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September 27, 2010
January 18, 2013

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What's New

New in 0.6.4:
• Added END marking used by the Player function in the new iReal Book 3.0
• Added list of commonly used staff text rehearsal indications (compatible with the Player)
• Improved chord inputing
• Minor other bug fixes

New in 0.6:
• Added option to hide red helper marks (useful when printing)
• Added option to save song/playlist to clipboard
• Fixed an issue where printing would sometimes stop working
• Various other bug fixes

New in 0.5.2:
• Fixed an issue wheresongs imported from an old playlist wouldn't get their time signature imported
• Fixed an issue where thename of a playlist opened from a file wasn't read
• Fixed an issue where the half diminished quality wasn't recognized as a regular quality
• Added labels for Playlist name and song count
• When a new song is added or imported the playlists now scrolls to its location

New in 0.5.1:
• Fixed a minor bug where opening the Editor by clicking on a song link wouldn't work

New in 0.5:
• Works in conjunction with the iPhone/iPod version of iReal Book 2.5 or higher only
• Added Playlist management
• Updated to work with the new layout features introduced with iReal Book 2.5
(Custom positioned staff text, new chord qualities, more time signatures, better custom qualities)

New in 0.4.4:
• Improved and simplified export to forums and email
• Support for email client other than Apple Mail
• Sorting of playlists when exporting
• New Icon

New in 0.4.3:
• Improved export to forums

New in 0.4.2:
• Removed automatic capitalization of composers
• Added menu commands and keyboard shortcuts for Slash, Repeat bar, Repear two bars and No Chord symbols
• Fixed vertical spacing when having single barlines at the end of system

New in 0.4.1:
• Tab key now moves the cursor to the next bar
• New Toolbar icons
• A Playlist name can be added when sending all songs to forums or emailing them
• Added Song-List to exported playlist when posting to forums and when emailing
• Select a symbol to insert it. Select it again to remove it.
• Added a contextualCreate menu
• Added Save toolbar button
• Added menu command to copy song/songs to clipboard

New in 0.4:
• Editing has been improved and simplified
• Move cursor with arrow keys and type the desired chord symbol
• Support for custom chord qualities
• New easy to remember keyboard shortcuts for most common symbols and functions
• Basic printing capabilities
• Ability to send a song or group of songs to iReal Book Forums
• Support for Automatic Software Updates
• Added a Toolbar for common tasks

iReal Book Editor (com.massimobiolcati.ireal_book_editor) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is iReal Book Editor 0.6.4.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Music Apps/iReal Book

Minimum OS version: 10.5