What's New

Bodega Release Notes


  • Bug fixes

1.6.3 Change Log:

  • Various stability fixes
  • Improved update version check algorithm

1.6.2 Change Log:

  • Improved Sparkle integration with profile push to feed URLs
  • Reduced number of false positives reported by the BodegaAgent
  • [Fixed] installer permanently hanging during installation

1.6.1 Change Log:

  • Improved load time of application listings
  • Faster application start time
  • Added alert dialog when no Internet connection is detected at startup
  • Download buttons are now disabled if the application is already installed
  • [Fixed] Issue with applications failing to install without notifying the user
  • [IMPROVED] Reduced dependency on Bodega server for regular operations

1.6.0 Change Log:

  • Signed version for compatibility with Mac OSX 10.8
  • [FIXED] Issue causing category listings to be blank
  • [IMPROVED] Memory management

1.5.3 Change Log:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause promo panels to sometimes fail to load properly

1.5.2 Change Log:

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't retry a canceled download of a new application
  • Fixed a bug where full application descriptions weren't displayed
  • Fixed a crash when the user would refresh the application update list
  • Minor enhancements to the application update detection code
  • Fixed various crashes & memory leaks

1.5.1 Change Log:

  • Restored PowerPC support.
  • Fixed crash, which occurs, when loading web content.

1.5.0 Change Log:

  • Improved checking for app updates scheduling.
  • Significantly improved performance when loading categories and icons.
  • Checking for app updates is also significantly faster.
  • Reduced the size of the app binary, and memory footprint.
  • Integrated a Crash Reporter to help with application support.
  • Removed The Loop Picks.
  • Various bug fixes related to UI glitches
  • Enhancements to app update detection

1.4.0 Change Log:

  • [FEATURE] App Updater takes the work out of ensuring you have the latest software versions installed on your Mac. You'll be prompted when new updates for your apps are available, even when Bodega isn't open.
  • [FIXED] Issue causing certain apps to incorrectly report that updates are available.
  • [FIXED] Issue causing high CPU usage.
  • [FIXED] Crash that occurs when viewing web stores that contain embedded plugins such as Flash or Quicktime.

1.3.2 Change Log:

  • [FIXED] Issue causing incompatible software updates to be displayed for software purchased from the Mac App Store.
  • [FIXED] Issue preventing some store transactions from being reported.

1.3.1 Change Log:

  • [FIXED] Issue preventing some products from being installed.
  • [FIXED] Reworked review flagging behavior.
  • [FIXED] Improved interaction with external applications via URL handlers.
  • [FIXED] Added support for Breadcrumb download detection.
  • [FIXED] Various performance and stability improvements.

1.3.0 Change Log:

  • [FEATURE] Added keyboard shortcuts CMD-left/CMD-right for navigating Back/Forward.
  • [FEATURE] Applications counter displays a count of all items requiring attention, including updates and new installs.
  • [FEATURE] Attempting to download previously downloaded software now displays an alert message.
  • [FEATURE] Prevented non-Mac software that runs virtualized via CrossOver Games, CrossOver Office Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion from being displayed in Applications.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where software that was uninstalled while Bodega was running could not be installed again unless Bodega was restarted.
  • [FIXED] A selected category displayed in the sidebar is deselected when opening a URL containing bodega://.
  • [FIXED] Added extra check to handle both encoded and unencoded URL strings.
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue where newly updated software would continue to display the original version until Bodega was restarted.

1.2.2 Change Log:

  • [FIXED] Issue causing duplicate entries of a product in Applications if the user had set their Preferences -> Install Applications setting to a folder path that is a child of one of default folder paths.

1.2.1 Change Log:

  • [FIXED] Bug causing a downloading product to be displayed as a completely different product in the 'Applications' view.
  • [FIXED] Cannot cancel download when state is "Initiating Download...".
  • [FIXED] Button alignment displayed in the 'Applications' view.
  • [FIXED] Added missing button images.

