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July 30, 2009
April 17, 2013

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What's New

EuControl 2.7.1


EuControl is an application that runs Artist Control, Artist Mix, Artist Transport, and Artist Color media controllers and communicates with your software applications.  This package installs EuControl and other necessary software.  EuControl supports one Artist Control, one Artist Transport, one Artist Color, and up to four Artist Mixes.


What's New


EuControl 2.7.1 fixes an issue with "Auto Bank to Selected" on systems with only MC Mix surfaces that caused that feature to not function.  This now works as expected.





Before proceeding, we recommend that you download the latest software and documentation from


Be sure to check the Quickstart Guide included with your Artist Series media controller for complete installation instructions. For more detailed information, refer to the User Guide (PDF) included with this installer.  Once you've installed this software, refer to the EUCON Application Setup Guide (PDF), also included with this installer, to get the latest supplementary instructions for using your Artist Series media controller with your software applications.


Release History


Provides support for Mac OS 10.8

Provides support for Windows 8

Support for Apple Mac Book Pro hardware with HiDPI Retina displays.

Mackie Control and HUI now work with Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8

EUCON System Preferences are now stored correctly on Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8

Improved stability with Pro Tools 10.3

Fixed an issue with USB mouse connection when device was disconnected causing loss of mouse control. This also affects KVM support which now functions correctly.



EuControl 2.6.2

Pro Tools 10 support


EuControl 2.6.1

Support for Mac OS 10.7 Lion.

Firmware improving fader noise and travel.

General stability fixes.


EuControl 2.6.0

Cross platform support for Artist Color.

Support for DaVinci Resolve 8, Resolve Lite, and Assimilate Scratch.

Improved fader banking.

General stability fixes.


EuControl 2.5.7

Pro Tools 9 support.

General stability fixes.


EuControl 2.5.6

Pro Tools 9 support.

General stability fixes.


EuControl 2.5.5

Support for new features in Nuendo 5 related to the following areas:  Surround Panner Knob Set, Stereo Panner, Automation Pass & Automation-related functions, Direct Routing, New Wheel Functions, EQ Knob Set, INPUT Knob Set, EUCON Device Setup, Quick Controls Knobset, and VST instrument Control.

Logic 9 stability fixes.

General stability fixes.


EuControl 2.5.4

On MC Color, Shift + CG 1 and PG 1 keys now copy and paste grades to and from Memory bank 5.

On MC Color, Soft Keys now work with any application.

For Pro Tools, the Aux to Faders Soft Key works for all tracks, not just the first eight.

Soft Key assignments have been added for Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects 9.0.

General stability fixes.


EuControl 2.5.3

Support for MC Color.


EuControl 2.5.2

Support for Logic 9.1.

Support for Apple Color 1.5.

Improved stability when using certain foreign languages.

General stability fixes.


EuControl 2.1.0

Support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.

MC Transport shows current jog function on second line of display for certain applications.

MC Transport soft keys light when a key command is assigned to them.

MC Mix FLIP key disabled for Pro Tools only.

Updates to SoundTrackPro, ITunes, Final Cut Pro, and Pro Tools application sets.

Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 is no longer supported.

General stability fixes.


EuControl 2.0.3

General stability fixes.


EuControl 2.0.2

General stability fixes.


EuControl 2.0.1

MC Transport support.  CD release only.

New Wheel Soft Key command for programming Jog Wheel and Shuttle Ring operation.

Surround Panner tab on MC Control.


EuControl 1.3.1

Support for Mac OS X v10.5.7.  


EuControl 1.3

MC Control Touchscreen responsiveness and update speed improvements.  


You must update your firmware for MC Control to see all improvements.  You should also update your MC Mix firmware, as there have been Ethernet networking improvements for both MC Mix and MC Control.   To update firmware, go to the Surfaces tab in EuControl, select your devices in the My Surfaces list, and click the Update Firmware button.  You will be guided through the update process.  Complete instructions are in the MC Control User Guide (PDF) or the MC Mix User Guide (PDF) included with this installer.


