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1213706 (1.40)
May 16, 2012
January 19, 2013

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What's New

Version 1.40 (1213706) Wed May 16 11:41:27 CEST 2012

  • Enabling old fullscreen behaviour for lion works on single monitor machines now.
  • Keeping system from sleeping when getting changes while running in lions fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed an premature release of a texturebacking store. Thanx to Chris Niederauer for his detailed bug report on this one.
  • Website version: Changed update url to contain system version and architecture so that future updates can be made available for for specific system versions/architectures.
Release History

Version 1.38 (1212902) Tue May8 13:36:11 CEST 2012

  • Added support for Lions fullscreen. On lion you can get the old multiscreen fullscreen window by enabling it in the advanced section of preferences.

Version 1.36 (1204701) Thu Feb 16 10:46:56 CET 2012

  • Fixed a bug that kept a closed connection as beeing marked open.

Version 1.34 (1203901) Wed Feb8 10:17:54 CET 2012

  • Added Server List window to application icon menu.
  • Fixed bug that prevented reconnection to a closed connection.

Version 1.32 (1132101) Thu Nov 17 10:12:40 CET 2011

  • Fixed possible crash.

Version 1.30 (1130501) Tue Nov1 16:06:00 CET 2011

  • Added support for new Windows domain authentication.
  • Updated readme.
  • Added workaround for bug in CFNetwork that was closing inactive SSL connections.
  • Fixed pasteAsKeystrokes command shortcut in normal keyboard mode.
  • Fixed potential crash when using ssl certificate connections.
  • Fixed possible crash on 10.4

Version 1.28 (1119502) Thu Jul 14 10:08:27 CEST 2011

  • Fixed swapped middle and right mouse buttons on connection to newer than 10.4 servers.
  • Fixed missing license menu.

Version 1.28 (1119401) Wed Jul 13 11:47:32 CEST 2011

  • Added support for Mac OS X 10.7 desktop colors.
  • Using now a more finer SSL configuration. You can change the settings via defaults write, the default value is the first one listed here:SSLstreamlevelNegotiated/None/SSLv2/SSLv3/TLSv1SSLallowsexpiredcertificatesNO/YESSSLallowsexpiredrootsNO/YESSSLallowsanyrootYES/NOSSLValidatesCertificateChainYES/NO
  • Added SSL Client authentication. If you have a client certificate or a certificate identity (keychain speak for alias) in your keychain for an SSL connection, it is used now.
  • Added workaround for buggy OSXvnc keypad equal key interpretation.
  • Added workaround for weird hidden xcursor encodings sent from tiger vncserver.
  • Changed to no longer have columns in the serverlist resizeable.
  • Changed the escaping of the internal options to ssh for more compatibilty with user defined options.
  • Fixed right/middle mouse clicks for encrypted MacOS 10.4 servers.
  • Fixed Crashreporter/Logger for AppStore versions.

Version 1.26 (1113802) Wed May 18 11:12:38 CEST 2011

  • Added workaround for buggy vnc server modifier key recognition. There will be a delay sent to the remote side when you use a keyboard modifier ( like shift, ctrl,... ). The default is set to 20 ms for all hosts and 200ms for OSXvnc based servers. You can change the default with the command defaults write de.jinx.JollysFastVNC modifierwaittimems .
  • Added default to enable the use of local keyboard interpretation by default: defaults write de.jinx.JollysFastVNC uselocalkeyboardonstart YES. This is useful for special keyboard layouts like NEO.
  • Added default to disable qemu USB keyboard support. defaults write de.jinx.JollysFastVNC disableusbkeyboardsupport YES
  • Added workaround for erratic modifier keys.
  • Improved support for OSXvnc Mac vncserver.
  • Added experimental feature - if you are outside the VNC session window with your mouse, local commands are beeing used. Use defaults write de.jinx.JollysFastVNC enablelocalcommandsoutsidevncwindow YES to enable it.
  • Fixed that generic Hostdiscovery was still in use when Bonjour was disabled.
  • Fixed bug with Meta/Ctrl key modifiers for Unix hosts.

Version 1.24 (1111403) Sun Apr 24 20:34:52 CEST 2011

  • Fixed mouse issue (introduced in 1.24 build 1111301).
  • Fixed a bug on 10.4 machines when connecting to Mac Servers (introduced in version 1.24 build 1111208).
  • Fixed a bug that closed ScreenRecycler connections immediately (introduced in version 1.24 build 1111208).
  • Added workaround for some qemu vnc servers that seem not to correctly interpret usb scan codes.

