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January 20, 2011
January 18, 2013

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What's New

2011-02-08 Release 1.0.5_263

This version streamlines Software updates between Hitachi Backup and LifeStudio and also provides minor bug fixes

Backup 1.0.5_58

2010-12-07 Release 1.0.5_260

Use production google analytics account.

2010-9-15 Release 1.0.4_239

myl-641: POLISH – translation issues
myl-737: POLISH – MyLife documents sub-channel translation bug
myl-712: Show localized videos from Home and Help in LifeStudio
Backup 1.0.3_39

MYL-723: CJK – Eula does not display in the installer on MAC

2010-8-26 Release 1.0.3_234

MYL-723: CJK – Eula does not display in the installer on MAC
Backup 1.0.3_38

2010-8-25 Release 1.0.3_233

myl-718: CJK – photos, videos, documents cannot be viewed if clicked on the months node

2010-8-24 Release 1.0.3_232

Backup 1.0.3_37

2010-8-24 Release 1.0.3_231

Updated translations for ‘News’, which previously appeared in English in the home screen for a number of languages.
Several language fixes on preferences dialog box.

2010-8-24 Release 1.0.3_230


2010-8-20 Release 1.0.3_229

Localization fixes.

2010-8-18 Release 1.0.2_228

Same as 227. This is to test software upgrade.

2010-8-18 Release 1.0.2_227

Handle Hitachi Backup more gracefully.

2010-8-15 Release 1.0.2_226

Same as 225. This is to test software upgrade that performs shutting down LSBackground process.

2010-8-15 Release 1.0.2_225

Properly shutdown backup background process when performing software upgrade.
Fixed issue with preinstallation script not picking up correct plist file.

2010-8-14 Release 1.0.2_224

Fixed issue with branding user account when it doens’t have brand but the hdd has.
Fixed issue with auto discovery of new mount drives.
MYL-623: Show a new graphic if Key is IN but cannot be recognized by LifeStudio
MYL-705: Once Key turns to Yellow state, it stays in the yellow state

2010-8-05 Release 1.0.2_223

Fixed appcast issue where it was pointing to www instead of cdn.

2010-8-05 Release 1.0.2_222

Fixed Facebook authentication issue.
Removed software verification check.
Fixed preference panel.

2010-7-31 Release 1.0.2_221

Fixed boolean key for software verification.
Show a new graphic if Key is IN but cannot be recognized by LifeStudio.
Change text and icon for Key when Red or Yellow.

2010-7-29 Release 1.0.2_220

backup 1.0.2_35
disable picasa commenting
fixed checking vid/pid usb mount
fixed rebranding for non-branded user

2010-7-28 Release 1.0.2_219


2010-7-27 Release 1.0.2_218

Added restriction when installing new app. Need to have Hitachi HDD presence.
Updated to 1.0.2
Showed key pref even when the key is not presence.

2010-7-22 Release 1.0.1_217

Fixed IT and NL home not showing issue.

2010-7-21 Release 1.0.1_216

Updated Artists and Albums translations.

2010-7-21 Release 1.0.1_215

More fixes to home screen translation issues.

2010-7-19 Release 1.0.1_214

fixed home screen translation issues.

2010-7-19 Release 1.0.1_213

fixed issue with Preference tab not opening on first launch.

2010-7-19 Release 1.0.1_212

backup 1.0.1_34

2010-7-18 Release 1.0.1_211

fixed safari open new browser issue.
updated localization strings.
fixed link out issue in Cooliris Featured photos channel.

2010-7-13 Release 1.0.1_210

backup 1.0.1_33
changed My Key to MyKey

2010-7-13 Release 1.0.1_209

added eula in Polish.
myl-515: Numbering on Video thumbnails need to be updated

2010-7-13 Release 1.0.1_208

updated home screen languages.
added eula in 12 languages. Missing Polish and Greek.

2010-7-9 Release 1.0.1_207

new german translations for home page
let CI auto-detect locale

2010-7-8 Release 1.0.1_206

support more languages for preference page.
mapped korean to right language code.
removed language detection routine in js. It’s automatically resolved by cooliris.

2010-7-6 Release 1.0.0_205

Check for update is now pointing to

2010-7-5 Release 1.0.0_204

Fixed localization issue with preferences popup

2010-7-5 Release 1.0.0_203

Supports NL, KO, PL, PT, and RU

2010-7-2 Release 1.0.0_202

Supports FR, DE, JP, IT, CN simplified, CN trad, ES
Cooliris homepage supports locale
Cooliris locale integration.

