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August 20, 2012
January 16, 2013

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What's New


First beta release


Added Network I/O troughput view


Consistent names for releases

If you are getting "Improperly signed update" error you will need to manually download atMonitor


Fix Log window resize

Fix reversed read/write in network I/O troughput view


Fixed network I/O troughput over VPN

Activity Window can only be hidden from atMonitor

Split the Activity Window "pin down" setting into 2: follow across spaces, and responds to mouse


Activity Viewer should be draggable by default (only affected upgraded copies)

Rename Activity Viewer menus to better reflect the intent


Use "Pin down" for menu title


More choices for Activity Viewer floating window, including:

  • the ability to ignore mouse
  • the ability to follow across spaces or not
  • the ability to always stay on top or not

Added top 3 CPU using applications to Activity Viewer (requires authorization)

Added triggers and sample scripts, including:

  • basic sample shell script
  • shell script using Growl for notifications

Better logging support:

  • logs can be started automatically at launch time
  • logs can be automatically saved at set intervals
  • top 3 CPU and RAM using apps will be logged (requires authorization)

Network and Disk I/O throughput views and log show BSD style names.


ActivityViewer can now be displayed in the menu bar, instead of a floating window.

Top window will display executable's shared libraries if Developer Tool package is installed.

Accessing UI will no longer block ActivityViewer updates.

Tweaking of most ActivityViewer UI will no longer clear its views.

Log file names use "yyyyMMdd'T'HHmmssZ" ISO 8601 format.

Many other fixes and tweaks.


Added support for color themes.

Added support for new views styles (history vs bar) and modes (split vs combined).

Many other small fixes and tweaks.


Fix broken resizing.


Added support for multiple GPUs.

Added "split views" mode for Disk and Net I/O with absolute throuhput values.

Added Thread count to "Top Window".

Many other small fixes and tweaks.


Hide throuhput values if 0.


Admin password is now required only once.

Added temperature sensors views.

Added "opened files" list to user processes' view in TopWindow.

Added menu shortcuts for frequently used "System Info" commands.

Items in the menu bar can have variable widths.

Many new view options.


Fix crash for a proces with missing arguments.


Improve robustness when handling old preferences.


Fix crash for the Dock Icon.


Remove the temperature Kernel Extension (report of a kernel panic). Need to investigate.


Resizing of the menu bar views is now interactive.

Resizing and changing the layout of the floating window is now interactive.

Added pop up menus to the views in the menu bar and floating window. Right click brings up settings menu. Single click brings up detailed info.

Mini Top settings menu allows exclusion of applications from being monitored.

CPU detail menu shows uptime, processes and shortcuts to follow selected process in Top Window.

RAM detail menu shows memory usage and allows to "Purge Memory" (dev tools must be installed for this to work)

GPU detail menu shows active status of system GPUs, as well as the number of their contexts and surfaces.

FPS detail menu shows the number of buffer swaps and context switches.

Disk detail menu shows all mounted physical and network disks and allows to access them using menu shortcuts.

Network detail menu shows public, private and router IPs.

Many other fixes and tweaks.


Better menubar views popups.

"Memory Purge" and "Disk Access" will no longer block atMonitor.

Many other fixes and tweaks.


Added Help menu with faq.

Added suport for a wider number of platforms.

More robust GPU performance monitoring.

More robust menus.


Fix division by zero crash for those machines that do not report number of processors/cores correctly.


Any process priority can be adjusted (renice).

User processes can be paused/unpaused.

Added "collapse" option to menu bar views.

Many other fixes and tweaks.


Fix crasher on PPC.

Don't cache process description (saves RAM, but requires a little bit extra CPU)


Fix regression in IP addresses clipboard copy.


[optimization] Re-implement TopWindow without using WebKit to reduce RAM footprint.

[optimization] Generate pdf files for man pages to be viewed externally using to reduce RAM footprint.


[feature] Remember TopWindow state. Add preference setting to control whether to open TopWindow on DockIcon click.

[optimization] Cache Temperature sensors.


Final Candidate.

[feature] Added preference to select frequency of updates (very often, often, normal, slow).

Other small fixes and optimizations.


[bug fix] Fix double help menu issue.

[bug fix] Sampling values were not correctly normalized to update frequency.


First final public release.

[bug fix] PPC temperature sensors now work correctly.

[bug fix] Trim processes names to fit inside menus.

[feature] Add search field to Top Window to filter processes.

Other small fixes and optimizations.


[feature] Pass 3 top most CPU and RAM hungry processes info to trigger scripts.


[bug fix] Fix SnowLeopard crasher.


[bug fix] Fix double donate preference panel.


[bug fix] Fix atMonitorHelper expiring too early.

[bug fix] Support for more PPC CPU temperature sensors.


[feature] Added integration with

  • TopWindow will fetch applications description
  • TopWindow shows whether there is an update available for applications
  • Clicking application's icon will open its home page if it exists

[feature] Added TopWindow toolbar.

[feature] Added preference to specify whether to display temperature in Celcius or Farenheit.

[bug fix] More robust atMonitorHelper.

Many other small bug fixes and improvements.


[feature] Add preference panel to turn integration On/Off.

Other small fixes and tweaks.


Previous preference files are incompatible with this update and will be replaced with new defaults. If you are using custom colors, please export them into xml file before installing this update.

[feature] Added 3 new themes: "Pro", "Text" and "Compact" to the menu bar activity viewer in addition to the existing "Developer" theme.

[bug fix] More robust VRAM tracking.

Many more tweaks and bug fixes.


[bug fix] Remove debug printout in MiniTop view causing excessive disk access.


[feature] The color of view divider can be now adjusted.

[bufgfix] Fix crasher in TopWindow triggered by processes without a user.

[bufgfix] More robust atMonitorHelper.

Many other small fixes and tweaks.


[bug fix] On Snow Leopard show HD sizes in base 10 as per


[bug fix] Add signal handler to helper process to imrpove robustness.

[bug fix] Do not use temperature sensors that report erroneous values.


[bug fix] Fix crasher (Thank you Zsolt for the report and testing the fix).

[bug fix] Add another guard layer to never leave the helper process behind.


[regression fix] Increase the guard timeout, that forced atMonitor to quit prematurely (introduced in 2.1.3)


[regression fix] Always ping helper process, otherwise it would timeout and force atMonitor to quit prematurely (introduced in 2.1.3)

atMonitor (com.atpurpose.atmonitor) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is atMonitor 2.8. The most popular version of this application used by our users is atMonitor 2.1.5.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/

Minimum OS version: 10.5.0

Bundle Information: 2.7b, Copyright (c) 2011 atPurpose. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2011 atPurpose. All Rights Reserved.