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October 31, 2013
November 1, 2013

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What's New

Chameleon 1.2 (163)

OS/X 10.7 and above required

Fixed a bug that meant Chameleon did not always open under Mavericks

Chameleon 1.2 (162)

OS/X 10.7 and above required

Complete DMX output Rewrite, now Mavericks (10.9) Compatible

Made show files load faster

Fixed a re-patch cahnnels bug when the maximum number of channles are already patched.

Fixed a display issue bug

Other Bug Fixes

Chameleon 1.2 (157)

Bug Fix for lack of Enter and Escape Keyboard Shortcut

Added Right Click to Go and Snap to Cues in the cue list.

Added a large font popup for current and next cue in the undocked cue window.

Chameleon 1.2 (156)

Added Support for the Enttec Shortcut Wing

Added Enhanced Cue Stack Window

Allowed the left hand bar to expand further to show mode info

Indicate when there are unsaved file changes in the window title

Bug Fixes

Chameleon 1.2 (153)

Fixed a bug that meant chases did not always delete

Fixed a bug whereby playback faders did reflect name changes of channels, scenes and chases correctly

Fixed a bug where renaming a chase did not always update the name in all views

Added a new command line command alias: [UPDATE] [ENTER] as a shortcut for [UPDATE] [CUE] <current cue number> [ENTER]

Added a new command line command alias: [@] [ENTER] as a shortcut for [@] 0 [ENTER]

Fixed a bug that could cause Chameleon to terminate during a MIDI input

Chameleon 1.2 (153)

Bug Fixes

Chameleon 1.2 (152)

New Interface Style

Customisable Button and Output Layouts

Many Bug Fixes

ShowJocky DMX Interface Support added

Dual Universe ultraDMX Pro from DMXKing now supported

Chameleon 1.1 (136)

PLEASE NOTE: This version is intel processor only

Fixed a bug where non intensity channels were still fading during cues

Fixed a bug where Enttec Pro Compatible interfaces were not working

Chameleon 1.1 (135)

PLEASE NOTE: This version is intel processor only

Fixed a bug that randonly stops license activations

Chameleon 1.1 (134)

PLEASE NOTE: This version is intel processor only

Fixed a bug that can cause DMX issues with Snow Leopard (10.6) Systems.

Chameleon 1.1 Release

PLEASE NOTE: From this version onwards only intel processors are supported

Fixed fader scrolling with the mouse being inverted if Natural scrolling was selected in Lion

Complete new re write for DMX output, including Art-Net support

Many bug fixes to add stability

Chameleon 1.0 Release Candidate 8

Added the new USB drivers from FTDI

Fixed a drag and drop issue with multi patched channels

Added a new feature to allow User Buttons to be grouped radio style

Added a new powerful command line based DMX patching facility

Fixed a bug that sets the Grand Master to zero on a creating a new file from File -> New

Chameleon 1.0 Release Candidate 7

Fix a USB driver issue that stops Chameleon using DMX Interfaces with the recent OS/X 10.6.5 update from Apple

Show the current show file name in the window title, and identify when the show has changes that should be saved.

Make sure the channel number is always shown on the channel faders, even when a name it set

Added the ability to patch multiple DMX addresses on a single Chameleon channel

Added support for the Enttec DMXIS interface.

Added better support for detecting Enttec Pro interfaces that do not have the expected USB values saved in their eeprom.

Chameleon 1.0 Release Candidate 6

Fixed a command line problem that meant it was not possible to update non intensity channel values. You can now prefix a non intensity channel number with a zero to force an update.

Fixed a problem where loading a show file with a saved grand master value of 0 caused a discrepancy between the displayed value and the real value.

Added an option (on by default) to a clear the programmer when switching to playback mode

Fixed a bug whereby the 16th fader button did not auto push when the associated channel was captured.

Fixed a bug that stopped a show file opening if a cue had not got a saved scene

Allow resizing of the columns in the Scene tab

In record mode the Add button now adds a channel to the programmer at the current playback value, not just zero

Fixed a bug that stopped you adding the current value of several scenes into the programmer with the syntax [SCENE] A [THRU] B [ENTER]

Fixed a bug that let you patch more channels than your license allowed, thus creating a show file that could not be loaded.

Fixed a bug that meant that using the GO key caused the previous cue number to be displayed in the HUD rather than the currently executing cue.

Chameleon 1.0 Release Candidate 5

Fixed a crash when saving scenes with a right click in the scene view when the master fader is at zero.

Fixed a display colour issue in the output view when the master fader is at zero.

Fixed a crash when dragging a scene into a cue stack after deleting a cue stack

Fixed an issue which could allow overwriting of a show file when opening it without a valid licence.

Fixed an issue where the very early interfaces with the USB245M chip running version 1.5 would not update to the required 1.6 firmware version.

Added a playback fader to the cue controller HUD, and fixed a posisble issue that could cause Chameleon to crash when a cue has finished running.

Chameleon 1.0 Release Candidate 4

Fixed the activation server URL.

Chameleon 1.0 Release Candidate 3

Fixed an issue where a live update to a cue did not result in the update being output one the channels were released from the programmer.

Chameleon (com.maclightingsoftware.chameleon) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Chameleon 163. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Chameleon 186.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/