2010-6-28 Release 1.0.0_201

Fixed localization bugs.
updated HTML files that should fix the script errors in Pref page.

2010-6-26 Release 1.0.0_200

Supports FR, DE, JP, IT.
Fixed issues with flickr commenting.

2010-6-21 Release 1.0.0_199

CI-127: Page not found appears when trying to Share on Myspace

2010-6-13 Release 1.0.0_198

Updated content.xml and content_plus.xml. These files were used to fix flash issue in Win. Apparently, they are also needed for Mac.

2010-6-11 Release 1.0.0_197

Same as Release 1.0.0_196. Increase version # for upgrade testing purpose.

2010-6-10 Release 1.0.0_196

CoolIris release-

2010-6-9 Release 1.0.0_195

CoolIris release-
myl-508: open in file browser does not work for photos, videos, documents
myl-475: Add Home channel along with links to various aspects of software

2010-6-8 Release 1.0.0_194

CoolIris release- + Hitachi Backup
Based on Release 1.0.0_187

2010-6-7 Release 1.0.0_193

Fixed Hitachi Backup issue with 10.5.8 file differences.

2010-6-7 Release 1.0.0_192

CoolIris release- w/ fixes to home links and ls/ls+ supports.

2010-6-7 Release 1.0.0_191

CoolIris release-

2010-6-5 Release 1.0.0_190

with Hitachi Backup
Based on Release 1.0.0_187 which means NO CoolIris release-

2010-6-4 Release 1.0.0_189

with CoolIris release-

2010-6-3 Release 1.0.0_187

myl-474: Add “Learn More” link to the installer
check for IE 6.

2010-6-3 Release 1.0.0_186

Fixed rakefile build issue.

2010-6-3 Release 1.0.0_185

myl-426: MYL app should not hard-code Key VolumeID as “MYKEY”
myl-454: EULA content is unfinished – link reminders

2010-6-2 Release 1.0.0_184

myl-430: Simplify Sync settings

2010-6-1 Release 1.0.0_183

myl-479: When publishing to a MySocial site, provide confirmation of upload with location
myl-440: Titles not appearing on 10.5.8 systems only.
myl-484: LS crashes when MyLife search is used

2010-6-1 Release 1.0.0_182

Modified requirement for LifeStudio installation (indicate Backup is required)
Added Submit button in to the Facebook comments text box.

2010-5-31 Release 1.0.0_181

Fixed issue with missing Documents node

2010-5-25 Release 1.0.0_180

Hitachi Backup

2010-5-24 Release 1.0.0_179

Fixed video player url.

2010-5-21 Release 1.0.0_178


2010-5-19 Release 1.0.0_177

fixed issue with Facebook upload of large photos.
fixed issue with detecting mobile hub and desktop hub.
fixed issue with video loader.

2010-5-18 Release 1.0.0_176

Backup 1.0.0

2010-5-18 Release 1.0.0_175

Automatically go to help feed and play first movie when app is launched for first time.
Fixed eula text encoding issue.
Fixed facebook/picasa/flickr comment widget.

2010-5-18 Release 1.0.0_174

Removed linkout from music channel
Removed video from local server

2010-5-17 Release 1.0.0_173

Added EULA.
Fixed link-out issue.

2010-5-17 Release 1.0.0_171

IMPORTANT: Don’t use 170. Use this one instead. It fixed many encoding issues.

2010-5-14 Release 1.0.0_170


2010-5-14 Release 1.0.0_169

Backup 0.2.7

2010-5-14 Release 1.0.0_168

myl-377: Include opensource Readme file in the build/install
myl-374: Re-point Help Videos to LS production web server
myl-379: Desktop shortcuts missing on Mac
myl-311: Cleaning up the title bar

2010-5-13 Release 1.0.0_167

Backup 0.2.6
Dismiss fullscreen when there’s mysocial upload requests.

2010-5-12 Release 1.0.0_166

Backup 0.2.5
Made saving of sync preference setting a single http post.

