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New in PrintMusic 2014.5 for Mac

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Release highlights

  • Program-wide Mac modernization. PrintMusic now functions correctly on Mac OS X 10.11.
  • Installer updates. The PrintMusic installer no longer causes a message to be displayed asking if you want to open a file from an unidentified developer.
  • Updated MusicXML export. The MusicXML capabilities included in PrintMusic have been updated to support the latest notation changes.
  • Updated SmartScore X2 Lite. The scanning software included with PrintMusic has been updated to version 10.5.8, offering improvements in recognition of beams, augmentation dots, tuplets, and other musical elements.

Fixed defects

Audio files

  • Exporting a PrintMusic document to audio now creates an accurate audio file, including when the Playback Controls are set to begin playback at a measure other than the first measure of a document.
  • PrintMusic now recognizes audio files with the .aiff extension when loading an audio track.

Audio Units Instruments

  • The "Missing Audio Units" message no longer appears when opening files created in Finale 2010 products or later.
  • All Garritan Instruments for Finale instruments now respond to volume controls in the Mixer.
  • Audio Units bank volume settings are now retained in documents.
  • Quitting PrintMusic with the ARIA Player open no longer causes PrintMusic to crash.
  • Audio Units plug-ins are now removed from the Score Manager and Audio Units Banks & Effects windows when they are removed from your computer's Components folder.

Chord Symbols

  • Roman-equivalent font characters are now displayed correctly in chord symbols.

Combined Accidentals and Rests

  • Combined rests are no longer split when edited with the Note Position tool.
  • You can now reposition rests when the Consolidate Rests Across Layers option is enabled.

Crescendo/decrescendo markings

  • Hairpins can now be edited in measures with a whole rest in a time signature smaller than 4/4.


  • Keyboard shortcuts for Text menu commands now function correctly in the Expression Designer dialog box.
  • You can now use the arrow keys to navigate through the expressions displayed in the Expression Selection dialog box.

File Types and Naming

  • Documents with certain characters (such as ampersand) in the filename can now be opened.
  • You can now use Unicode characters in filenames for exported audio files.
  • File saving speed has been improved.
  • All pages now appear without choosing Update Layout for some pre-2011 documents with optimized staves.
  • "Enigma -200" errors have been replaced with more specific messages for diagnostic purposes.

Global performance improvements

  • A significant effort has been put into improving slow performance throughout PrintMusic.
  • File opening and saving speed has been further improved.
  • Copying and pasting or inserting in some documents is much faster.
  • The efficiency of text rendering, particularly lyrics, has been improved.

Human Playback

  • The techniques for brass instruments in Human Playback Preferences now function correctly.
  • Human Playback correctly interprets altered trills entered as articulations.
  • Keyswitches are now triggered via Human Playback in all layers.
  • Choosing to skip Human Playback processing no longer attempts to close the active document.
  • Glissandi are correctly interpreted by Human Playback on all layers.
  • Human Playback correctly interprets fp dynamic markings.
  • The bottom staff of a two-staff instrument no longer plays back louder than the top staff following a hairpin when Human Playback is turned on.
  • MIDI key velocity information is now played back in all layers.
  • Stop and start values are now interpreted correctly by Human Playback.
  • Human Playback now correctly interprets fp (forte-piano) markings for performance.
  • An issue where Human Playback preferences would not apply to Audio Units plug-ins other than the included Garritan instruments has been corrected.
  • PrintMusic no longer crashes when selecting MIDI/Audio > Reset Panning on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • PrintMusic no longer crashes when standard playback is applied to one staff while swing playback is applied to another staff.
  • Human Playback is now triggered when you first open a document and press Play.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • PrintMusic no longer crashes when you have defined an application shortcut in your System Preferences that already exists in PrintMusic.


  • Lyrics attached to a unison note shared by multiple layers are now displayed correctly when selected.

