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HoudahSpot 3.9.10

Bug fix: Crash on launch
Fixes a bug where HoudahSpot fails to launch

HoudahSpot 3.9.9

New: HoudahSpot 4.0
When run on OS X Yosemite, HoudahSpot 3.9.9 will offer the option to download HoudahSpot 4.0

Bug fix: Search by date
Fixes a minor bug when searching by date on / after / before

HoudahSpot 3.9.8

Bug fix: "None" group
Fixes a bug where search could fail when using a "None" group

HoudahSpot 3.9.7

Enhancement: Privacy preferences
HoudahSpot preferences now allow you to check if HoudahSpot has access to calendar events, reminders and contacts

Bug fix: Excessive CPU usage
Reverts a change which could cause excessive CPU usage by HoudahSpotHelper and WindowManager

Bug fix: Sort indicator
The sort indicators in the results list are now drawn correctly on OS X Yosemite

HoudahSpot 3.9.6

Bug fix: HoudahSpot templates & tagging tray
Fixes a crash when temporarily disabling the tray

HoudahSpot 3.9.5

Enhancement: Yosemite
Compatibility fixes for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

HoudahSpot 3.9.4

Bug fix: Performance
Fixes a bug which slowed loading of search results. Thank you, Erik!

HoudahSpot 3.9.3

New feature: Tag Mail messages
Tag mail messages by drag-and-drop from Apple Mail.app to the HoudahSpot Tray

Bug fix: Search mounted NAS volumes
HoudahSpot failed to search certain Spotlight-indexed network volumes

Bug fix: Preferred Template
Selection in the menu to select a preferred template was off by one

HoudahSpot 3.9.2

Enhancement: Mac OS X Gatekeeper
Updated for compatibility with upcoming changes to Mac OS X Gatekeeper

HoudahSpot 3.9.1

Enhancement: Sort by name
Sort file names the same way as Finder: respects number values

Bug fix: Error message in preferences
No longer shows an error message when changing accent color

Bug fix: Search by decimal values
Fixes an issue with searching by decimal value. E.g. "focal length"

Bug fix: Crashes
Fixes a few crashing bugs. Thank you for sending in reports

HoudahSpot 3.9

New feature: File tagging
HoudahSpot can tag found files using both Mavericks / Finder and Open Meta tags

New feature: Copy as tab delimited
Search results can now be copied as tab delimited list for use in spreadsheets

New feature: Filter to find similar files
The Inspector adds an option to filter results to find similar files

New feature: Customizable date formats
The display of date columns can now be customized fro the View menu

Enhancement: Auto-completion
Improved auto-completion when searching by type, keywords or tags

Enhancement: Text Preview
Font size in Text Preview can now be adjusted

Enhancement: Toolbar
New toolbar buttons for Quick Look and Text Preview

Enhancement: Help
Documentation available from the Help menu has been updated

HoudahSpot 3.8.7

Bug fix: Various
Fixed various bugs. Thank you for submitting crash reports

HoudahSpot 3.8.6

Bug fix: Save as template
HoudahSpot crashed after saving a search as template

HoudahSpot 3.8.5

New feature: Display Finder label colors as colored rows
Added a hidden preference to choose between colored dots or row colors to represent Finder labels. See forums for details

New feature: New keyboard shortcuts
Command-Up Arrow reveals selected files in the Finder. Command-Down Arrow opens files

Enhancement: Cancel file rename
File renaming can now be aborted by hitting the Escape key or clicking outside the editing field

Bug fix: Duplicate instances of HoudahSpot Helper
Migration of the HoudahSpot Helper login item could leave 2 instances of the helper running

Bug fix: Crash when disabling the Tray
Fixed a bug which crashed HoudahSpot Helper on temporary disabling of the Tray

HoudahSpot 3.8.4

New feature: Save As Preferred Template
Configure the default search document by saving the current search as preferred template

Enhancement: HoudahSpot Helper
Improves handling of automatic launch of the HoudahSpot Helper application

Enhancement: HoudahSpot Tray
Performance improvements to the HoudahSpot Tray

Bug fix: Rare crashes
Fixed bugs discovered with the help of user-submitted crash reports. Thank you!

