What's New

Changes for 2.1.5

Maintenance release

Improvement: Notifications for new SMS text show only if the message is in the inbox
Improvement: It is possible to start a backup manually
Improvement: Tooltips for Connection Center

Bug fix: Wrong clicking behaviour after switching messageboxes
Bug fix: SMS text with multiple lines now shows all lines
Bug fix: Tasks with notifications created problems (empty events) with Motorolas
Bug fix: When changing an alarm on the cell pone, it doubled in FoneLink.
Bug fix: When changing a recurrent on the cell pone, it doubled in FoneLink.
Bug fix: No empty SMS text notifications anymore
Bug fix: SMS text that are deleted by user were not deleted on device
Bug fix: History devices became an active device when the history was opened once.

Else: Numerous small bug fixes and improvements

Changes for 2.1.4

Support for Nokia: N85, N79

Support for Sony Ericsson: TM506

Support for Samsung: i8510 INNOV8, SGH-D780, SGH-F110, SGH-F480, SGH-G400, SGH-G810, SGH-J630, SGH-Z170

Bug fixes and improvements:
Fixed a bug which lead to double entries
Fixed a bug where text messages were not sorted by date
Fixed a bug for the sync protocol of new cell phones from Sony Ericsson
Fixed a bug where changes in the notes on the cell phone were not updated on the Mac
Fixed a bug where deleted items were not identified as deleted when synced with the cell phone

Changes for 2.1.3

Support for Nokia: 5320 XpressMusic, E66, E71

Support for Sony Ericsson: G700, W712a, W715a, C702, C702c, C902, C902c, G502, G502c, K530c, K550im, K610im, K818i, K858i/c, T658i, W580im, W760c, W888i, W908c, Z710a, Z715i, Z750a, Z755i, Z780i

Changes for 2.1.2

Fixed sending SMS to numbers with special characters included.

Fixed device recognition for Nokia handsets.

Changes for 2.1.1

Support for Nokia: 5320 XpressMusic, E66, E71

Support for Samsung: SGH-F490, SGH-U900

Support for Sony Ericsson: G700

Fixed a bug where the menubar icon could not be deactivated

Changes for 2.1

Added a menu icon to quick-create and send a text message and to quick-sync your cell phone.

A bug has been fixed which prevented to sync more than one iTunes playlist.

A bug has been fixed which prevented the use of an archive with Samsung phones in some cases.

Improved synchronization of events.

Changes for 2.0.2

The new version improves working with Samsung cell phones.

A bug has been fixed which prevented some files in Time Tunnel to show up

We now display the time stamp for sent text messages correctly.

Some other fixes for minor bugs.

Changes for 2.0.1

A bug has been fixed which displayed all SMS text messages as unread.

Changes for 2.0

Improved speed: FoneLink 2.0 now supports asynchronous communciation. This allows FoneLink to work parallel on most tasks and thus FoneLink is much snappier than before.

New Action Master: This litte activation window displays the active and waiting tasks like files to be copied or SMS text messages to be sent.

Improved GUI: We cleaned up the GUI of FoneLink, added a battery status indicator and improved the look and feel of the program.

New engine: Under the hood, FoneLink works with a complete rewritten engine which offers speed as well as stability improvements.

Improved manual: We have rewritten the manual in german, english and french. But please feel free to send us your comments or correction to info@novamedia.de if you like.

And more: Hundreds of small improvements, too numerous to display.


New cell phones supported: FoneLink 2.0 supports 37 additional cell phones from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.


2600 classic, 3120 classic, 3555, 6124 classic, 6210 Navigator, 6220 classic, 6263, 6301, 7070 Prism, N78, N82, N96

SGH-A737, SGH-D840, SGH-E900, SGH-F300, SGH-G800, SGH-i550, SGH-i560, SGH-L760, SGH-P310, SGH-U700, SGH-X830, SGH-Z150, SGH-Z400, SGH-Z720

Sony Ericsson:
W350i, W380i, W890i, W980i, Z555i, Z770i

Changes for 1.5.6

Improved launching the NovaMediaBrowser

Changes for 1.5.5

New cell phones supported:

Motorola KRZR K1

Nokia 3500 classic
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic
Nokia 7900 Prism
Nokia E51
Nokia N81
Nokia N82
Nokia N95 8GB

SE T650
SE V640i

Changes for 1.5.4

Solved small problem on receiving large contact data.

Changes for 1.5.3

Fixed a bug where organizer items removed from a group simply disappeared from the list but not from the device.

Solved trouble with USB-Device pairing.

New and much improved preference dialog.

Changes for 1.5.2

Solved a problem with one direction sync of some phones.

Changes for syncing with Nokia cell phones

SyncManager added

FoneLink can now synchronize contacts, dates, notes and bookmarks between your cell phone and your Macintosh computer.

New phones supported

FoneLink adds support for the Nokia phones 3500 Classic, 7900, E51, N82 and N95 8 gigabyte.

FoneLink (de.novamedia.fonelink) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is FoneLink 2.1.5.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/FoneLink/FoneLink.app

Minimum OS version: 10.4.9

Bundle Information: FoneLink 2.1.5, (c)2007-2008 nova media MDS GmbH. All rights reserved.