What's New

What's new in DEVONthink Personal 2.9.5

This maintenance release addresses issues related to macOS Sierra. It works around a multitude of issues introduced by Sierra's overhauled PDF support. In addition the release brings major improvements and fixes for synchronization. Finally, further minor improvements include better notifications, zooming videos to 25 or 50 percent, and the ability to reset previously dismissed alerts.


  • Alerts dismissed with "Don't show again" can be brought back (see Preferences > General).
  • '.ts' (MPEG-2 transport stream) added to list of known video extensions.

Changed for macOS Sierra

  • Preferences > General > Labels > Dots (Mavericks) renamed to Dots (macOS).
  • Renamed 'Mac OS X' to 'macOS' in alerts.
  • Disk image is code-signed and includes an alias to the Applications folder.
  • Templates no longer have custom icons as they break code-signing now.


  • Notifications include thumbnails.
  • Videos can be zoomed to 25 or 50 percent.
  • Time column of the Log panel is now resizable.
  • Tabbing through entry fields in the Info panel activates the creation and modification date fields too.
  • Viewing a pending, not yet available, document doesn't mark it as read.
  • Tools > Verify & Repair is now able to recognize records without a valid UUID; this can fix sync discrepancies.
  • When DEVONthink Personal discovers missing files it now always shows the Log panel.
  • Icon views reload faster in case of large selections.
  • Moving items to external folders is more reliable.
  • The sharing extension uses the correct DEVONthink Personal icon now.
  • Overall reliability.

Improved (Sync)

  • Added new Every minute schedule
  • Add Dropbox Account contextual and action menu items renamed to Add Dropbox Location if there's already a Dropbox location.
  • Local sync stores can't be created in the Documents and Desktop folders on macOS Sierra anymore if these folders are synchronized with iCloud Drive.
  • Up to 13 times faster cleaning of Dropbox and WebDAV sync stores
  • More efficient handling of sync store downloads avoids multiple downloads.
  • Temporary files are removed more often and so less disk space is used.
  • Dropbox uploads no longer require temporary files.
  • More reliable handling of temporary files.
  • More reliable handling of encryption keys
  • More reliable and more efficient handling of database sync status.
  • Pending files don't abort sync store uploads anymore; a warning is logged instead.
  • Interrupted sync store commits are now resumed and don't cause unnecessary downloads anymore.
  • Handling of failed sync store uploads; critical master/manifest files are now always verified.
  • Handling of network errors and of errors of the Dropbox SDK.
  • Handling of errors when zipping document packages.
  • Stricter checking of WebDAV HTTP status codes; might improve reliability in case of unexpected server responses.
  • Validation of file names.
  • Missing files are immediately logged while uploading.
  • Sync is aborted when loading the status fails; this shouldn't happen unless there's a hardware or filesystem defect.
  • Automatic synchronization is performed less often after certain errors and therefore fewer errors are logged.
  • Logging.
  • Overall reliability.


  • Multitude of issues with the PDF sidebar and PDF views in general (macOS Sierra).
  • Issue where Help > Report Bug and Data > Send by Email didn't work if Apple Mail was the default email client (macOS Sierra).
  • Issue where the print panel of PDF documents didn't support page scaling and rotating (macOS Sierra).
  • Issue where the encoding of new formatted notes containing Asian characters was wrong.
  • Issue where saving Markdown notes with Chinese characters from the Sorter didn't work.
  • Issue where the initial size of movie windows could exceed the screen size.
  • Issue where the progress indication didn't always work correctly on Mac OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra.
  • Issue where toolbar items caused unnecessary console messages (macOS Sierra).
  • Crashes related to columns view (macOS Sierra).
  • Crash related to printing a text view (macOS Sierra).

Fixed (Sync)

  • Issue where it was possible to create identical sync locations.
  • Issue where the information in Preferences > Sync whether local databases would be merged or uploaded wasn't always correct.
  • Issue where canceling a sync store download didn't stop the operation completely.
  • Issue where sync store databases that are currently being cleaned were not ignored when listing databases.
  • Issue where migrating the Application Support folder to another computer or account used the former manifest chains.
  • Issue where too short timeouts could occur while opening databases automatically on the remote computer.
  • Issue where generated file names, e.g. automatically named notes, could be too long.
  • Issue where sync store uploads weren't always resumed after quitting the application while uploading.
  • Issue where groups or feeds were not always moved to the desired destination or deleted after interrupted Bonjour transactions.
  • Issue where the garbage collection could cause a threading issue.
  • Issue where the garbage collection was unnecessarily initialized even without uploads.
  • Issue where conflicts of feeds could cause lots of logging due to failed and unnecessary duplication attempts.
  • Crash related to WebDAV transfers.
  • Crash related to Bonjour transfers.


  • Redundant Tab menu items from the Window menu (macOS Sierra).

Known issues on macOS Sierra

  • The PDF sidebar doesn't highlight the selected pages, is quite often completely empty, and doesn't support drag-and-drop due to PDFKit bugs.
  • Flickering while resizing or moving PDF annotations, again due to PDFKit bugs.
  • PDF commands to insert or delete pages are not yet available.

DEVONthink (com.devon-technologies.think) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is DEVONthink 2.9.5. The most popular version of this application used by our users is DEVONthink 1.9.16.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/DEVONthink.app

Minimum OS version: 10.4

Bundle Information: 1.9.16 (c)2001-2008 DEVONtechnologies.