Version 1.24 (1111301) Sat Apr 23 11:29:08 CEST 2011

This version contains quite a few changes internally. The previous version can always be downloaded on my website.

  • Added keyboard and mouse encryption for connections to Mac servers. As soon as you log in via username and password authentication, all keystrokes are encrypted now by default. So in case you have a SSH tunnel set up to connect to a host behind the SSH host you have now encrypted keystrokes. In case you have problems with it you can disable it via a defaults setting disablemackeyboardencryption.
  • Added left/right mouse wheel support.
  • Improved visual update - shows intermediate updates.
  • Update request frequency now depending on tight bandwidth setting. Tight low bandwidth has 15 requests per second, tight medium 30 all others 60 requests per second.
  • Function keys now work in immersive mode as function keys.
  • Added workaround for some bugs of the OSXvnc server. The newest version of that server is quite buggy right now and it will crash, drop the connection and send invalid data. That is why you will see disconnects quite often.
  • Added support for JIS keyboard layout, esp. for Mac connections.
  • Changed the way the remote keyboard is reset on connection start. This should fix problems with stuck keys at start when the server did not reset the previous connection correctly.
  • Added support for automatically recognizing devices on the network that do not use bonjour (namely windows and linux machines). It's enabled by default. By default it only shows hosts with names and running vnc servers. If you want to see even hosts that do not have a name, but just an ethernet address use defaults write de.jinx.JollysFastVNC generichostdiscoveryshownamesonly NO. If you want it to show hosts that have a vnc server running use defaults write de.jinx.JollysFastVNC generichostdiscoverychecksforvnc YES on the commandline. This feature is disabled cause some servers will see a connection attempt as bad behavior.
  • Changed the way how WOL is used. WOL is send before the first connection attempt. SSH and WOL now works. Furthermore you can put in the address field the ethernet address of the host additionally to it's ip address/name and JFVNC will send a WOL packet not just to bonjour hosts.
  • Added support for new authentication schemes used in Lion.
  • Added support for automatically selecting the first monitor in a multimontior connection. You can disable this new behavior in the advanced preferences tab.
  • Initial support for Intels AMT server (Servertype automatic will recognize and use it then).
  • Added support for QEMUs keyboard event mechanism to improve international keyboard support there.
  • Added support to recognize localhost connections and warn you when you are connecting to your localhost for the first time.
  • Fixed to reselect the server-list for keyboard input after a connection closes. Bug introduced in version 1.22.

Version 1.22 (1104004) Wed Feb9 18:24:29 CET 2011

  • Added support for QEMUs special tight encoding.
  • Fixed a bug that when you changed a textfield setting it was not used immediatly when just clicking connect in case the textfield was still in editing mode.
  • Added desktop background mode. When in fullscreen and you switch to other programs it will send the fullscreen window to the desktop background. To enable it use defaults write de.jinx.JollysFastVNC enabledesktopbackgroundmode YES.

Version 1.20 (1102511) Tue Jan 25 20:23:26 CET 2011

  • Added find menu item which will open the serverlist and select the searchbox.
  • Changed behaviour for fullscreen to CMD-Option-F ( like modern Quicktime, iPhoto, ... )
  • Added support for right ctrl key for non Mac connections. Holding down FN while using the left ctrl key will create a right ctrl key for the remote side.
  • Added workaround for changed keyboard support in 10.6.6.
  • Added support for opening full screen windows on the screen they were previously shown.
  • Changed default tab selection in global preferences back.
  • Changed removal of hosts when showing of bonjour hosts is disabled in preferences.
  • Added support for non working licenses/receipts on Hackintoshes.

Version 1.18 (1101901) Wed Jan 19 11:28:09 CET 2011

JollysFastVNC is now available on the AppStore as well. You are still able to buy it on my website as well, as the AppStore does not allow 10.4, 10.5 or PPC versions to be sold. Updates will be available first in the normal version as the AppStore review process usually takes a week or two.
Btw. if you like it, you can always give it a good review.

  • Changed the way the app checks it's own integrity for the Mac AppStore.

Version 1.16 (1100102) Sat Jan1 10:23:40 CET 2011

  • Changed serverlist look. You can disable the new look in the advanced preferences.
  • Added tooltips to most of the user settings.
  • Added the Advanced Preferences tab, for the rather unusual preference settings.
  • Added workaround for VMWares Endian bug. When on PPC you can now use the disableautomaticserverlistunhide YES preference to see the right colors when you are on ppc.
  • Added disabling of automatic appearance of serverlist. Use the disableautomaticserverlistunhide preference for that.
  • Added Weak linking now against GLUT, removed NSCursor usage, so JFVNC runs on Apple TV's.
  • Fixed naming of bonjourhosts where the portnumber was not correctly announced.
  • Removed in-app webstore.