EuControl 1.2.5

Support for Cubase 5.

MOTU Digital Performer MIDI fader scale, MIDI panning, transport key LED indicators, and general stability.

EQ knob set in Pro Tools 8 now works correctly.

Blue tint on MC Control touch screen is resolved for users with multiple computer monitors.


EuControl 1.2.4

Restored support for Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger.


EuControl 1.2.3


When launching MOTU Digital Performer, on occasion faders would not move to the correct position.  This has been fixed.


MOTU Digital Performer will now install on all versions of DP 6, including DP 6.01 and later.


Fix for instantaneous spikes in fader values occasionally seen on an MC Mix or MC Control.


Improved MC Mix and MC Control key press response time.


The above two fixes require that you update your firmware for both MC Mix and MC Control.   To update firmware, go to the Surfaces tab in EuControl, select your devices in the My Surfaces list, and click the Update Firmware button.  You will be guided through the update process.  Complete instructions are in the MC Control User Guide (PDF) or the MC Mix User Guide (PDF) included with this installer.



EuControl 1.2.2


MOTU Digital Performer 6 (v6.01 or later) directly supports EUCON, giving you added in-depth control of DP from MC Control and MC Mix.  You no longer need to configure DP to use Mackie Control.  Detailed setup instructions are found in the EUCON Application Setup Guide (PDF), included with this installer.


EuControl remembers which surfaces are in the My Surfaces list.  This helps in facilities where other EuControl users are on your same network, as only surfaces that belong to you are added when EuControl starts.  If this applies to you, go to the Surfaces tab and change the new Automatically add: pop-up button to My Surfaces only.

The default setting is All Surfaces, which is used when you are the only person running EuControl in your home or studio.  It provides a no hassle, plug and play experience, automatically adding your surface(s) so you never have to manually edit the My Surfaces list.


MC Control users can speedily scroll through Pro Tools tracks using the jog wheel.  When controlling Pro Tools, go to the Soft Key tab and assign the EUCON command Left Edit > Nudge to a soft key.   Toggle this soft key on.  Turn to jog wheel to nudge forward and backward through all tracks.


Improvements in knob sensitivity when controlling certain Pro Tools plug-ins.  If using Waves plug-ins with Pro Tools, be sure to select the HUI control surfaces support (low res) checkbox in the Waves Preferences dialog box that comes up when launching Pro Tools.  You can hold the shift key during Pro Tools launch to show this dialog.


In the Insert Special pop-up button found in the the Soft Key Command Editor's Add... Key command, the \, Keypad Enter, Return, and Spacebar keys work correctly.



EuControl 1.2.1

Support for Nuendo 4.2.2 and Cubase 4.5.2.


EuControl 1.2.0

Soft Key tab introduced.

Holding the shift key and touching a fader sets it to unity gain.

Fix for faders no always reaching -INF on rapid fadeouts.

More reductions in fader jitter (oscillation).


EuControl 1.1.1

Random disconnects reduced

Incidence of fader jitter (oscillation) seen on some units reduced.


EuControl 1.1.0

MC Control support

Installer renamed to Install EuControl instead of Install MC Mix

Faster Logic Pro track add and delete


MC Mix 1.0.4

Slow banking operations in Cubase 4.1.2 and Nuendo 4.1.2 fixed


MC Mix 1.0.3

Mac Book Air and Mac Book Pro Multi-Touch trackpad support


MC Mix 1.0.2

Cubase and Nuendo plugin-windows close properly

Fix for EuControl crash when opening certain Logic Pro projects

Access to all tracks in HUI and Mackie Control applications

EuControl icon spins on launch


MC Mix 1.0.1

Support for Cubase 4.1.2 and Nuendo 4.1.2

General preferences additions

Bug Fixes

EuControl (com.euphonix.eucontrol) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is EuControl 88549. The most popular version of this application used by our users is EuControl 71833.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Euphonix/

Bundle Information: EuControl 2.6.2 (78202), (c) 2011 Avid Technology, Inc.

Copyright: Copyright 2011 Avid Technology, Inc.