2010-5-11 Release 1.0.0_164

Made lifestudio/lifestudio+ detection to be persistent
Fixed issue with Picasa captions not showing

2010-5-11 Release 1.0.0_163

Make MyLife-Music to be the same as MyLife-Music-Album
Force exit of fullscreen whenever dialog boxes display.

2010-5-8 Release 1.0.0_162

Host video assets locally.

2010-5-7 Release 1.0.0_161

Backup 0.2.4.
Using locally hosted xslt.
Fixed CJK issue.

2010-5-7 Release 1.0.0_160

Backup 0.2.3. Build 159 failed.

2010-5-7 Release 1.0.0_159

Backup 0.2.3

2010-5-6 Release 1.0.0_158


2010-5-6 Release 0.1.155

Backup 0.2.2
New vid/pid for both mobile and desk LS

2010-5-5 Release 0.1.154

Made backup to be part of upload process

2010-5-5 Release 0.1.153

Same as 0.1.151. It’s a test build.

2010-5-5 Release 0.1.152

Same as 0.1.151. It’s a test build.

2010-5-5 Release 0.1.151


2010-5-4 Release 0.1.150

Backup 0.2.1

2010-5-4 Release 0.1.149

Backup 0.2.0: added missing icon.
fixed issue with sync url requests with timestamped

2010-5-4 Release 0.1.147

Backup 0.2.0

2010-5-3 Release 0.1.146

Fixed welcome screen swf.
Fixed searching issues with quote.
Enhanced search performance with optimized nspredicate.

2010-4-30 Release 0.1.145

Added swf for welcome screen.

2010-4-30 Release 0.1.144

Changed MyLife→Folders to MyLife→Custom Folders

2010-4-29 Release 0.1.143

Fix crash when opening preferences caused by addition of MySocial Introduction node.
Fix photo uploads from Folder nodes.

2010-4-28 Release 0.1.142

Specify feed title using , but still not showing for some reason.
Add Introduction node under MySocial.

2010-4-27 Release 0.1.140

Fix too_many_results_requested errors on big Picasa albums by configuring GData service to not follow next links.

2010-4-27 Release 0.1.139

Backup 0.1.8
New sync header files.

2010-4-27 Release 0.1.138

Fix crash when searching MyLife.

2010-4-25 Release 0.1.137

Fix icon for music files in custom folders and search results.

2010-4-25 Release 0.1.136

Minor feed paging fixes.

2010-4-25 Release 0.1.135

Implement feed paging for MyLife nodes (50 items per page) to improve performance.

2010-4-24 Release 0.1.134

Add back welcome window.

2010-4-23 Release 0.1.133

Fixed sync setting issue.
Port is now 53912.

2010-4-23 Release 0.1.132

Backup 0.1.7

2010-4-23 Release 0.1.131

Show key status overlay only if LifeStudio+ hub is detected at app launch.

2010-4-22 Release 0.1.130

Optimize Facebook friends loading by prefetching, and also only refetching if the number of friends has changed.

2010-4-20 Release 0.1.129

Fix broken file upload to social channels.

2010-4-18 Release 0.1.128

Fix problems related to MyKey node sometimes not showing.
Photos/Videos/Documents node shows 100 most recent items.
Change installer name to where NNN is version number.

2010-4-17 Release 0.1.127

Update to new Facebook API key.
Fix Facebook login not working the 2nd time after clicking Cancel button.

2010-4-16 Release 0.1.126

Fix for folder rename causing broken thumbnails problem.

2010-4-16 Release 0.1.125

Fixed minor issue with key status.

2010-4-16 Release 0.1.124

Change title of Cooliris preferences
Hitachi Backup 0.1.6
Fixed key sync status indicator issues.

2010-4-14 Release 0.1.123

Make Photos/Videos/Documents nodes show contained items.

2010-4-13 Release 0.1.122

Upload Picasa photos to “LifeStudio Photos” album.
Update Cooliris to

2010-4-13 Release 0.1.121

1. remove the splash screen.
2. Fixed: Life Studio should be without space in installer.
3. Fixed: Upload photo from mylife to FB shows “Life Studio Photos” – need to remove space
4. Fixed: delete FB album while LS is opened still shows album in MySocial.

2010-4-12 Release 0.1.120

backup 0.1.5(3)
point update to

2010-4-9 Release 0.1.119

added error detection in sync.
grayed out sync pref when key is not presence.
updates to new sync interface.

