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October 22, 2013
October 23, 2013

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What's New

Checkout 3.6 (build 7795) - 22 October 2013

Checkout 3.6 contains fixes for Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).

  • This update provides Mavericks compatibility and is required in order to run Checkout on Mac OS X 10.9.
  • In order to support the new operating system, Mac OS X 10.5 support has been removed. If you are using Mac OS X 10.5, do not install this update.
  • Ledger
    • Feature: Added support for AccountEdge Basic
  • Orders
    • Fixed: Serial Number box on orders disappears on Retina displays.

Checkout 3.5.7 (build 7786) - 29 January 2013

Checkout 3.5.7 addresses issues that were discovered in 3.5.6 and previous releases. This update will prompt for a database upgrade but, for those who are already running Checkout 3.5.6, it will be very quick.

  • Upgrading
    • Fixed: A rare issue related to upgrading FIFO stores has been addressed.
  • Order/Sale/Quote
    • Fixed: A rare, mistaken error message involving invoicing orders has been removed.
  • Reports
    • Fixed: The "Sales" report no longer fails for stores linked to Enstore and using web order taxes.
    • Fixed: The "Products Sold" report can be exported again. This was broken in 3.5.6 release.
    • Fixed:The "Stock" and "Count Sheet" reports no longer show primary products next to the products' variations.
    • Fixed: The "Stock" report now accurately shows costs when returns are involved.
    • Fixed: The "Employee" report no longer fails to display customer names with non-English letters.
    • Fixed: The "Stock Correction" report now shows the latest products' codes instead of the code of the product at the time of the correction.

Checkout 3.5.6 (build 7782) - 14 January 2013

Checkout 3.5.6 addresses performance issues and accuracy regarding product costs and margins.

Important:This update requires a database upgrade that could take some time, so please plan accordingly. For example one of our largest test stores with more then 100,000 orders took about 2 hours on the latest iMac. The upgrade process is about 5x faster than the 3.5 upgrade, but your experience can differ depending on the performance of your computer.

This upgrade includes a brand new implementation of product cost and margin. This implementation is roughly 50x faster than previous versions and also significantly reduces memory usage. Your store's cost and margin data will be recalculated automatically.

  • Upgrading
    • Fixed: Faster upgrade for those few stores that experienced a very slow upgrade to 3.5. All stores should now be able to upgrade to 3.5.
  • Product Manager
    • Feature: The stock correction user interface has been changed to allow positive stock corrections to carry an user-provided cost.
  • Orders and Sales
    • Fixed: A performance problem at payment time involving a sale with a product which has been sold thousands of times has been resolved.
  • Employee
    • Fixed: A rare crash involving changing a user's password has been resolved.
  • Quote
    • Feature: Quotes no longer allocate stock.
  • Reports
    • Feature: The "Stock" report now shows the default cost and the cost based on your store setting (FIFO or average cost).
    • Feature: The "Stock" report now allows you to specify a date range and see product stock/cost at a previous point-in-time.
    • Fixed: The "Tax" report now properly calculates VAT tax purchase amounts.
    • Fixed: The "Employees" report no longer shows deleted employees and properly displays employees with blank names.
    • Fixed: Reports which display margins ("Customers", "Employees", "Orders", "Performance", "Products Sold", "Sales", and "Stock Correction") now show accurate margin/cost results.
    • Fixed: The "Performance by Tag" and "Products by Tag" reports are faster in the case where your store has no Tags defined.

Checkout 3.5.5 (build 7767) - 23 October 2012

Checkout 3.5.5 addresses an urgent issue with editing product variations.

Important:This will require a database upgrade step that could take a while in case you have thousands of products, so please plan accordingly.
This version will be required for future registration and deactivation.
  • Products
    • Fixed: Editing product variations where the master product has erroneous stock attached is possible again. Any master product with such stock will have an automatic stock correction applied.
  • Registration
    • Fixed: Checkout now activates and deactivates licensing with a new server.

Checkout 3.5.4 (build 7715) - 18 September 2012

This release addresses a few issues reported by our users.

