What's New

2.4.3(16 March 2013)
Fix for OSX 10.8 Calendar interface issues.
Fix for failure on event deletion when the event had previously been deleted.

2.4.2(13 March 2013)
Fix for events not being deleted from CalDAV calendars in OSX 10.8.

2.4.1(23 February 2013)
Fix default alarm being removed in OSX 10.8 when no additional alarms are set.

2.4.0 (18 February 2012)
Set events as 'free' time in OSX 10.8.
Fix launchd permissions bug blocking background syncing for some users.
Fix repeating alarm bug in OSX 10.8.
Addressed reported duplicates on upgrade issue.
Removed reminder only calendars from calendar picker.
Other small bug fixes.

2.3.3 (24 January 2013)
Fix bug blocking operation in OSX 10.7 introduced in version 2.3.2.

2.3.2 (17 January 2013)
Fix Address Book smart groups sync bug.
Changed case of text "birthdays" to lower case.
Corrected some text in German interface.

2.3.1 (23 July 2012)
Shows Address Book smart groups.
Fix missing calendar bug.
Compatible with OSX 10.8, Gatekeeper.

2.3.0 (18 Oct 2011)
Localized into Italian.
Can filter by custom date labels.
Dates without a year no longer show 'age', 'ordinal age' or 'year' tokens.
No longer adds default iCal alarm to new events.
Now uses company name for surname token when card flagged as company.
Fix incorrect 'year' token text bug in English version.
Fix alert sound chooser bug in Lion.

2.2.6 (24 Jul 2011)
Fix Calendar Picker crash bug with Lion/MobileMe.

2.2.5 (22 Jul 2011)
Fix crash bug under Lion.
You are recommended to update before updating to OSX 10.7.
No longer Universal binary, Intel only.

2.2.4 (22 Jun 2011)
Localized into French, German and Spanish.
Fixed registration bugs.
Extra work done on memory management.

2.2.3 (14 Mar 2011)
Fixed 'managed object model' crash on slower systems.

2.2.2 (13 Mar 2011)
Fixed Calendar Picker window showing in background.
Fixed crash at end of sync due to over releasing.
Improved memory management.

2.2.1 (1 Mar 2011)
Fixed failure to launch in OSX 10.5.
Fixed crash due to unattached window.

Dates to iCal 2 (uk.co.nhoj.datestoical2) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Dates to iCal 2 2.4.3. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Dates to iCal 2 2.3.1.

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.6.0