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September 29, 2008
January 19, 2013

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IMPORTANT NOTE for build prior to 455: due to a change in the archive format, do not download this new version of iTeXMac2 from the updater built in versions prior to 455, you would loose iTeXMac2. Instead, you are kindly requested to download directly from the sourceforge repository.

Changes since build 747:

  • The preference panel for key bindings now works properly
  • The typesetting process has gained speed in some situations
  • The PDF viewer option panel now works properly.
  • The auto update feature has been modified to follow Sparkle framework modifications.

Changes since build 729:

  • The SyncTeX support has been enhanced. Both direct and reverse synchronization are stronger. ConTeXt settings now include SyncTeX support. Notice the official SyncTeX page.
  • Various bug fixes and workarounds
  • There is a bug concerning macros that appears only on some machines, we are trying to catch it down.

Changes since build 689:

  • The new SyncTeX technology is now supported by iTeXMac2. You can download new engines supporting SyncTeX directly from TeXLive subversion repository before TeXLive 08 and MacTeX 08 ship out. Choose the apropriate link, and click the download button: xetex(intel), pdftex(intel), xetex(powerpc), pdftex(powerpc). Then copy the new engine to your /usr/texbin folder. You will have to regenerate all the formats. You should keep the old engines around in order to revert to the old setup.

    Some other bugs are fixed. Skim is supported as external viewer, with possible unexpected restrictions.

Changes since build 624:

  • Internal bugs have been fixed. The key bindings preference pane is redesigned. Some toolbar items were added in the LaTeX mode. The main menu commands to underline (and similar commands) work.

Changes since build 604:

  • Leopard:
    More problems related to the new system have been fixed. However, the panel to associate characters to commands is missing the images of the buttons to add or remove sets.
  • There is a new Edit menu subitem named "Accents". It allows to convert é to \'{e}, è to \`{e}, ... and conversely. There is also an item to activate the related key bindings: when you type é, it enters \'{e}... If you are using a LaTeX extended symbol style from the Format submenu, the \'{e} is automatically displayed as é, the same for the others. All this put together makes no difference between old accent management and modern one. However, there is a little difference...

Changes since build 536:

  • Leopard:
    The big cat caused problems. Let us hope that it also solves some.
  • Minor bugs reported by users have been fixed, concerning project management and ConTeXt engine.

Changes since build 492:

  • Macros and key bindings:
    The preference pane is enhanced. It no longer freezes (a workaround was found to a weird cocoa bug).
    iTeXMac2 now automatically inserts a space when executing macros that end with a TeX control sequence. Set iTM2NoSmartSpaceAfterTeXMacro user defaults to 'NO' to control this behaviour.
    The Key bindings mechanism was slightly modified to stick more closely to the hardware. Previously customized key bindings involving non ascii characters could have broken, please check.
  • The PDF viewer:
    better pdf document management.
    BUG fixed : the pdf window did not update properly in some circumstances.
    Support for key strokes: they are available from the Macros and Key Bindings preference pane under the View domain and PDF mode. When the PDF window is frontmost: press '+' or 'N' to go next page, press '-' or 'P' for the previous page, press 'I' to zoom in and 'O' to zoom out. Nice features: press '123%' to have scale set to 123%, press '2*' to magnify twice, '2/' for half the actual magnification, press '11+' to advance 11 pages, press '22=' to display page 22. Use the Macros preference pane to customize those bindings.
  • Bugs fixed in the dvips wrapper, it was broken and did not accept spaces in file names. Setting the output to "DVI" in various projects that accept it work now.
  • The pstopdf filter uses the Mac OS X built in tool instead of the unwanted TeX Live one, its wrapper also accepts spaces in file names.
  • Slightly better bibtex support.
  • Typo fixed.
  • After support for Perl and Ruby, a Lua interpreter is added to iTeXMac2. It adds still more scriptability to iTeXMac2. In order to test, go to the Macros and Key Bindings preference pane. In the Complete tab view, add a new macro with the "+" button. Change its action with the popup to "Execute as script". Expand the argument text view and fill it with the four lines below:#! lua
    sharedApplication:hide();Then double click on this newly created macro entry on the left table view...

Changes since build 485:

  • BUG 1709626 fixed: The string encoding menu customization works properly.
  • BUG 1709156 fixed: It is now possible to change the attributes of tex comments.
  • BUG fixed: Internal syntax coloring design for symbols.
  • Enhancements: There is a new insertion mode, check Edit->Option->Overwrite (Surcharger) menu item to overwrite characters while inserting.

Changes since build 482:

  • Enhancements: Now standalone projects can promote to normal projects or wrappers. See the File/Project submenu.
  • Enhancements: Macros now support ruby scripts. This is another major step forward. See the Macros and Shortcuts note in the distribution.

Changes since build 456:

  • Bugs fixed: Minor problems with macros.
  • Enhancements: Macros now support perl scripts. This is a major step forward. See the Macros and Shortcuts note in the distribution.
  • Enhancements: New macro test view in the macro preference pane.

Changes since build 440:

  • Bugs fixed: The updater now works properly.
  • Enhancements: After many days of an intense fight, a bug is fixed that used to freeze iTeXMac2 once typesetting was complete. I strongly suspect a Mac OS X (Tiger) bug, and I have found a workaround that seems to work so far. Continuous typesetting is now useable.
  • Macros: the last release was announced to be the last before the final release. So the present release is the final one concerning macro design... However, there is room for improvements.

Changes since build 423:

  • Bugs fixed: bugs concerning the syntax coloring, in particular the style editor. A typesetting engine bug is once more removed.
  • Enhancements: iTeXMac2 is more reactive, the launch time is really shorter.
  • Macros: this is the last release before the final macro design. It gives a good idea of the final version. For more informations, see the notes in the support folder of the distribution. Suggestions are welcome. However, it is a bit early for contributions because some details will change in the next release.
  • Scripts: See the note explaining how to tell iTeXMac2 to use your own script

Changes since build 421:

  • Bugs fixed: the typesetting process now works with texd bundles.

Changes since build 412:

  • There is now support for the French Pro package from Bernard Gaulle. See the instructions in the French Pro folder inside the Support directory.
  • Bugs fixed concerning the PATH prefix and suffix in the project panel, they can be edited safely now.

Changes since build 404:

  • Bug fixed in the syntax parsing algorithm. It was a poor man solution to the beachball spinning problem that occurred once.
  • Bugs fixed in the syntax style editor, the problem only appeared in certain circumstances, but some people did reach these circumstances.
  • Now the syntax style supports more "Rich Text Format" attributes, you can center text, use shadow fonts... Show the rule in the syntax editor text view.
  • The standard TextEdit panels for Table, Link, List and Spacing are available. Only the last one is useful, when editing syntax styles. The other ones will be patched in a forthcoming version to enter macros in the text.
  • The Macro mode is properly designed. It drives the set of macros used for editing.

Changes since build 388:

  • Underground improvements: internal design has been optimized, iTM2 should be more reactive
  • Bug fix: sometimes the PDF viewer caused a crash.
  • Bug fix: the standalone projects now take into account multipart documents, with included images/files
  • Macro design has been merged with completion and key bindings. The User interface is not yet exposed.

Changes since build 384:

  • Crash fixed when opening new texd documents
  • No more void 99 file created
  • The macros now respect the indentation, whether inserted from the menu or from the ESC completion panel

iTeXMac2 (comp.text.tex.itexmac2) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is iTeXMac2 763.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/TeX/iTeXMac2 (build 763)/