HoudahSpot 3.8.3

Enhancement: Date criteria
HoudahSpot now supports minute as a unit of time

Enhancement: Finder labels
On Mavericks, HoudahSpot now displays Finder label colors as dots

Bug fix: Favorite tags
Editing favorite tags in the Tray could fail

Bug fix: Tray modifier keys
HoudahSpot could show the Tray even if not all required modifier keys were pressed

Bug fix: Empty query
HoudahSpot allowed an empty query to be run producing unexpected results

HoudahSpot 3.8.2

Bug fix: Various
Fixes various minor bugs

HoudahSpot 3.8.1

Enhancement: AppleScript blitzSearch
Enhanced the AppleScript blitzSearch to allow tag searches and custom search scopes

Enhancement: Tagging service
The tagging service now returns focus to the previously active application when done

Enhancement: Appearance
Refreshed the appearance of the Inspector and Query Inspector windows

Bug fix: Various
Fixed a couple of occasional crashes

HoudahSpot 3.8

New feature: Mavericks tags
On Mac OS X Mavericks, HoudahSpot file tagging updates both Open Meta and Mavericks tags

New feature: Tag migration
HoudahSpot includes new tools to find and merge mismatched Mavericks and Open Meta tags

New feature: Tag search templates
HoudahSpot 3.8 adds 2 new templates: "Mavericks Tagged Files" and "Open Meta Tagged Files"

New feature: File extension criterion
HoudahSpot can now search for files by file name extension

Enhancement: Refreshed look
HoudahSpot looks better than ever. Especially on Retina Macs

Enhancement: Updated documentation
HoudahSpot Help is now provided as searchable PDF file

HoudahSpot 3.7.11

Bug fix: BlitzSearch
Fixed a bug where BlitzSearch would always search by file name

Bug fix: HoudahSpot Tray
The list of recent tags did not always update automatically

Bug fix: Preferences
The modifier keys for the HoudahSpot Tray defaulted to all keys

Pre-Announcement: Mac OS X Leopard 10.5
HoudahSpot 3.8 will not run on Mac OS X Leopard 10.5

HoudahSpot 3.7.10

Bug fix: Keyboard Maestro
Fixed a bug where Keyboard Maestro caused HoudahSpot to crash

Bug fix: Focus lost
HoudahSpot 3.7.9 could lose window focus shortly after being launched

Bug fix: General stability
Fixed several minor bugs which caused occasional crashes

Pre-Announcement: Mac OS X Leopard 10.5
HoudahSpot 3.8 will not run on Mac OS X Leopard 10.5

HoudahSpot 3.7.9

Bug fix: HoudahSpotHelper
Installing the HoudahSpotHelper login item is now more robust

Bug fix: Attribute name lookup
HoudahSpot could crash while looking up Spotlight attribute names

Enhancement: Mac OS X Mavericks
HoudahSpot now runs on Mac OS X 10.9 Developer Preview

Enhancement: Tags & keywords
The "Tags & keywords" criterion now also matches Mavericks tags

Pre-Announcement: Mac OS X Leopard 10.5
HoudahSpot 3.8 will not run on Mac OS X Leopard 10.5

HoudahSpot 3.7.8

Bug fix: BlitzSearch
BlitzSearch would not always bring HoudahSpot to front

Bug fix: Registration
HoudahSpot would ignore the license file if launched with a saved search

Bug fix: File size criterion
The file size criterion was missing a "less than" operator

HoudahSpot 3.7.7

New feature: Search tags & keywords
Added a synthetic criterion to search both system keyword and OpenMeta tag attributes

Enhancement: Fit columns
HoudahSpot gently tries to adjust column widths when adding an additional column