  • Mountain Lion
    • Fixed: Checkout can now be registered even if access to contacts is denied.
  • Template Manager
    • Fixed: Template Manager now handles very large margins properly.
    • Fixed: Changing Page Setup now refreshes the template.
    • Fixed: The Template Document Margin is now shown in the correct localized number format.
  • Product Manager
    • Fixed: A rare crash related to the creation of a new product is fixed.
  • Order Edit
    • Fixed: When the price of a product is changed, the price will not change in pending orders/quotes/sales that include that product.
  • Reports
    • Fixed: The Sales report now always shows the time in the correct time zone.
    • Fixed: The Customer report now sorts correctly after loading.
  • Ledger
    • Fixed: We also added support for .connect AccountEdge setting files during setup.

Checkout 3.5.3 (build 7711) - 27 July 2012

This release addresses an issue introduced in the latest 3.5.2 build of Checkout.

  • Product Manager
    • Fixed: Trying to edit the product code caused a crash.
    • Fixed: Prevent products that have stock from having variations added to them.

Checkout 3.5.2 (build 7709) - 25 July 2012

This release addresses issues upgrading to the latest 3.5 build of Checkout and Mountain Lion.

Important:This update provides Mountain Lion compatibility and is required in order to run Checkout on Mac OS X 10.8.
  • Ledger
    • Fixed: Prevented a crash during the configuration of QuickBooks Ledger Export.
  • Upgrade
    • Fixed: Upgrading a store with no invoices no longer fails.
    • Fixed: Upgrading a store with double quotes in the name no longer fails.
    • Fixed: Restoring a backup with foreign characters in the name no longer fails.
  • Printing
    • Fixed: Configurations with older Star Printer drivers now automatically open the cash drawer during automatic printing.
    • Fixed: Deleting a product from the Product Label Printing sheet no longer crashes.
  • Template Manager
    • Fixed: The Week of Year token can now be dragged on to the Invoice number template.
    • Fixed: The Emerald template can now handle orders that don't have a customer attached.
  • Till Count
    • Fixed: The Remaining in Till and the Deposit in Till value wasn't saved when you didn't tab out first before hitting Submit button.
  • Pay
    • Fixed: The ACH Direct Credit Card Payment form showing black or clear in the input fields in 10.7.4.
  • General
    • Fixed: We fixed a few random crash cases during startup and making the app active.
    • Fixed: The crash dialog "Open Log" and "Reveal Log" buttons function as expected.
    • Fixed: The crash dialog displays the version and build number of the Checkout running.

Checkout 3.5.1 (build 7702) - 29 June 2012

This release addresses issues upgrading to the latest 3.5 build of Checkout.

  • Upgrade
    • Fixed: Stores with a large amount of orders are now able to be upgraded.
  • Printing
    • Fixed: Checkout no longer crashes when automatic printing is enabled and no printer is configured.
  • Customer Inspector
    • Fixed: The customer inspector now saves the last field entered when switching between customers.

Checkout 3.5 (build 7625) - 28 June 2012

Checkout 3.5 has over 200 fixes and features combined.See the release notes below for more details.