1.2.0 Change Log

  • [FEATURE] Added ESC as a keyboard shortcut for closing screenshot and receipt windows.
  • [FEATURE] Redesigned receipts to improve usability.
  • [FEATURE] Added support for printing receipts from the receipt viewer.
  • [FEATURE] Added The Loop Picks to the Featured screen.
  • [FIXED] Improved VoiceOver accessibility.
  • [FIXED] Issue where progress indicator was not displayed next to the 'Applications' item when products were being downloaded.
  • [FIXED] Improved software update detection.
  • [FIXED] Commented out nonessential debug log statements.
  • [FIXED] Issue causing the category name to be "Unknown" for products in the Featured view.
  • [FIXED] Text aliasing in the Featured view.
  • [FIXED] Improved initial launch and load times.
  • [FIXED] "Index out of bounds" exception that occurred during launch.

1.1.1 Change Log:

  • [FIXED] Issue preventing installation of downloaded software.
  • [FIXED] Issue causing the Applications view progress indicator to continue spinning.

1.1.0 Change Log:

  • [FEATURE] Added Wishlist to keep track of applications you'd like to buy later.
  • [FEATURE] Applications section now shows nearly all apps on the system, and can update any app that supports Sparkle or exists in the Bodega catalog.
  • [FEATURE] Failed or cancelled downloads can now be restarted.
  • [FEATURE] Double-clicking an entry in the Applications section now launches the app.
  • [FEATURE] Default shelf view icon size is now medium.
  • [FEATURE] Expanded the catalog of applications installable by Bodega.
  • [FEATURE] Various performance and stability improvements.

1.0.4 Change Log:

  • [FIXED]: Crash that occurrs when an update scan connection fails and is restarted.
  • [FIXED]: Improved accuracy of software update detection by adding matching by name.
  • [FIXED]: Issue preventing links that request a new window from opening.
  • [FIXED]: Corrected grammar and spelling issues.

1.0.3 Change Log:

  • [FIXED]: Issue preventing selection of a previously selected source list item.
  • [FIXED]: Awning display issues when dragging across multiple displays.
  • [FIXED]: Promotion billboard support for multiple images.

1.0.2 Change Log:

  • [FIXED]: Restored swing animation when a promo panel is clicked on.
  • [FIXED]: Installer now supports screen savers
  • [FIXED]: Store web browser now displays JavaScript alert and confirm windows.
  • [FIXED]: Issue where visiting a public Bodega URL when Bodega is minimized wouldn't bring it out of the Dock
  • [FIXED]: Control-Click opens the context menu in "Applications" view.
  • [FIXED]: Crash that occurred when scanning for installed applications.
  • [FIXED]: Crash that occurred when handling URL redirects.
  • [FIXED]: Crash that occurred when retrieving product icons.
  • [FIXED]: Corrected grammar and spelling issues.

1.0.1 Change Log:

  • Fixed launch crash occuring on Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.5.8.

1.0.0 Change Log:

  • Renovated due to a sale on security doors, lighting and awnings.
  • Refreshed the look of the Featured screen.
  • Improved application installer.
  • Fixed bug where dragging the window from the awning would cause the awning to detach from the window.
  • Users can join our newsletter from within the application.
  • Fixed bug that prevented some email addresses (like @domain.im) from being accepted by the Tell A Friend feature.
  • Fixed issue where Shelf view resize buttons were being displayed during launch.
  • Added prompts when downloading an app to help users know where to go next.
  • Fixed Shelf view issue where the "small" icon button was selected while the "large" icon size was displayed.
  • Improved visibility of the progress indicator in the Bodega web browser.
  • Product icon placeholders now represent the type of software.
  • Added support for page up/page down keys to the Shelf view.
  • Fixed spelling mistakes in About window.
  • Fixed memory leaks.

0.9.6 Change Log:

  • Fixed a graphical display issue with store sheet.