Enhancement: Retina status item
The HoudahSpot global menu now has a retina icon

Bug fix: HoudahSpot Tray
Fixed a bug in the HoudahSpot Tray that could crash HoudahSpotHelper

Bug fix: Console logging
Fixed a bug which caused excessive logging to the console

HoudahSpot 3.7.6

Bug fix: Gatekeeper
HoudahSpotHelper 3.7.5 had a damaged code signature. Gatekeeper would advise against running it

Bug fix: File operations
Fixes an bug where HoudahSpot reported an error after a successful file operation (copy, alias, move)

HoudahSpot 3.7.5

Enhancement: Grid view zoom level
Grid view zoom level is now saved in search documents and templates

Enhancement: AppleScript
Grid view zoom level can now be set using AppleScript

Bug fix: Inspector window
Fixed a bug where the Inspector would remain empty

Bug fix: Mission Control
HoudahSpotHelper no longer appears in Mission Control

HoudahSpot 3.7.4

New feature: Spotlight-like name search
HoudahSpot can now perform "contains fuzzy" searches on names

Bug fix: Find by example
Fixes a bug were HoudahSpot would crash on attempt to "find by example"

Bug fix: Find by example
Fixes an occasional crash when a file could not be completed

HoudahSpot 3.7.3

Bug fix: TextPreview
Fixes bugs where TextPreview could fail to display or crash

Bug fix: Move to Trash
Gracefully handles failure to trash locked files

Bug fix: Spotlight corruption
Safeguards to prevent crashes when Spotlight index is corrupted

HoudahSpot 3.7.2

Bug fix: Activation
HoudahSpot 3.7.1 was missing the window need to enter the activation code

HoudahSpot 3.7.1

Bug fix: Crash on close of window
HoudahSpot 3.7 could crash upon closing a search window

HoudahSpot 3.7

New feature: Rename in place
Rename files right from the list of search results

New feature: Autocompletion for kind and tags criteria
HoudahSpot now autocompletes criteria when searching for file kind or tags

Enhancement: File operations
Faster file operations: copy, move, alias

Enhancement: Context menu
Context menu opens quickly even when many files are selected

Bug fix: BlitzSearch
The BlitzSearch window was not displayed correctly in HoudahSpot 3.6.4

HoudahSpot 3.6.4

Bug fix: HoudahSpot Helper
Fixes issues with preferences syncing between HoudahSpot and HoudahSpot Helper
Note: HoudahSpot Helper is in charge of the global menu, hot keys, BlitzSearch and the Tray window

Bug fix: HoudahSpot Tray
Fixes issues with loading recent tags in the HoudahSpot Tray window

Bug fix: Finder toolbar
Fixes an issue where HoudahSpot could fail to install itself as Finder toolbar item

Bug fix: Multiple screen setups
Fixes an issue with the HoudahSpot Tray on setups with multiple screens

HoudahSpot 3.6.3

Bug fix: Mac OS X Leopard
Restores compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

Bug fix: Results list
Fixes display problems with custom columns in the results list

Bug fix: Criteria editor
Fixes a display bug in the criteria editor

HoudahSpot 3.6.2

Bug fix: Inspector
Fixes a bug where the Inspector window would crash HoudahSpot

Bug fix: Column headers
Clicking column headers to change sort order could trigger HoudahSpot to open the selected files

Bug fix: Status menu item
Opening templates from the global menu item would not bring HoudahSpot to front

HoudahSpot 3.6.1

Bug fix: Results list
The results list was not functional for templates where it was not the default presentation

Enhancement: Search scopes and exclusions
It is now possible to add several items to the search scopes and exclusions in one go

HoudahSpot 3.6

Change: HoudahSpot Tray
The HoudahSpot Tray is now disabled by default

Enhancement: Discrete graphics card
HoudahSpot now delays the activation of the discrete graphics card until needed