2010-4-9 Release 0.1.117

Backup 0.1.4

2010-4-7 Release 0.1.116

New installer background image.
New app icon.
Suppress launching of backup after install.

2010-4-6 Release 0.1.115

Fix sync delet issue.
Fixed pref register page.

2010-4-5 Release 0.1.114

Fix MyKey node not showing newly created sync folders.
Show error dialog when trying to upload a photo to Facebook/Flickr/Picasa while not logged in.

2010-4-3 Release 0.1.113

Show welcome screen checkbox now defaults to off.
Show error message on Picasa authentication error.

2010-4-2 Release 0.1.112

Wait 5 seconds after app launch before loading key status overlay.
Custom Installer background image.
New Flickr API key.

2010-3-31 Release 0.1.111

New facebook xlst.
Fixed backup app launcher.

2010-3-31 Release 0.1.109

New backup. Hitachi Backup 22.

2010-3-30 Release 0.1.108

Fix empty Facebook album when albumId contains underscore character, fixed by quoting the FQL query.
Update Installer scripts for Backup app.

2010-3-29 Release 0.1.107

Fixed My Social to MySocial, My Life to MyLife issues that caused fb album to stop working.
Use new xlst for facebook.
Backup 0.1.2 (22)
Fixed sync persistency issue

2010-3-29 Release 0.1.106

Fix upload photo to facebook if file name contains space character.
Add sync folders subnodes under MyKey node.

2010-3-27 Release 0.1.105

- Fix opening document with local app not working if file name contains space characters.
- Fix crash when logging out of Facebook and logging back in.
- Documents node gets year/months subnodes.

2010-3-26 Release 0.1.102

Installer preupgrade/postflight scripts for Backup app.
Cleanup overlay window code.

2010-3-25 Release 0.1.101

- fixed wrong pref screen size

2010-3-25 Release 0.1.100

- updated new pref screen
- fixed facebook comment

2010-3-24 Release 0.1.99

- Fix issues with overlay view.
- No longer uses itemIndex at the end of link URLs.(Facebook comment is broken because flex component is not encoding link URL parameter for get_facebook_comment action).

2010-3-24 Release 0.1.98

Fix missing Facebook captions in My Photos node.

2010-3-24 Release 0.1.97

Don’t encode space innodes.
Remove Facebook goto links workaround now that Cooliris properly encodes URLs.

2010-3-24 Release 0.1.96

Update facebook library to latest version.
Fix relaunching to last opened channel if it is MyLife or MySocial.

2010-3-22 Release 0.1.95

Dynamic server port support, write lifestudio.xml to Cooliris directory.
To activate dynamic port, delete ServerPort from Info.plist.
Also includes latest Cooliris build 34593.

2010-3-22 Release 0.1.94
IMPORTANT software update won’t work because of app rename, please reinstall using Installer.

- show picasa comments button if if the photo has no comments.
- change application name to “Hitachi LifeStudio”.
- hook up Help menu to Cooliris help page.

2010-3-20 Release 0.1.93

Support new MyLife search scheme.

2010-3-19 Release 0.1.92

Add back help menu, WebKit not happy if it’s not there.

2010-3-19 Release 0.1.91

Quit app when main window is closed.
Fix Folder channel when path contains spaces.
Launch Life Studio when Installer finished.
Remove Help menu.

2010-3-19 Release 0.1.90

fixed crash in sync pref when no folder was selected and save was clicked.
hitachi backup build 178.
new app icon.
new sync pref.
bug fixes.

2010-3-18 Release 0.1.89

2010-3-17 Release 0.1.88

Use new xslt files in
Fix handling of Facebook profile albums that has no name property set.

2010-3-17 Release 0.1.87

Changed vid/pid. Hardcoded sync destination path. Hardcoded key volume path.

2010-3-16 Release 0.1.86

Change to new branding scheme.

2010-3-16 Release 0.1.85

2010-3-14 Release 0.1.84

Don’t show MyKey node if brand id does not match.
Improve behavior of social channels when there is no internet connection.
Fix occasional facebook crash due to request delegate already deallocated.

2010-3-12 Release 0.1.83

Branding for v1.0 cases.

2010-3-11 Release 0.1.82

Fix keyboard events not working.
Add loggedIn=true/false to settings XML for social channels.

2010-3-10 Release 0.1.81

Fix goto action for local files.
Implement backup_app action for launching Hitachi Backup application from Backup button.
Also fix issue with publishing new release not having up to date server files.