Measure numbers

  • OPTION-clicking a measure when a different measure is highlighted now correctly displays the measure number on the clicked measure.


  • The Selection tool is no longer unable to select measure in certain rare instances involving tuplets.
  • Inserting or deleting a measure stack on a later page in Page View no longer causes PrintMusic to scroll back to the first page.
  • An issue where editing music with certain tools, especially the Speedy Entry tool, would cut or copy and paste music from one measure to another elsewhere in a document in certain situations involving multiple layers has been corrected.

MIDI Files

  • Tracks in exported MIDI files now retain instrument names when imported into a DAW.
  • Transposition options are disabled when setting a key signature in the Import MIDI File Options dialog box.
  • Key signatures are now retained when opening MIDI files.
  • Opening MIDI files with a small file size no longer causes an "Unexpected End of File" error message.
  • Percussion tracks in imported MIDI files where percussion appears on a channel other than 10 are now correctly placed on channel 10.

Multiple Documents

  • Cascading multiple documents no longer results in small document windows.
  • The Speedy edit frame is properly aligned with the measure when multiple documents are open.


  • Accidentals are correctly displayed after MusicXML export/import for staves using a chromatic transposition.
  • Piano pedal and swing tempo Smart Shapes are now retained in MusicXML.
  • Hidden articulations are now correctly exported via MusicXML.
  • MusicXML import speed has been improved when the Message Bar is displayed.
  • Exported MusicXML files now support linked graphics in JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP format.
  • Backward repeats that jump to non-existent measures no longer cause MusicXML export to fail.
  • Export is now more accurate when the Redisplay key signature if only mode is changing option is deselected in the Document Options – Key Signatures dialog box.
  • Many PrintMusic notation elements that cannot export to MusicXML are now marked with XML processing instructions in the exported MusicXML file.

Note entry

  • An issue where certain MIDI keyboards such as the CME M-Key and Alesis Q series would not enter chords consistently in Speedy Entry and HyperScribe has been corrected.
  • Adding a note with Simple Entry or Speedy Entry before all playback sounds have been loaded no longer causes PrintMusic to crash on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Opening files

  • PrintMusic now displays devices such as flash drives when they are connected on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Page Layout

  • Clicking the Close button properly dismisses the Edit System Margins and Edit Page Margins dialog boxes.

Pickup measures

  • Copying all the music from one staff to another in a document with an empty pickup measure no longer produces offset results.


  • PrintMusic no longer crashes when you press certain keys during playback.
  • Pressing SPACEBAR now starts and stops playback when the Simple Entry tool is selected.
  • Clicking the mouse button to stop playback when the Simple Entry tool is selected no longer enters a note in a staff.
  • Tool-specific menus are no longer displayed when switching back to PrintMusic from another application during playback.
  • You can now return focus to PrintMusic during playback when switching to a different application and then clicking on PrintMusic.
  • Changing the buffer size no longer causes PrintMusic to crash.
  • PrintMusic no longer crashes when connecting or disconnecting headphones.
  • PrintMusic no longer crashes on launch when there is an audio engine error and your computer is set to re-open documents on launch.
  • Pressing the spacebar now pauses playback when the Playback Controls have been closed after beginning playback in a document.
  • The mouse cursor no longer freezes when you press spacebar while in Simple Entry when the Playback Controls are closed.
  • The appearance of the playback cursor has been improved to be more fluid.
  • The audio output device specified in System Preferences no longer overrides PrintMusic's audio output device when playing PrintMusic through Audio Units.
  • MIDI devices are now only displayed in italics in the MIDI/Internal Speaker Setup dialog box if the device is unavailable.


  • The Score System Divider plug-in no longer crashes when set to Current Page Only.
  • Tool-specific menus now function correctly after opening SmartScore Lite.
  • An issue where tabbing between controls in certain PrintMusic plug-ins did not function correctly on OS X 10.10 Yosemite has been corrected.

