What's New

Release 1.3.0

Happy new year! The big task of adding help to all building blocks is now completed, more than 120 pages with illustrations have been written.

Just hit F1 and the help viewer opens with details about the building block. It shows how the block can be connected with other building blocks and it explains what each of the parameters does. Best of all it shows variations of sample output, making it possible for one to scan through the documentation and look for interesting building blocks to toy with. I (the programmer) reckon that the learning curve has been steep so far, but I think this is a step in the right direction. I'm open to ideas.

Improvements since last major release (1.2.0) are 120 help pages, 2 new building blocks, extended several blocks with new features, tweaks for Snow Leopard and some minor changes.

  • Documented all building blocks, +120 pages of text!
  • F1 now opens help for the selected block.
  • Added a "Help" menu item to the canvas area, that opens help per block.
  • Extended the Mix block with a "Screen" compositing mode for the alpha channel.
  • Extended the Heal block with a heal-x mode and a heal-y mode.
  • Added a "Cube" block for mapping textures on a 3d cube.
  • Added a "Variant" parameter to the Box block.
  • Added a "Skip" parameter to the Sharp block.
  • Added a "tiling" tag to the "Chaos" block and the "City" block.
  • Edward Reznichenko reported that the Hidden Admin menu was too easy totrigger during launch of the program, you had to hold down just the CMD key.To make it more difficult, you now have to hold down all modifier keys whenlaunching the program.
  • Snow Leopard fixes. Mostly device vs. calibrated color issues.
  • Added a "Shear" block for doing shear matrix transformations.
  • Extended the "Extract" block with CMYK support.
  • Added a "Crystal2.box1" project to "Sample Pack - Texture".
  • The "Mask" block is now obsolete, "Blendmap" is much more powerful.
  • Added a "Cubes1.box1" project to "Sample Pack - Web".
  • Added a "crt_screen.box1" project to "Sample Pack - Web".
  • Fixed crash bug in "Slice" block.
  • Removed unnecessary output to the log.
  • Added images to all building block help pages.
  • Bugfixes.

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