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December 6, 2013
January 23, 2014

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Fractal Architect 3D is the - NEW - 3rd generation Fractal Architect 2D & 3D flame fractal editor.

What it Makes ----------
2D and 3D Flame fractal images of great beauty, endless unique textures, video animation material.
Great works of art can be easily created. Huge image diversity - all are unique.
Flowing video animations can be easily made that can be incorporated into your own movies.

Powerful, Fast, Easy ----------
Fractal Architect 3D is the most comprehensive and powerful flame fractal editor on any platform: Mac or PC.
On a recent Mac with a powerful Nvidia or ATI GPU, you will enjoy the huge rendering speed boost from Fractal Architect's OpenCL rendering engine.

Support Note:
OpenCL rendering on ATI GPUs is broken in OS X 10.9.1, but not on 10.8.5 and earlier. OpenCL rendering on Nvidia GPUs & Intel CPU works fine.

Learn More ----------
There is not room in this App summary to explore all of its features. To learn more please visit:

Powerful 2D and 3D Variation Sets ----------
◆ 330 variation types (up from 98 in FA 2) - 284 2D types, 82 3D types, and 15 Direct color types
◆ Easy to make, easy to switch between
◆ Can render files from any variation set - no need to shut down app and move DLL's
◆ Variation source repository included - no hunting all over the Internet for Apophysis DLL's
◆ Full Variation source code include- - licensed under GPL3
◆ Automatic switching between 2D and 3D fractals
◆ Full Xaos and Linked transform support throughout app

Many Tools Included ----------
◆ Random generation - easy starting point for creating new fractals - lots of Creative control
◆ Variants creator - wow so fast and so unpredictable
◆ Traditional Triangle (Transform) Editor - Hint: check out its Quick-Spin interpolation & video clip animation features
◆ Color Gradient Editor - which colors makes your fractal come alive?
◆ Preview Home Base - point of departure to other editors - adjust the fractal orientation, position, aspect ratio

Render to a Single Image Features ----------
◆ Render to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, JPEG 2000, BMP, or EXR image file formats
◆ State of the Art seamless tiling makes it possible to create giant images - NO image size limitation
◆ Continuous and/or Incremental Rendering option allowing you to add extra quality to image renders
◆ Rendering state can be saved to a file, so you can pause & resume at any time.
◆ Full OpenCL support for rendering on either CPU and GPU - all rendering features supported on GPU

Create Images, PDF Folios, Image File Sequences, or Quicktime Movies ----------
◆ Keyframes - create collections of your favorite fractals or use them to create video animations
◆ Video Animation - create looping/morphing video animation from multiple keyframes
◆ Render Direct to Video as well as Image File Batch Rendering
◆ PDF Folio creation from keyframe collections.

Find Your Fractals in the Future ----------
◆ Finder support - automatic fractal file thumbnails
◆ Finder Quicklook - Quicklook can show either a single large image, a PDF Folio, or a Video animation for a fractal file

Frequent App Updates ----------
Many more variation types to come.
Fractal Architect 2 has had 4 major updates (with many new features) and 9 bug fix updates.

Complete user documentation (170+ pages with many tutorials).

Note: Fractal Architect 3D is not a free update for prior customers of Fractal Architect 2.

What's New
Rendered Image fix for GPU renders having final transform.
Rendered Image fix for fractals with hidden transforms on CPU renders.
Fix for Stash not being autosaved after clicking Add to Stash.

Fractal Architect 3D (com.centcom.fractal-architect3d) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Fractal Architect 3D 3.1.1.