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August 21, 2007
January 17, 2013

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DOT.TUNES HookUP Updates

1.0.0 Build 294
  • Now compatible with iTunes 8
  • Fixed startup hang which affected some users

1.0.0 Build 292
  • Now compatible with iTunes 7.7
  • Fixed issue tracking changing IP Addresses

1.0.0 Build 283
  • HookUP now manages changing dynamic IP Addresses and prevents invitations from becoming stale when your IP Address changes

1.0.0 Build 268
  • Many fixes and optimizations.
  • Fixed Crashing related to opening the Addressbook.
  • Enhanced first user startup.
  • Server list refreshes after a server has been deleted

1.0.0 Build 248
  • Improved Router Automatic Configuration.

1.0.0 Build 246
  • Enhanced the first time user startup process.
  • New error checking while downloading incase remote server quits.

1.0.0 Build 245
  • New Error Messages inform users when Remote iTunes or HookUp applications quit and shares become unavailable.

1.0.0 Build 243
  • Moved Help pages from a Help window within HookUp to the users default web browser while fixing a bug.

1.0.0 Build 242
  • Increased the number of simultaneous connections HookUp can receive
  • Added some additional debugging info

1.0.0 Build 241
  • New Menu option 'Refresh Server List' completely rebuilds the server list and checks each server for availablity
  • New Menu option 'Remove All Servers from iTunes' removes all published shares from iTunes
  • Fixed bug in help system

1.0.0 Build 198
  • New message box asks if you would like to add HookUp toyour StartUp items on first launch

1.0.0 Build 197
  • New Preference Item allows you to set HookUp as a startup item or remove HookUp from startup items

1.0.0 Build 196
  • New non blocky share icon in app toolbar.
  • New button style in main window lower toolbar.
  • HookUp is now automatically added to the users Login Items in System Prefs.

1.0.0 Build 195
  • New application design means that HookUp no longer appears in the dock but appears in the Finder menu near the date/time and volume controls.

1.0.0 Build 194
  • Downloaded files are now added to iTunes into a playlist with the same name as the share which they were downloaded from.

1.0.0 Build 193
  • optimizations when remote iTunes quits

1.0.0 Build 192
  • Small fixes

1.0.0 Build 191
  • Small fix required for the 2 new features from build 190

1.0.0 Build 190
  • New Feature enables HookUp to detect and display all iTunes shares which are running within all user accounts on all computers within your local network.
  • New Feature enables HookUp to detect and display all DAAP shares published by DAAP apps other than iTunes. Files from these servers are also sent to remote connected users and can be downloaded. For example, check out

1.0.0 Build 189
  • Fixed Auto Update from opening behind the startup screen.
  • Changed 'Server List' text to 'Available Shares' on the iTunes Toolbar
  • Optimized ServerRunning window so that a valid share address is displayed in all situations.

1.0.0 Build 188
  • New Invitation Email Feature allows users to send invitations via the server if they don't know their outgoing web server details
  • Fixed Download Glitch which occasionally allowed only multiple files to be downloaded but not single files.
  • Optimized ServerRunning window so it opens instantly when the Share button is clicked - once sharing has started.

1.0.0 Build 187
  • New HookUp Branded Invitation Email

1.0.0 Build 186
  • Edited, more user friendly invite email with graphics
  • More stable connected user list
  • Rollover Help Text on buttons
  • New user / invited user smoother startup experience
  • Downloaded files import with proper name tag instead of index #.

1.0.0 Build 181
  • Removed debug window appearing when downloading tracks.

1.0.0 Build 180
  • NEW feature adds iPhoto sharing support.
  • Fixed glitch in Server list.

1.0.0 Build 150
  • If the connection is lost with the remote server then HookUp drops the connection rather than continually attempting to send data.

1.0.0 Build 149
  • App Auto Updates now implemented.
  • Greater Accuracy in bandwidth send/received window

DOT.TUNES HookUp (com.dottunes.hookup) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is DOT.TUNES HookUp

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Installierte Programme/Audio/DOT.TUNES

Bundle Information: DOT.TUNES HookUp