What's New
LaunchMagic 4.0.1 is now available to download. This update is FREE for registered LaunchMagic 4.x users. The update contains the following changes:

• 4.0.1: Added a keyboard shortcut for canceling the Blaster
• 4.0.1: Added feature to show Welcome window if application is double-clicked while already running
• 4.0.1: Added ability to use up and down arrow keys in Blaster
• 4.0.1: Significantly improved speed of automatically finding applications
• 4.0.1: Significantly improved performance of software while it is running and processing changes
• 4.0.1: Fixed problem where updating an application would sometimes cause a duplicate to appear
• 4.0.1: Fixed problem retrieving unavailable Spotlight file information when Spotlight isn't finished indexing the volume
• 4.0.1: Fixed problem where Blaster could be invoked while Launch Center is already visible
• 4.0.1: Fixed problem keeping the path of an item in the Get Info window updated if the item is moved while its selected
• 4.0.1: Fixed problem detecting when items have been deleted and moved

• 4.0.0: NEW! Added a LaunchMagic menu bar icon for permanent access to application features
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added a much-improved Get Info feature
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added ability to search documents related to an application in sidebar
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added sophisticated-looking selection frame with option to control color
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added a Quick Look Preview feature to preview files in the documents sidebar (shows full path as well)
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added space bar invocation of the Quick Look Preview just like the Finder
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added list view mode to documents in sidebar
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added ability to add documents and folders to the Launchpad in addition to applications
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added ability to launch dock items from the menu bar icon
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added dock selector to Blaster window
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added an Open/Close Launch Center menu item to the LaunchMagic menu in the menu bar
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added Welcome window with Getting Started video
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added support for Lion-style scroll bars
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added a reset database feature for an easy way to reset everything and start over
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added sort button to Launch Center
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added animation to fade in and out Launch Center window when it appears and disappears
• 4.0.0: NEW! Added keyboard shortcut to activate Search field
• 4.0.0: NEW! Improved and streamlined all aspects of the interface
• 4.0.0: NEW! The preferences are now accessed directly in LaunchMagic instead of from System Preferences
• 4.0.0: NEW! The application is now a 64-bit only application and requires Lion (Mac OS 10.7 or higher)

F10 Launch Studio (com.chronos.f10launchstudio) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is F10 Launch Studio 10.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/F10 Launch Studio.app

Minimum OS version: 10.5.0