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August 19, 2012
January 19, 2013

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What's New

Version 2.7.2
• Improved support for in 10.8.
• Fix for crash when setting backup file name template.

Version 2.7.1
+ Mountain Lion (10.8) support.

Version 2.7
+ New Destination check and Server volume mounting code.
+ New Drag and Drop Destination support.
• Fix for issue where a backup may not get copied over to the server volume.
• UI Improvements.

Version 2.6.1
• Fixed bug that could prevent restoring from a backup.
• Improved User Interface.
• Improved Backup Manager.
• New Uninstaller.

Version 2.6
• Improved international support.
• Improved license engine.
• Fix for auto-mounting server volumes forgetting the saved information.
• Fix various minor bugs.

Version 2.5.5
• Fix support for Spanish and Dutch versions of Outlook 2011

Version 2.5.4
• Added Shutdown on Completion option.
• Added Move to Applications folder check.
• Added Uninstaller.
• Added Uninstall option when running a backup if EBP has been removed or relocated.
• Improvement in reliability to removing the configuration.

Version 2.5.3
• Fix for a corrupt Backup Engine included in 2.5.2.

Version 2.5.2
• Fix for backing up the German version Outlook 2011.
• Improvements in the Entourage/Outlook language auto selector.

Version 2.5.1
• Fix for backing up Outlook 2011 when using Dutch version of MacOS X.
• Improved support for handling different languages of MacOS X.
• Fix for incorrect file size being shown when file is smaller than 1GB.

Version 2.5
• Added support for Outlook 2011.
• Fixed issue with Backup Manager not reading correct Email Client from the backup - causing restores to fail.
• Fixed issue with removing/updating a Run Now only configuration.
• Fixed issue with strange characters in destination path addresses.
• Fixed issue with space in username.
• Fixed issue with licensing engine and missing Shared folder.

Version 2.4.7
• Fixes an issue where Address Book may not restore from a backup.
• Backup window is now moveable! You can drag the backup progress window where ever you like.
• Other minor tweaks and fixes

Version 2.4.6
• Fixes an issue that could occur when EBP tries to calculate this of the Apple Mail folder.

Version 2.4.5
• Fixes an issue that could occur when backing up the Apple Address Book.
• Add support to bypass the backup file search when trying to restore. You can now hold shift when opening the restore window, to not have EBP search for backup files.

Version 2.4.4
• Fixed handling of Mail restoration from files made with 2.4.3.
• Fixed a bug with certain user short names.
• Other minor tweaks.

Version 2.4.3
• Added support for Eudora 8.

Version 2.4.2
• Fix for bug in backing up Mail Downloads if the folder is missing or empty.

Version 2.4.1
• Fix for incorrect backup file size in the info window when using Snow Leopard.
• Fix for bug in backing up Mail Downloads.

Version 2.4
• Added support for Thunderbird 3.
• Made Backup Progress window a regular window - not floating above everything else.
• Added Restore button to main window.
• Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.3.3
• Fixed an issue that could cause a restore to fail when using files with date at the start of the filename.

Version 2.3.2
• Fixed an issue that could cause EBP to crash on launch.

Version 2.3.1
• Fixed an issue with restoring from the free version of Email Backup.
• Fixed an issue with the Auto-Mounting system.

Version 2.3
• Added support for Postbox.
• Improvements made to handling the quitting of Mail prior to backup.
• Improved handling of corrupt schedules.

Version 2.2.3
• Migrating all settings over to Squashed Software for future compatibility. Settings will need to be re-saved after installing this version.
• Improvements made to handling the quitting of Mail prior to backup.
• Fixed issue where not setting the number of backups to be kept resulted in keeping no backups.

Version 2.2.2 (Build 209)
• Migrating all settings over to Squashed Software for future compatibility. Settings will need to be re-saved after installing this version.

Version 2.2.2
• Fixed an issue that could stop Entourage from being backed up when set to offline mode.

Version 2.2.1
• Fixed Quiting of email clients prior to restore.

Version 2.2
• Fixed issue that would stop a restore from a backup made using Email Backup (free version).
• Fixed accuracy in display of filesizes in the Backup Manager.
• Fixed issue that could stop Entourage from Quiting prior to backup.
• Improved Quiting of all email clients prior to backup.
• Improved Backup Progress window.
• Improved handling of dates in Backup Manager.
• Added notice not to open email client during backups and restores.

Version 2.1.1
• Added Date first option to filename preferences.
• Added ability to cancel backup through the backup progress window.
• Fix for issue affecting some Apple Mail backup configurations, where Apple Mail would fail to quit.
• Set Quit Mode for Entourage as the default, instead of Offline.
• Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 2.1
• Added support for setting Entourage to Offline mode instead of Quitting (via Preferences).
• Added support for aliased source folders when backing up Entourage, Eudora and Thunderbird.
• Improved code for quitting Apple Mail prior to backup.
• Fixed Eudora Restoration.
• Fixed Backup Keeper for External/Server Volumes.
• Fixed Backup Manager listing incorrect dates for Backups.
• Fixed international support for Entourage vX.

Version 2.0.4
• Added support for Spanish version of Entourage.
• Fixed support for Italian version of Entourage.
• Fixed Backup Manager to correctly list Backup files > 2GB.
• Minor bug fixes.
• Minor cosmetic fixes.

Version 2.0.3
• Restoring 1.x backups now works as expected.
• Updated restore interface.
• Fixed restore for GyazMail.
• Minor interface fixes.
• New code to detect the type of backup file.
• New interface for Trial Dialog box.

Version 2.0.2
• Fix for "Run Now" for trial users.
• New Time Stamp filename format.
• Backup Manager checks destination folder if Spotlight is disabled.

Version 2.0.1
• Fix for "Run Now" for new users (those not upgrading from Version 1.x).
• Improved control over number of backups.

Version 2.0
• Updated Interface.
• New Backup Engine.
• New Backup Manager.
• New Restore Engine.
• Server Volume Automounts.
• Backup in progress visual feedback.
• Advanced Schedule Timing.

Email Backup Pro (com.squashedsoftware.emailbackuppro) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Email Backup Pro 380. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Email Backup Pro 398.

Operating System: Mac