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October 4, 2011
January 9, 2013

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Audiobook Wizard takes in any number of mp3 or AAC encoded files and joins them into one huge audiobook file, complete with chapter markers and iTunes compatible meta tags so you can sync everything into your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Audiobook Wizard is literally drop and click by making smart decisions for you. It selects the optimum size by splitting files too large to be played by iTunes, choosing the best encoding rate, add chapters according to input files provided and naming output files in best way for iTunes file management. It can also automatically add the output to iTunes library.


  • Accepts both mp3 and AAC (m4a) encoded files

  • Three encoding quality option
  • CD Stereo (128 kbps stereo)
  • Enhanced (64k kbps mono)
  • Standard (32 kbps mono)

  • Simple operation. Default settings provide optimal experience.

  • Can handle mix of mp3 and AAC files in one book
  • Input files can have vastly different bit rates
  • Useful when compiling audiobook from different sources e.g. lectures, mashups etc.

  • Automatically and accurately generates multi volume audiobooks when necessary
  • Ensures that size of each volume is acceptable to iTunes
  • Correctly name each volume so iTunes can identify the playback order
  • When unnecessary, reduces audiobook to one file for easy management

  • Automatic add chapter markers to completed audiobook
  • Chapters named according to input file name
  • Chapters support multi language and mix language
  • Easily jump to any chapter using iPhone playback control

  • Capable of handling hundreds of files in one session
  • Typical audiobooks ripped from CDs are less than 50 files

  • User can tag audiobook with iTunes meta tags for title, author, comments and add album artwork
  • This is optional but is useful for greater control over audiobook collection

  • Automatically add the right meta tags to the audiobook so it will appear under Books category in iTunes
  • Makes it easy to find and manage all your audiobooks and sync to your iPhone etc
  • Once sync to your iPhone, it will appear under the Audiobook tab
  • Can be played back at 1/2X, 1X, 2X speed with 30 sec rewind button

  • Generated audiobooks will work with iPhone, iPad, iPod and any audiobook format capable players

  • What's New
    1. Version 3.0 implements several often asked for features and improvements.

    2. First visible change is users are no longer asked to choose a file location for the completed audiobooks. Instead, all audiobooks will be save in the user's Music folder under the "Audiobook Wizard" subfolder. This folder will also be revealed to user automatically upon completion of conversion process.

    3. Second visible change is the option to add audiobooks to iTunes automatically. If iTunes wasn't running before, adding an audiobook does not necessarily also open the iTunes window. Not to worry, the book was added just the same even if you don't see any visible activities. Click on iTunes icon to inspect addition to book library. If you choose to add books to iTunes automatically and iTunes is configured to manage its own library, then you may choose to delete all audiobooks stored in the user's "Music\Audiobook Wizard" as there is a duplicate copy in the iTunes library.

    4. Not so visible is vast improvement in drag and drop capability of the app.
  • Previously, when a file is drag drop into the app, it will be added to the end of the file list. Now files can be inserted anywhere within the list by targeting with the mouse pointer.
  • Adding a new file to an existing list causes the list to be resorted. Which is not always intended by the user. This behavior has been changed. However, as a result, files are no longer automatically sorted when added to the app. Please click on sort button to make sure the order is correct.

    5. You can now drag and drop files directly from iTunes. To do so, click on the playlist and select all the files you want and drag/drop these into the app. As a bonus, files are ordered in Audiobook Wizard exactly as they appear on iTunes itself. This is great if you have been using iTunes to maintain your audio files. Even if you don't, you may want to use iTunes's powerful file management tools to sort files into proper order first before dropping them into the app.

    6. Lastly, there is also an option to begin playback immediately upon completion of an audiobook. If this is a multi part audiobook then playback begins when the first part is completed.

    7. Other bug fixes and improvements.

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