What's New

Version 1.0.2
Released 8/13/14

  • Updated for OS X Yosemite

Version 1.0.1
Released 7/11/12

  • Evom is now codesigned and fully compatible with OS X Mountain Lion

Version 1.0
Released 6/25/12

  • Fixed an issue that prevented videos from transcoding

Version 0.99m
Released 6/02/11

  • Skipped the "L" release as it could appear as an "I"
  • Fixed issue where if "Folder" output was selected previously, the app would fail to open files.

Version 0.99k
Released 6/02/11

  • Fixed end of beta issue.

Version 0.99i
Released 8/30/10

  • Added ability to pause tasks.
  • Minor user interface changes.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Faster transcodes

Version 0.99h
Released 7/26/10

  • Changed MP4 codec preference default.
  • Fixed problem in PPC architecture build phase.
  • Fixed bug causing version upgrade problems.
  • Fixed filename handling with open file dialog.
  • Fixed bug in generating certain transcoder settings.
  • Updated ffmpeg binary with new and updated codec libraries.

Version 0.99d
Released 6/1/10

  • Fixed registration expiration.

Version 0.99c
Released 2/25/10

  • Fixed in-app feedback form.

Version 0.99b
Released 2/18/10

  • Added Vimeo support.

Version 0.99a
Released 2/10/10

  • Added automatic crash reporting framework.
  • Added in-app feedback window (can be accessed through the Help menu).
  • Other internal fixes.

Version 0.98
Released 12/9/09

  • Added estimated time remaining.
  • Added preference for videos to process at once.
  • Added preference for max threads per video.
  • Added preference for preferred mp4 codec (xvid,h.264).
  • Fixed memory leak in task document.
  • Fixed bug in task step count.
  • Fixed bug in analyzer when video not found.
  • Fixed bug in xvid,h.264 codec usage.

Version 0.97d
Released 12/1/09

  • Extended beta period.

Version 0.97c
Released 11/21/09

  • Changed icon.
  • Fixed document types for drag and drop.
  • Enhanced object model for future video sources.

Version 0.97b
Released 9/22/09

  • Fixed bug with Apple TV support.
  • Added maximum sampling rate for Apple TV.
  • Smoothed progress bar increments.
  • Fixed bug in file analysis.
  • Disabled pass-thru encoding for local files.
  • Fixed bug in stream mapping when targeting MP3.

Version 0.96b
Released 7/29/09

  • Added HTML5 support (OGG & MP4).
  • Added F4V support.
  • Added CPU core detection for better thread management.
  • Reorganized transcoding framework.
  • Added analyzer for input files to better handle bitrates and codec selection.
  • Optimized MP3 support to avoid upscaling bitrates.
  • Fixed bug in aspect adjustment.
  • Many other additions...

Version 0.95b
Released 6/30/09

  • Updated FFmpeg binary; application will automatically offer to install updated components.
  • Changed the interface for adding new videos.
  • Added an audio-only option (helpful for ripping music videos from the web).
  • Updated web downloading code.
  • Many other additions...

Version 0.94b
Released 6/1/09

  • Reduced CPU on table updates.
  • Added a comment for converted videos.
  • Added more robust cleanup logic.
  • Now disables certain textfields when not used or required.
  • Changed iPod output settings.
  • Added a title to the main window.

Version 0.93b
Released 5/30/09

  • Added m4v support.
  • Added a “reveal” icon to the table.
  • No longer forces the user to change their iTunes preferences.
  • Dropping a video on the table brings Evom to the front.
  • Reduced the default width of the main window.
  • Improved embed detection for sites without auto-starting videos.

Version 0.92b
Released 5/27/09

  • Added mkv, ogm support.
  • Added a check for iTunes to ensure it is properly configured to accept videos.
  • Added paste support to the conversion table.
  • Evom now pre-populates the YouTube title field.

Version 0.91b
Released 5/25/09

  • Adjusted window max sizes.
  • Added hide button to the beta registration window.
  • Added a check for YouTube credentials.
  • About window displays correctly.
  • Now downloads video conversion components separately.
  • Added “Evom” item to the “Window” menu.
  • Fixed a minor memory leak.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some conversions to take too long.

Version 0.9b
Released 5/24/09

  • Beta release!

Evom (com.thelittleappfactory.evom) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Evom 1.0.2. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Evom 0.95b.

Operating System: Mac