2010-3-10 Release 0.1.79

Fix some issues with preferences dialog. ws calls kept failing.
UI updates on pref dialog and keystatus dialog.

2010-3-8 Release 0.1.78

Fix photos was not deduped.
Set minimum main window size to 1024×768.

2010-3-7 Release 0.1.77

Initial implementation of branding.
Fix missing thumbnails for file types that is not supported by quicklook.

2010-3-5 Release 0.1.76

Settings window.

2010-3-5 Release 0.1.75

Add MyKey node.

2010-3-3 Release 0.1.73

Add confirmation dialog before uploading photos.
Fix key status overlay sometimes need to be clicked twice to work.
Change documents sorting to newest first.

2010-3-3 Release 0.1.72

Updated swf for key_status.

2010-3-2 Release 0.1.71

Fix overlay swf not receiving mouse click events.
Rename Movies node to Videos.

2010-2-28 Release 0.1.70

Implement /sync/status, order of returned values: volume path, volume size, free size, sync status, last error, bytesCurrent, bytesTotal, selectedFiles, selectedSize, pendingFiles, pendingSize.
Also, experimental web service for choosing folder at /launch?action=choose_folder.

2010-2-26 Release 0.1.69

Fix bug where sync won’t start if job xml file did not exist when app launched.
Change to use new Flickr API key.
Read vid & pid from Info.plist.

2010-2-23 Release 0.1.68

New overlay.html.

2010-2-22 Release 0.1.67

New overlay size and position.
Enable new Cooliris offline mode.

2010-2-19 Release 0.1.66

Picasa comment working.

2010-2-17 Release 0.1.65

New overlay.html and flickr/picasa comment swf.

2010-2-14 Release 0.1.64

Overlay view.

2010-2-12 Release 0.1.63

Convert to use new settings XML format.
Implement Folder nodes.

2010-2-10 Release 0.1.62

Welcome screen.

2010-2-9 Release 0.1.61

Support localization.
Remove experimental Downloads folder node.

2010-2-8 Release 0.1.60

Implement Folder node.
Add Downloads folder node to MyLife for testing.

2010-2-8 Release 0.1.59

Fix Facebook friend albums by working around Cooliris not escaping URL parameters.

2010-2-7 Release 0.1.58

Process Spotlight updates for year/month channels in background thread to avoid frequent beachballing.

2010-2-7 Release 0.1.57

Fix month channels off by one.
Add Photos/Movies “Older” channels.

2010-2-6 Release 0.1.56

Rework year/month channels because Leopard does not like too many simultaneous spotlight searches.
Now use one search per year instead of one per month.
Music channel on Leopard should work now.

2010-2-3 Release 0.1.55

Fix facebook comment by working around Cooliris URL encoding bug.
Add support for action=add_facebook_comment&link=a&comment=b.

2010-2-1 Release 0.1.54

Disable Java in WebView.

2010-1-31 Release 0.1.53

Fix broken music playlists.
Support goto action for linkout, works with Facebook photos, albums and friends.

2010-1-29 Release 0.1.52

Support logging out of Facebook, Flickr and Picasa.
URL is launch?action=facebook_logout, flickr_logout, picasa_logout.

2010-1-29 Release 0.1.51

Implement Facebook/Flickr/Picasa album list refreshing.
Hookup settings button.

2010-1-26 Release 0.1.50

Support Flickr and Picasa photo upload by drag+drop.
Support uploading multiple photos by drag+drop.
Support enabling/disabling of Facebook, Flickr and Picasa nodes.

2010-1-25 Release 0.1a49

Support settings read/write at http://localhost:23456/settings.
Remember last channel URL at app quit and load it on next app launch.
Change thumbnail file format from TIFF to PNG.
Disable Twitter.

2010-1-24 Release 0.1a48

Fix broken Music/Movies channels.
Remember app window size/position.

2010-1-24 Release 0.1a47

Return album artworks asin playlist XML.

2010-1-24 Release 0.1a46

Limit channel contents to 10,000 items to avoid Cooliris crash.

2010-1-24 Release 0.1a45

Support Flickr photostream and Flickr comments.
action=flickr_comment shows comment window,
action=get_flickr_comment returns comment XML.

