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February 29, 2000
January 19, 2013

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What's New

Changes in 2.082

  • Changed:

    The XMail has no longer to be installed in the machine.

    -Now XMail is called from the application bundle.
    Special thanks to Julifos.
  • Bug Fix:

    Solved problem with the "Get file extension".

  • -In previous versions you get a error if you try to convert a file
    who has the extension of the file in the path.

Changes in 2.0814

  • Bug Fix:

    Fix Bug with the Interface.

  • Help File updated

Changes in 2.0813

  • Bug Fix:

    Fix Bug on Double Click to open a file, or on "open with" mouse menu.

Changes in 2.0812

  • Fix for XMail:

    Fix problems with the installation.
    Added more information about XMail.
  • Add:

    Uninstall option in the "Help" menu.

Changes in 2.0811

  • Bug Fix for Leopard & Tiger:

    Fix problems with the Drag & Drop.
  • Fix:

    Error with 1 Channel Audio conversion.

Changes in 2.080

  • Formats free:

    Now, you can encode to MP3 a large list of file formats.
    Formats list: Codec List
    You can extract the audio from video files, or access to the big list of audio decoders of FFmpeg.
    Try to decode your file, making the usual Drag & Drop or clicking the "Add" button or the Menu "Open".
    ALL2MP3 will confirm if FFmpeg can or not, decode your file.
  • Send Reports:

    A implementation of XMail, will let you to report Bugs or Errors.
    In menu "Help" you will find "Send Report".

Changes in 2.079

  • Updated: FFmpeg r22086 Universal Binary.
  • Changed: Interface
  • Added: Warning window for wma files.
    Files with DRM or wma9 version, will most secure fails,
    because the FFmpeg does not officially support WMA files.
    Now a window will Warning.
  • Added: MetaData/Tags support.
    If the input contains MetaData/Tags, the output/MP3 will have the same Data.
  • Fix: "Trash files after conversion" bug solved.
  • Fix: Process indicator bug on Snow leopard.
    The "Total process" indicator was improved.

Changes in 2.078

  • Fix: Tiger compatibility
    Fix for problems with WMA conversion
  • Changed: Binary management.
    Now the conversion is through ffmpeg.
    There are no temporary WAV files.

Changes in 2.077

  • Fix: Internal command compatibility with Tiger

Changes in 2.076

  • Fix: Path with Symbols.
  • Added: Control of the Write Permissions.
  • Added: Control of Blocked folders.

Changes in 2.075

  • Updated: ffmpeg binary.
  • Fix: Problems to convert WMA files.

Changes in 2.071

  • Updated: Flac binary.
  • Updated: Ape binary.
  • Updated: Mpc binary.
  • Improved: Path with Symbols.
  • Added: Italian Localization.

Minor Changes in 2.065

  • Fix: Program Translations.

Changes in 2.061

  • -- Snow Leopard - Leopard - Tiger Version--

  • Changed: Appearance of the application.
  • New: Because of compatibility problems, i have removed the HUD UI.
  • Fix: Problems with Symbols in Paths.
  • Fix: Permission issues, that don't let running the binaries.
    -The application runs but could not generate files.

Changes in 2.041

  • -- Only Leopard and SnowLeopard version --

    Sorry for Tiger users, but i can't fight right now with Tiger.
    I lost a lot of time by trying to make a better version for Tiger.

  • Changed: Appearance of the application.
  • New: Progress indicator for MP3 end of Job.
    - Now the end of Job of the MP3 conversion have a countdown.
  • New: Lame library is now included.
    - As many people did not realize that the Lame library was not installed,i have now included the Lame library in the Lame Binary.

Changes in 2.03

  • -- Only Leopard and SnowLeopard version --

    Sorry for Tiger users, but i can't fight right now with Tiger.
    I lost a lot of time by trying to make a better version for Tiger.

  • Changed: Appearance of the application.
  • New: Output path selection
    - Select the Output path for all files or single file.
  • New: You can now change the order of the list
    - The conversion will folow this order.
    - Drag and Drop from the table view to manipulate the list order.
    - Press the column header to sort list.

Changes in 2.025 (Minor Update)

  • Changed: Appearance of the application.
  • New: Now there are two interfaces
    - Leopard interface with BGHUDAppKit.
    - The Tiger interface is now separate.

Changes in 2.020

  • Fix: You could add the same file already added.
  • Changed: The quality box.
    -Now you can select between easy mode or kbps mode.
  • Added: Button for delete files after conversion.
  • Added: Header for the table view.
  • Added: Scroll bars for the table view.
  • Added: Help file.

Changes in 2.010

  • New Interface
    -With the HUD interface, All2MP3 wins in style.
  • Auto updates
    -The Sparkle implementation make the update easier.
    -By pressing only a button you will see if a new version is out.
  • "Add" buttons (Not only Drag & Drop)
    -The implementation of "Add" buttons, make the file selection easier.
  • Faster conversion
  • All2MP3 was rewritten for gain on speed and solve Bugs.

iFolderer (com.tresrrr.ifolderer) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is iFolderer 1.02.

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