Printing and PDFs

  • You can now print a PrintMusic document directly from Finder when PrintMusic is not running.
  • Switching back to PrintMusic after choosing a PDF print preview no longer causes PrintMusic to crash.
  • Using a slash character in a part name no longer creates damaged PDF files.

Score Manager

  • PrintMusic no longer crashes when switching between open documents while a numeric field is active in the Score Manager's Instrument List tab.
  • Information in the Instrument List is no longer grayed out on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • A drawing issue when adding instruments on OS X 10.10 Yosemite has been corrected.

Selection tool

  • An issue where switching between the Selection tool and a tool that doesn't use measure selection would sometimes unintentionally copy music has been corrected.

Simple Entry

  • Articulations that appear in the Simple Entry cursor now display correctly when entering them via the "sticky" articulation command.
  • Notes on the opposite stem side in a cluster chord can now be selected.

Smart Shapes

  • PrintMusic no longer crashes when extending a measure-attached Smart Shape to the previous system if that system already contains a Smart Shape.
  • Smart Shape attachment lines are no longer offset when the staff size is not 100%.
  • Beat-attached Smart Shapes that extend through multiple systems now have the same baseline position.

Speedy Entry

  • You can now use the arrow keys for Speedy Entry navigation after switching to another application and returning to PrintMusic.
  • PrintMusic no longer crashes when using Speedy Entry with caps lock.
  • Notes are no longer duplicated when scrolling through a document while the Speedy Entry frame is active.
  • Pressing 0 (zero) on your keyboard now displays the Speedy Entry frame after turning on MIDI Thru.
  • Contents of the previous measure no longer overwrite existing music when selecting the "Move the extra notes to the next measure" option in Speedy Entry.
  • Showing or hiding an accidental no longer requires two keystrokes.
  • Pressing 0 on the numeric keypad now activates the Speedy Entry frame after switching documents.


  • Pressing SHIFT+DELETE to delete staves now functions correctly.

Stem Connections

  • The misalignment of stem connections for upstem quarter notes in certain circumstances has been corrected.


  • The string settings for ukulele tablature have been corrected.

Text and fonts

  • Changing a document's title in the Score Manager's File Info tab and then double-clicking the score with the Text tool no longer causes the title change to be lost.
  • Kerning and tracking performance has been improved.
  • An issue where font styles would not match the displayed font in certain dialog boxes has been corrected.
  • Disabling or enabling fonts in Font Book no longer causes PrintMusic to crash.
  • An issue where the Times font was misidentified as the nonexistent missing font Times Roman has been corrected.

Time signatures

  • A display issue with text in the Time Signature dialog box on OS X 10.10 Yosemite has been corrected.

Tool palettes, menus, windows, and scroll bars

  • PrintMusic no longer crashes when exiting a selection dialog box on OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
  • Tool-specific menus no longer remain onscreen when switching to a different tool.
  • A range of issues involving incorrect display of tool icons and other palette elements on OS X 10.10 Yosemite have been corrected.
  • A black box no longer appears when switching back to a PrintMusic document in full screen mode from another application on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • The vertical scroll bar no longer turns black when resizing a document window on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • The tool palettes are no longer repositioned in certain instances on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

View Options

  • The ruler scales are now correct after you use the Fit Width or Fit in Window zoom commands.
  • Moving to the next or previous page no longer resets the view to the upper left corner.
  • Scrolling while the mouse pointer is over the vertical ruler no longer causes display problems.
  • Tool-specific menus are now displayed for a selected tool after closing and opening documents when your default view is either Scroll or Studio Views.

Finale PrintMusic 2007 (com.makemusic.printmusic) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Finale PrintMusic 2007 2014.5. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Finale PrintMusic 2007 15.0.r1.

Operating System: Mac

Bundle Identifier: Finale PrintMusic 2014.5 (com.makemusic.PrintMusic)

Copyright: 2014.5.24, Copyright (c) 1987 2015 MakeMusic Inc.