2010-1-22 Release 0.1a44

Serve music files to flash player.
URL is http://localhost:23456/song/{index}

2010-1-21 Release 0.1a43

Picasa authentication and album nodes.

2010-1-20 Release 0.1a42

Add play button to Music nodes.

2010-1-20 Release 0.1a41

Implement playlist XSPF for music nodes.
launch?action=playlist&link= makes flash window appear.
launch?action=get_playlist&link= returns playlist XSPF.

2010-1-19 Release 0.1a40

Fix broken Facebook comments.

2010-1-19 Release 0.1a39

Fix broken music channels.
Sort music channel contents by name.

2010-1-17 Release 0.1a38

Fix crash when clicking My Life right after app launch.
Implement folder exclusion list.

2010-1-15 Release 0.1a37

Initial implementation of MyLife search.
Sort spotlight results chronologically.

2010-1-15 Release 0.1a36

Initial implementation of Documents channel.
Fix launch actions not working when path contains a space character.

2010-1-12 Release 0.1a35

Fix Facebook upload.
Flickr upload working.

2010-1-12 Release 0.1a34

Fix various crashes.

2010-1-10 Release 0.1a33

Can show a Facebook friend’s album content when selecting from his album list.

2010-1-10 Release 0.1a32

Show Facebook friend’s albums.
Facebook photo comments working.
Add small profile pic to comment FQL.

2010-1-8 Release 0.1a31

Facebook comments flash popup integration, work in progress.

2010-1-8 Release 0.1a30

Movie playback from launch action button.
Embed layout in URL fragment for proper page reload.

2010-1-7 Release 0.1a29

Facebook photo upload from MyLife nodes.

2010-1-7 Release 0.1a28

Serve crossdomain.xml file.

2010-1-6 Release 0.1a27

Retrieve username from Facebook photo comments using FQL multiquery.

2010-1-5 Release 0.1a26

Rename app back to Life Studio.

2010-1-4 Release 0.1a25

Retrieve facebook photo comment in response to button action.
Select Home node on launch instead of MyLife node to workaround a crash.

2010-1-2 Release 0.1a24

Metadata icons now appears.
Make channel hierarchy multi-thread safe.

2010-1-2 Release 0.1a23

Rework Facebook and Flickr authentication flow.

2009-12-25 Release 0.1a22

Add Flickr channels.

2009-12-25 Release 0.1a21

Year channels now show contents of contained months.

2009-12-22 Release 0.1a20

Specify feed action in layouts.

2009-12-19 Release 0.1a19

Fix wrong album art caused by non-unique thumbnail URL.
Dump layout XML to console.

2009-12-18 Release 0.1a18

Fix sidebar selection highlighting.

2009-12-17 Release 0.1a17

Improved Cooliris sidebar integration.

2009-12-15 Release 0.1a16

Start to integrate with Cooliris sidebar.

2009-12-13 Release 0.1a15

Upload to specific Facebook album.
Fix crash on initial Facebook login.

2009-12-12 Release 0.1a14

Add Facebook photos and friends channels.

2009-12-11 Release 0.1a12

Fix missing album artwork.

2009-12-10 Release 0.1a11

Add music channels (Albums and Artists).

2009-12-05 Release 0.1a10

Fixes for channel list auto updating when external volumes appear/disappear.

2009-12-03 Release 0.1a9

Show month names instead of number, in correct sorted order.

2009-12-02 Release 0.1a8

Move HTTP server to app, no longer using rails.

2009-11-14 Release 0.1a7

Rough initial implementation of folder syncing.

2009-11-14 Release 0.1a6

Organize photos and movies by year/month.
Hide empty months and refresh automatically when external disks appears/disappears.

2009-11-14 Release 0.1a5

Add duplicate detection (based on file name, size, mod date).
Can be enabled from Preferences window.

2009-11-08 Release 0.1a4

Move Facebook login to app, share session key and secret with server.
Support photo upload to Facebook by dragging a photo file to the app window.

2009-11-05 Release 0.1a3

Properly wait for server to finish launching, by checking for the appearance of it
s log file.

2009-11-03 Release 0.1a2

Update application icon.

2009-11-03 Release 0.1a1

Initial release

Yay! First release.

Hitachi LifeStudio ( is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Hitachi LifeStudio 263. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Hitachi LifeStudio 196.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Hitachi

Minimum OS version: 10.5