What's New

Beatport Pro 2.4.0

  • [FEATURE] Added support in the store for Pre-Ordering tracks and releases.
  • [FEATURE] Added support in the store for Traktor remix sets.
  • [FIXED] Some crashes.

Previous Versions

Beatport Pro 2.3.0

  • [FEATURE] Tired of not having the tags for mood or vocals readable on the CDJs? We've added a feature under Preferences->Tagging which enables you to write AUTOMATICALLY any frames of metadata to the Comments frame so it's clean, consistent, and easy to read as you manage your music.

    Please Note: Enabling this feature will overwrite anything in your comments frames!

Beatport Pro 2.2.4

  • Updated store web links.

Beatport Pro 2.2.3

  • [IMPROVED] Minor UI tweaks and fixes for latest OSX 10.11.
  • [IMPROVED] Added right-click context menu to the Carts source list item to sync all carts and sort carts by name and creation date.
  • [IMPROVED] Added option to edit payment details when checking out a cart.
  • [FIXED] Crash when downloading if the track metadata used for file/folder renaming contains a $ symbol.
  • [FIXED] Made importing of the date values from ID3 frames more robust to fix invalid dates being imported.
  • [FIXED] Gatekeeper code signing issues.
  • [FIXED] Fixed running downloads not always updating their progress in the UI.
  • [FIXED] The app would sync cart, downloads and My Beatport info multiple times on startup.
  • [FIXED] Fixed the file relinking process sometimes never finishing searching for missing files.
  • [FIXED] Few other crashes.

Beatport Pro 2.2.2

  • [FIXED] Display of multi-track stem player not working on OS X 10.11.

Beatport Pro 2.2.1

  • [FIXED] Cart validation errors on startup.
  • [FIXED] Crash when importing MP4 files on OSX 10.8.
  • [FIXED] Two tracks could sometimes start playing at once.
  • [FIXED] Code signing of the application.

Beatport Pro 2.2

  • [FIXED] Fixed store player not highlighting the correct preview segment for some tracks.
  • [FEATURE] Added multi-track stem support to the local collection.

Beatport Pro 2.1.6

  • [IMPROVED] Removed social login option. You now have to login using a username and password.
  • [FIXED] Store links pointing to old Beatport site.

Beatport Pro 2.1.5

  • [IMPROVED] Tweaks to the syncing of cart information with the web store.
  • [FIXED] Crash when deleting a playlist from your collection.

Beatport Pro 2.1.4

  • [FIXED] Crash when opening a popover on OSX 10.8.

Beatport Pro 2.1.3

  • [FIXED] Player waveform disappearing when switching between retina and normal res screens.
  • [FIXED] Layout of elements in Sync with Beatport popover on 10.10.
  • [FIXED] Label color for disabled filter presets.
  • [FIXED] A few common crashes.

Beatport Pro 2.1.2

  • [FEATURE] You can remove artists and labels from My Beatport via the right-click context menu in the Store.
  • [FEATURE] A missing files assistant has been added that can scan your collection to find items that no longer have a valid audio file associated with them. The tool allows you to relink the item to a different audio file or delete the item from your collection. The tool can be opened from the menu option “File->Missing files assistant…”
  • [FIXED] Waveform image taking precedence over the artwork image in Finder, iTunes, Traktor etc.
  • [FIXED] MP4 files could be corrupted if you edited tags whilst previewing the file.
  • [FIXED] The iTunes export could not be read by Rekordbox3.
  • [IMPROVED] Few minor UI tweaks.

Beatport Pro 2.1.1

  • [IMPROVED] Added helper links in the main Help menu to open the apps log and db folders in Finder.
  • [FIXED] The Genre filter button matrix is now scrollable so it does not cuttoff genres.
  • [FIXED] Yosemite: Crash when tagging collection items on.
  • [FIXED] Yosemite: Search results popover closes immediately when searching.
  • [FIXED] Yosemite: The placeholder label colour is wrong in the details pane.
  • [FIXED] Continuous playback would not work when playing some MP3s.
  • [FIXED] The add current playing track to cart keyboard shortcut would not always work in the Chart and New Releases sections.
  • [FIXED] Various other causes of crashes.

Beatport Pro 2.1.0

We've now added MP4/AAC audio file support and you can export your filter presets as dynamic playlists! See below for a full list of changes for version 2.1.

  • [FEATURE] Added support for managing MP4/AAC audio files.
  • [FEATURE] Improved workspace layout, giving you more control over how you apply and manage your filter presets.
  • [FEATURE] Filter presets are now included in the iTunes Library export giving unlimited dynamic playlist super powers!
  • [FIXED] Multiple value handling for Artists, Genres etc. in the ID3/MP4 metadata file tags is now more compatible with iTunes, Traktor etc.
  • [IMPROVED] The Back swipe gesture handling in the store navigation is now less sensitive and provides more visual feedback.
  • [IMPROVED] You can now overwrite and delete the default My Beatport Artist and Label filter presets. This allows you to load both at the same time.
  • [IMPROVED] The Downloads preferences will warn you if you set a file name template without the track_mixname option.
  • [IMPROVED] The Download All button in the Download section only downloads items in the Available state.
  • [IMPROVED] Responsiveness of the app when audio files are located on a network share and the network share has not been mounted yet.
  • [IMPROVED] Various UI enhancements and bug fixes.