Important:This will require a database upgrade step that could take a while, so please plan accordingly.
This will be the last major version that will support Mac OS X 10.5
  • Customer Displays
    • Feature: The following customer display models are now supported: Logic Controls TD3000 U, LT9000 UP and PD3000 UP.
  • Printing
    • Feature: Using the "Automatic Printing After Payment" option in Store Settings will print receipts/invoices without displaying a dialog and will print to your selected printer.
    • Feature: During automatic printing, Checkout detects the first Receipt Printer attached to your computer and uses it as the default printer.
    • Feature: Checkout automatically opens now all the cash drawers attached to your Receipt Printer- no further setup is required
    • Feature: Sales paid via credit card will now automatically print two copies of the receipt.
    • Feature: New option to always print out 2 copies of a receipt.
    • Feature: A Store Logo can now be printed on receipts. This can be controlled in the Document and Footer Settings in the Template Manager
    • Fixed: Addressed an issue where automatic printing of receipts was not working for a Sale.
  • Products
    • Fixed: Variations can now be edited by selecting your product and clicking "Show Variations" and then "Edit Variations...".
    • Fixed: Removed a duplicate entry in the "Genre" template variation.
  • Order Window
    • Performance: Performance improvements were a major focus of this release. In some cases, performance has been improved approximately 5x - 10x faster especially for stores with thousands of products and invoices and for stores left running for multiple days without a restart.
    • Fixed: The main window location is now saved across application starts.
  • Reports
    • Performance: Various reports have been hand tuned for performances: Countsheet (30 times faster), Sales (5.5 times faster), Tax (11 times faster), Stock (3.3 times faster), Product Sold (2.5 times faster), Employees (4.7x faster), Processed Payments (8x faster), Customer (6x faster)
    • Performance: Reports which have been tuned now require far less memory, sometimes five times less.
    • Feature: New reports have been added: "Discounts Given", "Orders", "Performance by Brand", "Performance by Tag", "Price Exception Product By Brand", "Product By Tag", "Stock Correction".
    • Feature: The "Sales" report displays the grand total.
    • Feature: The "Tax" report displays tax-exempt sales.
    • Feature: The "Stock" report displays the products' brands.
    • Feature: The new "Performance" report replaces the "Turnover" report.
    • Feature: The "Processed Payments" report displays the grand total.
    • Feature: The "Employees" report includes products'quantity sold instead of number of invoices.
    • Feature: The "Products Sold" report includes more detailed information.
    • Fixed: Sorting in the "Count Sheet" and "Products Sold" reports has been fixed.
    • Fixed: The "Tax" and "Sales" reports now show Enstore sales.
    • Fixed: The "End Of Day" report sorts by "Till # per day" and also has a total for all tills per day.
    • Fixed: The "Supplier" report sorts by companies' names.
    • Fixed: The "Sales" and "Pending Invoices" reports display customers missing first name or last name by displaying the customers' companies instead.
    • Fixed: The "Tax" report now supports orders from Enstore. Various other issues with older taxes are fixed.
    • Fixed: The "Sales" report now shows detailed tax information.
    • Fixed: There are about a further 100 fixes and enhancements done on reports.
  • Client Inspector
    • Fixed: The client inspector now disappears when Checkout is in the background.
  • Settings
    • Feature: The "Optimize database performance when idle" has been removed.When upgrading to Checkout 3.5, Checkout will optimize the database immediately which may take additional time to complete the upgrade.
    • Fixed: Made sure that the first invoice number is a valid number.
    • Fixed: Made sure that only valid characters are used in the invoice number pattern.
  • Ledger
    • Feature: When exporting the ledger, the previously-used format is chosen.
    • Performance: Ledger export is about 20x faster

    Checkout 3.1.2 (build 7434) - 3 April 2012

    This update is recommended for all Checkout 3.1.1 users.

    • Ledger
      • Fixed: 3.1.1 prevented certain stores of exporting their Ledger.

    Checkout 3.1.1 (build 7342) - 26 March 2012

    Please note: Checkout 3.1.1 upgrades your database, if you use Checkout on multiple computers, you will have to install it on all of them.
    • Store Manager
      • Fixed: Store Manager window is now resizable. The default size is bigger.
    • Database
      • Fixed: Fixed some security issues. Assign all unknown employee transactions to the first employee.
    • Product editing
      • Fixed: Issue with product variations UI on Mac OS X Lion. When scrolling, it caused lines to appear in the products list.
    • Login
      • Fixed: At times, login caused security issues under rare circumstances.
    • Ledger
      • Fixed: Ledger export caused a crash when data wasn't rounded properly.
      • Fixed: Rounding issue that caused a crash if you had multiple taxes applied to one invoice.
      • Fixed: When exporting to AccountEdge we remove returns, newline characters, tabs, and commas. We also respect the columns maximum length of 256 characters.
    • Order Edit
      • Fixed: When trying to print unallocated orders, the tax would show up incorrectly.
    • Web Store/Enstore
      • Fixed: Syncing Enstore orders caused the Ledger to crash.
      • Fixed: Enstore orders with multiple taxes were showing up with no taxes.