Enhancement: Sandboxed applications
Opening found files using sandboxed applications could fail with previous versions

Enhancement: Various
HoudahSpot's inner workings have been modernized for improved speed and reliability

HoudahSpot 3.5.8

Bug fix: Open Selection with…
The "Open Selection with…" context menu item would not always list compatible applications

Bug fix: PowerPC support
HoudahSpot Helper and Finder toolbar item were not compatible with PowerPC Macs

HoudahSpot 3.5.7

Bug fix: Text Preview
Restores the Text Preview feature when running under Mountain Lion

HoudahSpot 3.5.6

Bug fix: Excessive CPU usage
Reverts a change in 3.5.5 which is suspected to cause excessive CPU usage by HoudahSpotHelper and WindowManager

HoudahSpot 3.5.5

Enhancement: Mountain Lion
HoudahSpot is now signed with a Developer ID certificate for Gatekeeper compatibility

HoudahSpot 3.5.4

Bug fix: HoudahSpot Tray
Fixes display glitches with the Tray window

Bug fix: Mountain Lion
Improves compatibility with Mountain Lion

HoudahSpot 3.5.3

Bug fix: Criterion duplication
Fixes a bug where duplicating a criterion would leave the copy ignored by the query

Bug fix: Limit… feature
Fixes a bug where the Limit… was not applied correctly

HoudahSpot 3.5.2

Enhancement: Display number of selected files
Now shows the number of selected files in the results title bar

Enhancement: Opening Adobe InDesign files
Works around a bug when opening files with Adobe InDesign

Bug fix: Activation
Fixes a bug where upgrade purchase or activation may crash

HoudahSpot 3.5.1

Bug fix: CPU usage
Fixes a problem with excessive CPU usage by HoudahSpot Helper

Bug fix: Leopard compatibility
Restores compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

HoudahSpot 3.5

New feature: Finder label colors
Show results with their respective Finder label colors

New feature: Short path column
Added a new column for a minimal path display

Enhancement: Tag search
Improved tag search with a list of known tags

Enhancement: Kind search
Improved search by kind with a list of known kinds

Bug fix: Text preview
Text preview again works for Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, … documents

Bug fix: Tray drop area
The drop area for tagging file would on occasion disappear

HoudahSpot 3.4.4

Bug fix: Limit…
Fixes the sort ordering used to limit search results

HoudahSpot 3.4.3

Bug fix: Mac OS X Leopard
Restores compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard

HoudahSpot 3.4.2

Bug fix: Adding criteria
Fixes a bug where HoudahSpot could hang when adding criteria

HoudahSpot 3.4.1

Enhancement: Named windows
Improvements in the window naming logic

Bug fix: BlitzSearch
HoudahSpot no longer shows an extra empty window on BlitzSearch

Bug fix: Total size
HoudahSpot now reports the correct size of very large folders

Bug fix: Quick Look
Restores support for Quick Look on Mac OX X Leopard

HoudahSpot 3.4

New feature: Named windows
HoudahSpot now names windows based upon the criteria entered

New feature: Multiple screen support
The Tray window now supports multiple screen configurations

New feature: Search by name
Searches by name now also check alternate names

New feature: Mac OS X service
HoudahSpot now exposes a service to open a new window. Use Keyboard System Preferences to assign a keyboard shortcut

New feature: Path Finder integration
HoudahSpot adds an option to get file info in Path Finder

Enhancement: BlitzSearch window
Options are now remembered across restarts

Enhancement: Quick Look window
The Quick Look Preview window may now be closed using the common cmd-W shortcut

Enhancement: Mac OS X Lion
HoudahSpot has seen interface enhancements to match the Mac OS X Lion appearance

Bug fix: File operations
File operations (copy / move) could hang while handling conflicts

HoudahSpot 3.3.1

New feature: File path bar
Folders may now be dragged from the bottom bar to the "Where…" and "Exclude…" sections of the query pane

Enhancement: File path bar
Command-option click a folder in the bottom bar to add it to the "Exclude…" sections of the query pane

Bug fix: Empty NONE groups
HoudahSpot could crash over searches including an empty NONE group

HoudahSpot 3.3

New feature: Collapsible query pane
The query pane may now be hidden to make more room for the search results

HoudahSpot 3.2

New feature: Total sizes
HoudahSpot now computes folder sizes. Faster than the Finder!

