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July 27, 2012
January 19, 2013

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Latest Updates for Bookdog

If you are, or planning to use Bookdog with Safari and iCloud, you should read this first.

Bookdog Version 5.3.21 (2012-07-26)

The only change is that this version is signed with our Developer ID, so that it can be installed in Mac OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion.  Users who already have BookMacster 5.3.20 installed and working may skip this update, even if they update to Mountain Lion.  It is only needed if Bookdog is re-installed after Mountain Lion.

Bookdog Version 5.3.20 (2011-12-01)

  • Detects if iCloud is syncing Safari bookmarks when user attempts to open them, and if so issues a warning with a link to more information.

Bookdog Version 5.3.19 (2011-10-21)

This update has only one change, to support Opera.  If you have no plans to use Bookdog with Opera, you should skip this update.

  • Now supports recent Opera versions, and probably future versions of Opera yet to be released.  (Now uses the same smarter search algorithm for finding Opera bookmarks as our newer app, BookMacster does.)

Bookdog Version 5.3.18 (2011-09-14)

  • Updated method for logging into Google, to open or save Google Bookmarks, so that it is much more likely to work, particularly for Google accounts which have been upgraded to Google+ (Plus).  (For early adopters, this version contains a further update beyond what was in the 5.3.17 beta.)

  • Now indicates an error if saving Google Bookmarks failed because Safari was logged into the wrong Google account, and Bookdog received a CAPTCHA challenge.  (ditto for 5.3.17 early adopters)

  • When running Verify, now sends the User-Agent string of Safari 5.1, instead of its own User-Agent string.  This is so that some sites, notably and, will not incorrectly assume that BookMacster is a mobile app and respond with a permananent redirect to their m subdomain, for example “”.  Such subdomains send minimal web pages appropriate for mobile devices with small screens.

Bookdog Version 5.3.16 (2011-06-05)

  • Now works properly in Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).

Bookdog Version 5.3.15 (2011-01-17)

  • Now works with Firefox version 4.  Labels, references and titles which were “Firefox 3” are now simply “Firefox”.

Bookdog Version 5.3.13 (2010-04-17)

This update is for people using Opera version 10.5 Beta with Bookdog.  Others may skip this update.

  • Now compatible with Opera 10.5 beta.   (When opening Opera bookmarks, Bookdog now looks for various Opera bookmarks files back through Opera 9, and chooses the one which has been modified most recently.)

By the way… Bookdog’s successor application, BookMacster, is still in beta but is quite near finished.  BookMacster now supports Google’s Chrome web browser, and supports the new Delicious accounts which are linked to Yahoo! accounts.  These capabilities will not be added to Bookdog.  The BookMacster product page has more information.

Mac OS 10.3 users should not install this update.  More info.

Bookdog Version 5.3.12 (2010-03-26)

This update is important for anyone using Bookdog with tags in Firefox bookmarks.

  • Fixed a bug which causes old tags to be duplicated when saving Firefox 3 bookmarks.

  • In checking status of the Bookwatchdog Login Item which occurs when launching Bookdog, no longer issues a warning when it is necessary to restart an unresponsive System Events process, and no longer issues a warning if a restarted System Events process is still unresponsive.

Mac OS 10.3 users should not install this update.  More info.

Bookdog Version 5.3.11 (2010-03-01)

  • Updated Google Bookmarks protocol to reflect changes at Google.  At the present time, at least in California, depending on the nature of the bookmarks change(s), users of prior Bookdog versions will encounter either HTTP Error 502, or a silent failure, when saving to Google Bookmarks.

  • Made it less likely that Bookwatchdog might sort bookmarks unnecessarily.  (Added a margin of 0.25 seconds weight to the “No” side when Bookwatchdog compares the time the filesystem said it wrote the file to the time that Bookdog or Bookwatchdog completed sorting.)

Mac OS 10.3 users should not install this update.  More info.

The Version History has details of previous updates.

Bookdog (com.sheepsystems.bookdog) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Bookdog 5.3.21. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Bookdog 5.2.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Bookdog/

Bundle Information: Bookdog version 5.2, by Sheep Systems, San Jose, CA, USA. All rights reserved.