    Checkout 3.1 (build 7255) - 27 February 2012

    Please note: Checkout 3.1 upgrades your database, if you use Checkout on multiple computers, you will have to install it on all of them.
    • Calculation (rounding)
      • Fixed: We now support products prices with the tax inclusive amount of 6.99 (as an example). At the same time, we addressed rounding throughout Checkout to ensure that Bankers Rounding was being used consistently. It is possible, in some cases, that the tax inclusive prices of some products may have a difference of 0.01 when compared to the previously calculated prices in Checkout. Bankers Rounding:
    • Credit Card Payments
      • Feature: Credit Card information: The thermal receipt was modified to print the last 4 digits of the credit card, card type (if the card was swiped) and approval code. The receipt was also modified to better handle multiple credit card payments on a single Invoice.
      • Feature: The Online Payments report was renamed to be the Processed Payment Report, and now displays/prints the last 4 digits of the credit card, card type (if the card was swiped) and approval code.
    • Reports
      • Fixed: The Processed Payment Report's export to Numbers.
      • Fixed: The Sales Report display/print and export were using different rounding methods to calculate margins.
    • Upgrading
      • Fixed During the store upgrade process, we now report issues more consistently, if an error is encountered.
    • Welcome Window
      • Fixed: Create new Store was displayed instead of Manage Stores, after a store was created.
    • Backup
      • Fixed: Issues are now reported more consistently if an error is encountered when a store is being backed up.
    • AccountEdge Export
      • Feature: Added support for AccountEdge Basic in addition to AccountEdge (Plus, Pro, and Network Edition).
      • Fixed: Text Fields in the AccountEdge Configuration dialog were not being stored until you tabbed out of them.
    • Menu
      • Fixed: In the File Menu, the label New Order was changed to be to New Sale.
    • Order Window
      • Fixed: If a very large number (more then 14 digits) was accidentally entered for the item price, a crash would occur when the Order/Invoice was viewed.
      • Fixed: Deleting Products from an Order would cause a crash.
      • Fixed: The Pay window now comes up automatically when an Invoice is created if the option is enabled in Store Preferences.
    • Template Margins Settings
      • Feature: The Print Margin Units (centimeters or inches) are now defaulting based upon your Mac's System Preferences Language settings.
      • Fixed: Text fields were only being saved when you tabbed away from them.
      • Feature: The Print Margin Units are now saved.
      • Fixed: Changing the margins caused a crash on 10.7.x.
    • Product Manager
      • Fixed: Changing a product's weight to be null caused a crash.
      • Fixed: When variation properties were accidentally saved as null, it was causing crashes in the Product list of both the Main Store View and Stock Room.
    • Stock Room
      • Fixed: Resolved an issue where a crash would occur in the Stock Room, when working with newly created Products.
    • Store Browser
      • Fixed: The Select button was faded out on Mac OS X 10.6.8
    • Webstore/Enstore
      • Fixed: The Enstore sync now consumes a lot less memory, and is able to sync stores that have thousands of products.

    Checkout 3.0.8 (build 7093) - 17 November 2011

    This update includes a unified build that works on 10.5.8, 10.6.x and 10.7.x

    Notes: If you use Checkout on multiple Macs, you will need to update it on all of them. Safari 5.0.6 (or greater) is now required to ensure that invoices and receipts render properly.
    • Improvements
      • Fixed issues regarding MacOS X 10.7 (Lion).
      • Fixed an issue where receipts were printing smaller after upgrading to Safari 5.0.6 or later.
      • Fixed a crash when selecting a customer's ship to address.
      • Fixed a crash when syncing with Enstore.
      • Fixed an issue where deposits did not print on receipts.
      • Fixed the tooltip issue in the tax regions view (crash on showing tooltip)
      • Fixed two DYMO label printers that printed in the wrong orientation

Checkout (com.acclivitynyc.checkout) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Checkout 7795. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Checkout 7702.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Checkout

Minimum OS version: 10.6

Bundle Information: Checkout 3.6, Copyright (c) 2006-2013 Acclivity NYC LLC -

Copyright: (c) 2006-2013 Acclivity NYC LLC - All rights reserved