Beatport Pro 2.0.5

  • [FEATURE] Added option to force the write of the metadata to the ID3 tag.
  • [INFO] Minimum required OS X version is now 10.8.2.
  • [IMPROVED] Removed the nag screen to use the metadata assistant after importing files.
  • [FIXED] VBR encoded MP3s are imported with a duration of 0seconds.
  • [FIXED] Pasting of links for the store items do not work in all OS X apps.
  • [FIXED] iTunes may not read all the standard metadata on import if a file has been previously tagged by Pro.
  • [FIXED] CMD+W closes the main window when the app is in fullscreen mode.
  • [FIXED] Entering a wrong password into the Facebook social login screen would cause the login dialog window to resize to the full height of the screen.
  • [FIXED] Pro 2.0 still configures redundant invalid Pro 1.0 global hotkeys.
  • [FIXED] Mono audio files in the collection are panned to the left.
  • [FIXED] Various crashes.

Beatport Pro 2.0.4

  • [IMPROVED] iTunes proprietary ID3 comment frames are now ignored on import.
  • [IMPROVED] Opening an audio file from the Finder in Pro will start playback of the audio.
  • [IMPROVED] Added back the Pro 1.0 keyboard shortcuts for changing the volume of the player and adding the current playing track to your default cart.
  • [FIXED] Crash when opening the Preferences when the app is still initialising.
  • [FIXED] Crash when choosing to pay via paypal, whilst the previous page was still loading.
  • [FIXED] Crash when deleting a playlist, undo'ing the delete and then redo'ing the delete.
  • [FIXED] You could delete your Beatport Cart and Hold-bin by hitting the delete key in the source list.
  • [FIXED] Skipping playback of tracks in the DJ charts via the keyboard could cause the current selection to jump around between different charts.
  • [FIXED] Infinite scrolling would not work when the app was in fullscreen mode.
  • [FIXED] The Copy Link option for a Mix generated an invalid URL.
  • [FIXED] The metadata pane could get stuck in a closed state.
  • [FIXED] Crash when reading the fs metadata for a file fails on import.
  • [FIXED] The default download file name template was causing issues when downloading multiple remixes of the same track.

Beatport Pro 2.0.3

  • [FIXED] Pro will now not trigger a write back to the ID3 tag immediatly after a file has been imported.
  • [FIXED] Text encoding issues when reading and writing ID3 text frames with non Latin alphabet based characters.
  • [FIXED] File change monitoring could cause duplicate entries in the collection.
  • [FIXED] Corrupted TRAKTOR4 private ID3 frames could cause the import procress to hang and eventually crash the app.
Beatport Pro 2.0.2
  • [IMPROVED] When importing from your iTunes library, Pro now uses the Date Added value from iTunes rather than generating a new date.
  • [IMPROVED] Added a link to our Feature Request forum in the Help menu.
  • [IMPROVED] The list of carts displayed in the Buy button dropdown menu is now sorted by the same order as the carts in the right-hand source list.
  • [FIXED] Added workaround for iTunes, Finder and Traktor not correctly handling multiple images in ID3 tags. This issue resulted in the waveform image sometimes being displayed instead of the artwork image.
  • [FIXED] The Dm and F Open Key mappings were wrong.
  • [FIXED] Custom Key2 codes had an issue mapping some sharp keys.
  • [FIXED] The basic tag editor popover would only set the entered tag value if the inputted string length was > 1.
  • [FIXED] When previewing tracks in the store, clicking to the right of the preview waveform now does not cause the player to skip to the next track.
  • [FIXED] Custom start/end dates for Street and Published filters were not using the correct time ranges.
  • [FIXED] The holdbin was not displaying releases.
Beatport Pro 2.0.1
  • [FIXED] Crash during import if the audio properties could not be read from the file.
  • [FIXED] The app could crash when the Sync with Beatport or a Tag Editor popover was closed.
  • [FIXED] Crash when hitting the Cancel button at certain points during the checkout process.
  • [FIXED] The Grouping field could inadvertently be overwritten with the track label name.
Beatport Pro 2.0.0
  • Library Manager now included. Manage all audio in one place, including Mixes, Tracks, Stems, Parts, Loops, OneShots, and Sound FX.
  • Hierarchical and sortable playlists.
  • Quickly and efficiently add tags to your audio content using extensive metadata capabilities.
  • Advanced filtering tools and new filter preset bar for managing your favorite filter sets and My Beatport.
  • Sync your music with Beatport’s metadata to update artwork, purchased date, BPM, Key and more.
  • Enhanced music store experience with new filtering options not available anywhere else.
  • Integrated Play Queue.

Beatport Pro (com.beatport.beatportpro) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Beatport Pro 171. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Beatport Pro 150.

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.8.2

Copyright: (c) 2004-2014 Beatport, LLC