HoudahSpot 3.1.2

Enhancement: Date created column
The Date created column now shows both date and time

Bug fix: Various
This version brings over several minor fixes from components shared with Tembo

HoudahSpot 3.1.2

HoudahSpot 3.1.2 has been re-released as the earlier release broke BlitzSearch.

Enhancement: Tray positioning
The Tray is now smarter about positioning itself when attached to the bottom of the screen

Enhancement: Tray sizing
The Tray no longer uses the full height of the screen when attached to the bottom of the screen

Enhancement: Tray vs. Dock
The Tray no longer overlaps with the Dock when the Dock is not set to auto-hide

Enhancement: Tray hiding
The Tray may now hides faster after the last interaction with it

HoudahSpot 3.1.1

Bug fix: Various
HoudahSpot 3.1.1 addresses several crashing bugs

HoudahSpot 3.1

New feature: Search by type and creator codes
HoudahSpot now supports the legacy type and creator codes

New feature: Source code text previews
Text preview of source code now bypasses the Spotlight engine

New feature: Reveal multiple items
HoudahSpot may now reveal multiple items at once in Finder or Path Finder

Enhancement: Selected criterion rows
HoudahSpot now highlights the selected criterion rows

HoudahSpot 3.0.4

Bug fix: BlitzSearch & tag searches
HoudahSpot could bring up an extra empty window upon launch

Bug fix: Template saving
Saving and re-saving templates is now more reliable

Bug fix: Font size
Font size adjustment feature was broken

HoudahSpot 3.0.3

Enhancement: Searching for mails
HoudahSpot 3.0.3 adds a template for finding mail messages

Enhancement: Dock
The Tray no longer overlaps with the Dock

Bug fix: Preferences
Fixes an issue where HoudahSpot Helper's preferences became out of sync with the main application

Bug fix: Tagging multiple files
Tagging multiple files should default to only tags shared by all files

Bug fix: Login items
HoudahSpot failed to add its Helper to the login items

HoudahSpot 3.0.2

Bug fix: File tagging
Fixes an issue where file tagging did not work on certain systems

HoudahSpot 3.0.1

Bug fix: Upgrade store
The upgrade store failed to work with "Quit on close of last window" enabled

HoudahSpot 3.0

New feature: The Tray
The main purpose of the HoudahSpot Tray is to provide access to the file tagging features. The Tray may also list your templates

New feature: File tagging
HoudahSpot 3 adds the ability to tag files.
Tags are non-hierarchical keywords assigned to files. They serve a similar purpose than folders. The crucial difference being that a file may be assigned several tags and be located by any of them.
HoudahSpot's tagging feature is based upon the OpenMeta technology. It is thus compatible with a growing number of third party tagging applications.

New feature: Tag searches
The HoudahSpot Tray lists your favorite tags as well as tags recently used by HoudahSpot or another OpenMeta tagging solution.
Drag a file to a tag to assign it that tag. Drag a file to the file well to be presented with a window to enter any number of tags.
Select tags and double-click to start a search. Hold down the option key while double-clicking to match any of the selected tags.

Enhancement: HoudahSpot menu bar item
The behavior of the HoudahSpot menu bar item has been changed slightly.
Clicking the menu bar item now reveals the BlitzSearch window.
Right-clicking the menu bar item opens an actual menu listing HoudahSpot templates.

HoudahSpot (com.houdah.houdahspot) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is HoudahSpot 10162. The most popular version of this application used by our users is HoudahSpot 5417.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/HoudahSpot.app