical, italics).Please note: Some applications (e.g. Scrivener) do save Final Draft .fdx layout, but not structure.Unstructured .fdx will not be not imported, as a workaround Scrivener users may export as Fountain file. - Polished display of multiple selected subtitles in waveform view. - Includes new version of zeitAnker Teletext demo. - Polishes.Version Revised feature release 1.9.58 (images export, short cuts). - Corrects Mac OS X 10.6.8 compatibility of version - Added assignment of Asian vertical text layout per subtitle. - Images (NLE, DCP) export. Added Asian vertical text .Asian vertical text requires Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later.Backdrop: stripe and crop to row are not yet supported for vertical text.Final Cut Pro X 10.1 effect template for vertical text is provided.Added fade in/out support for FCP XML. Added switch to activate fades.Adobe Premiere FCP XML import does not support fades yet.- Images (Blu-ray, DVD) export. Added asian vertical text . Changed proof image style for 4 color images. - Image exports use RTL/LTR info per subtitle. - DLP Cinema exports use RTL/LTR info and vertical text per subtitle. - Video Controller: Uses RTL/LTR info and vertical text per subtitle. - Final Cut XML export. Revised Adobe Premiere FCP XML plain text. Text position etc. is ignored by Adobe Premiere CC. - Final Cut Pro 7 XML import. Added image timecode import option.Allows image timecode import from Adobe Premiere CC FCP XML subtitle images or titler slugs. Revised import of files from some 3rd party subtitle tools.- Images (Blu-ray, DVD) export. Revised DVD style proof image. - Revised striped subtitle full frame image exports. - Added Fountain (.fountain) dialogue import. - w3c Timed Text export. Updated to meet latest specs.Added Brightcove CC multi-language export - Corrected import dialog of version - Added TTML and Teletext color palettes. - Updated zeitAnker subtitle OCR for Mac OS X 10.9. - Includes update of Annotation Transcriber. - Includes new zeitAnker Teletext demo. - FCP XML text and image exports are compatible with Adobe Premiere CC.Please note: Adobe Premiere CC 7.2 FCP XML import only accepts following sizes:SD, HD 960*720, HD 1280*1080, HD 1440*1080.This limitation is removed in Adobe Premiere CC2014. - Please note: Do not use Arial Unicode MS for vertical text. - Polishes.Version EBU STL export. Corrected a conflict with extended language codes of version 1.9.57. - Revised EBU-TT-D ARD and iTunes Timed Text TTML export. - Revised USF export for TitleVision Submachine. - Added a helper script to test for iTunes Timed Text/TTML compliance. - Includes update of Annotation Transcriber. - Polishes.Version 1.9.57- Checked compatibility with Mac OS X 10.9.3. - w3c Timed Text export. Applied changes for Mac OS X 10.9.x (Mavericks). - DLP Cinema export. Optional DCDM namespace prefix. Revised partial italics. - Images (NLE,DCP) export. Optional DCDM namespace prefix. Revised anamorphic SD.Omits backdrop for DTS-CSS Cinema 1bit .bmp.FCP X full frame with fades will export as .fcpxml 1.1 minimum. - DLP Cinema import. Revised DCDM support. - USF export. Adjusted to meet Titlevision Submachine. - Revised Softel Swift .sif import.- Extended languages list with regional languages. Use auto completion for fast access. - SCC closed caption import. Allows empty captions that only set the cursor.Corrected extended characters of vs. 1.9.53. - Fixed a stability issue in vs. - Adjusted Mac OS X 10.9.x GUI drawing. - Updated German localization. - Polishes.Version - Images export (NLE,DCP). Improved FCP X cropped image export (SD anamorphic). - More compatible DCI/DCDM image script export. - Extended language selector. - Added subtitle filter options. - Several enhancements and polishes.

Annotation Edit (com.zeitanker.annotationedit) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Annotation Edit 1.9.64. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Annotation Edit

Default Install Path: /Applications/Annotation_Edit_1.7/Annotation Edit.app