Did you ever wish your Dock could do more or handle more of your apps and files? DockShelf lets you place unlimited docks around your desktop so you never run out of space again for your commonly used files, folders and applications!

We've all seen it and you've probably experienced it yourself - a Dock exploding with files and apps which has been shrunk so small you can barely see what anything is anymore.

DockShelf helps you manage the clutter of the Dock by offering another form of "dock shelf" which you can place around any edge of your screen without any restrictions and has more options for customization.

Features Include:

  • Tabs. When docks are collapsed they can be displayed as labeled tabs so you can recognize them easily as they are positioned around your screen.

  • Workspaces. Group your docks into workspaces which can be toggled via a hot key or auto-toggled depending on which application is currently active.

  • Auto Hiding. Docks can be set to expand only when the mouse is hovered over them and optionally show only a thin margin when collapsed to save screen real estate.

  • Launching. Apps can be launched, quit, hidden and opened at login from DockShelf. You can even browse folders from DockShelf without opening the folder in the Finder.

  • Previews. You can get QuickLook previews on documents by hovering the mouse over an item for a moment.

  • Never In The Way. When apps go into full screen mode DockShelf will automatically hide and to offer more control you can choose which apps DockShelf will not be displayed in from the preferences.

  • What's New
    New features:

  • Stacks which let you drag any item you want into the stack then browse using a popup window.

  • Separators.

  • Smart folders (using Spotlight) which show results in a popup window.

  • Finder item. You can add Finder items from the dock items tab as a shortcut to finding the application in the system library. There are some default AppleScripts (see below) assigned to Finder.

  • Trash item which works just like the trash can in the OS X dock.

  • Device docks show all devices that are mounted (can not be modified).

  • Process docks show all applications that are open (can not be modified).

  • Folder browser is now a popup window with grid/list view options (the menu is still available as an option).

  • Applications can assign AppleScripts which will be displayed when you contextual click on the item (see the manual under Items > Applications).

    Improved features:

  • Dock info window has a new "items" tab which lets you drag items to the dock. All the new items release in 1.1 can be found in this tab.

  • Dock info window fades in and out.

  • Workspace files are backed up.

  • DockShelf (com.alchemistguild.dockshelf) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of

    Operating System: Mac

    Default Install Path: /Applications/

    Minimum OS version: 10.6

    Copyright: The Alchemist Guild LLC