0.9.5 Change Log:

  • New design for featured news stories.
  • New integrated news feed from The Loop website.
  • Added support for three-finger swipe for back and forward on gesture-enabled trackpads.
  • Added the ability to drag the icon out of the listing to get a Bodega public url.
  • For developers who've included support for it, Bodega will automatically save a purchase receipt.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause items in the shelf view to resize and move when clicking "back" from a listing.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the scrollbar in the shelf view wouldn't load icons properly.

0.9.0 Change Log:

  • Improved data caching
  • Added the ability to drag items or use CMD-C from the shelf and list views to create public URLs.
  • Hitting 'back' and 'forward' now remembers where you were scrolled and other useful information.
  • Added a context menu to the Applications section with "Launch", "Uninstall", and "Reveal in Finder".
  • Added the ability to install some applications (Sparkle enabled apps).
  • Now showing all of the same information from the list view in an inspector in the shelf view.
  • Redesigned the Preferences window.
  • Added some keyboard controls to control the shelf view.
  • New zoom animation when opening the screenshots window.
  • Redesigned the About window.
  • Added a "Recent" menu item containing the application listings recently viewed.
  • Double clicking a row in the Applications section now shows you the listing for that app.
  • Added a Dock badge, to show how many updates are available.
  • Many little UI refinements.
  • Fixed some of the issues we had with accented characters.
  • Fixed some font rendering issues.
  • Fixed the bug that would sometimes cause Safari to open up a bunch of images when going into a listing.
  • Fixed issues causing some applications to not be detected by Bodega.
  • Fixed the bug that causing the incorrect category to load when loading multiple categories simultaneously.
  • Improved performance when loading a software listing screen.
  • Fixed a bug in the highlight behaviour of the table headers.
  • Made the splitview able to resize the left/right views in Bodega.
  • Fixed the sourcelist to not change highlighted row when entering a software listing.
  • Recoded the sourcelist from scratch to solve a ton of minor edge cases.
  • Hiding "What's New In This Version" for apps without release notes.

0.8.0 Change Log:

  • Now you can download applications within Bodega.
  • Bodega caches data locally to make the application faster.
  • Significantly improved performance in both the shelf view and table view when loading icons.
  • Applications window refreshes itself when it detects that an application has been installed or updated.
  • Better currency conversion.
  • Ability to recommend an application to a friend.
  • User interface refinements.
  • The source list now shows a progress indicator to show that a category is loading.
  • Fixed several crashers in the shelf view.

0.5.3 Change Log:

  • Snow Leopard compatibility.
  • Huge memory management improvements.
  • Developer online stores now send Bodega in their user agent string so developers can see what traffic is from Bodega.
  • Fixed small drawing issues with the awning.
  • Fixed issue where a screenshot description would sometimes show up as "<null>"
  • Fixed crash that could happen when changing currencies.
  • Fixed all of the visual glitches that appeared in Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed issue that would cause some icons to not appear properly in the Applications screen.
  • Improved detection of installed applications.

0.5.2 Change Log:

  • Shelf view no longer opens the wrong application when double clicking an icon.
  • Increased the speed of the shelf view.
  • Category table view options now work properly.
  • Checking for installed applications before allowing reviews now works with preferences panes, widgets, etc.
  • Fixed some issues that caused the applications progress indicator to spin indefinitely.
  • Screensavers, preferences panes, and widgets now show in the applications screen.
  • Enhancements to detecting and comparing version numbers in the applications screen to make it more accurate.
  • Added additional currencies.
  • Fixed the crash when enabling the currency conversion.
  • Fixed sorting by price in list view.
  • Screenshots window is larger by default.
  • Disabled next & previous buttons in the screenshots window if there's only one screenshot.
  • Screenshots viewer shows descriptions of screenshots if available, and indicators to show which screenshot you're viewing.
  • Added the description column to the list view by default.
  • Removed extraneous menu items.
  • Fixed some of the UI glitches in Snow Leopard. Note: Bodega doesn't officially support Snow Leopard yet.

Bodega (com.appbodega.bodega) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Bodega 010604900.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Bodega.app