Version 1.14 (1028806) Fri Oct 15 17:52:47 CEST 2010

  • Added more options for opening via url (colordepthtype,windowsizetype,cursortype,hosttype,keyboardtype,securitytype,sshoptions,commandkeyinterpretationtype,hostname) - see readme for more.
  • Added multiscreen fullscreen mode. If your local machine has more than one screen and you enter fullscreen you can have JFVNC cover more than one screen. Your local screen-layout must have a visible rectangle that is exactly the size of the remote screen. Example: Remote screen is 3840x1200 and you have locally two 1920x1200 displays you need to align the local displays and then you can see the remote screenon both local displays when you enter fullscreen.
  • Added support for connecting to multiple hosts at once.
  • Added support for select clicks outside current selection.
  • Fixed correct aspect ratio resizing when not using smartzoom and window is smaller than remote.
  • Changed the menu shortcut for the 'Send ctrl-alt-delete' to ctrl-alt-delete (instead of backspace). Some users pointed out that ctrl-alt-backspace is needed sometimes. You can create the ctrl-alt-delete shortcut on a notebook by pressing ctrl-alt-fn-backspace. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Fixed memory leak when switching 565 resolutions as well as mac pasteboard related leakage.
  • Changed crashlog destination email to the new one.

Version 1.12 (1012401) Tue May4 11:39:08 CEST 2010

  • Changed default shortcut for ctrl-alt-delete to ctrl-alt-backspace. You can use ctrl-alt-delete on a full keyboard and ctrl-alt-backspace on a macbook.
  • Changed to no longer keep aspectratio correct when window is resized to smaller than remote screen size.
  • Changed mousewheel speed for Mac connections that are served by non Apple servers.
  • Updated to use current JNXLicense.framework.

Version 1.10 (1007104) Fri Mar 12 14:42:10 CET 2010

  • Improved SmartZoom look to match the iPad version. You can get back the old zoom style by enabling SmartZoom->Linear Zoom.
  • Linux/Generic keyboard layouts no longer uses local option key interpretation. This improves Emacs and other ALT key using programs support.
  • Added Help->Release History menu entry so you can see the changes after upgrading.
  • Added Cycle Through Windows menu entry.
  • Disabled Remote Screen Lock by default now. You can enable it if you need it. See the Readme on how to.

Version 1.08 (1006406) Fri Mar5 15:42:02 CET 2010

  • Added Mac Pasteboard support. When connecting to Apples VNC server you can now copy/paste. Automatic pasting works, the automatic pasteboard size has been increased to 100kByte now. To copy from remote to local you have to use the Edit->copy menu to request the remote pasteboard.
  • Added remote screen lock support for Mac servers. You can now order a remote screen to be locked so the local user can't see what you are doing.
  • Added ssh tunnel keepalive timeout to figure out if connections are broken.
  • Send as keystrokes now sends shift characters for buggy server implementations.
  • Disabling remote screen lock when remote computer has multiple screens attached. This would cause the windowserver to crash (rdar://7721210). (new since build 1006404)

Version 1.06 (1004302) Fri Feb 12 17:48:39 CET 2010

  • Added Multiscreen layout manager, this allows vnc windows to grow larger than one Screen.
  • Added workaround for vnc server bug when JFVNC was beeing used over a remote connection.
  • Fixed CapsLock for some unicode characters when connecting to Windoes/Linux servers.
  • Removed unneeded logging of ctrl-x key presses.

Version 1.04 (1003706) Sat Feb6 13:32:35 CET 2010

  • New servertypes Windows/Linux/Generic this will set the cmd and alt keyboard correctly. Generic servertype setting behaves like Linux except that the command key can be set to super/meta and option keystrokes will be composed locally and send after composition.
  • Improved international keyboard support for windows and linux.
  • Mouse movements are recognized for a few pixels outside the current window for easier hot corner access.
  • Fixed enabling of remove/duplication menu entry.
  • Fixed crashreporter for Mac OS X 10.4.
  • Fixed resize of windows.
  • Fixed mouse swapping default reading.

Version 1.02 (1001604) Sat Jan 16 11:43:44 CET 2010

  • Added Monitor selection for Mac connections.
  • Added default for swapping second and third mouse button to fix issues with third party mice. You need to set it via the command line (for now) like:
    defaults write de.jinx.JollysFastVNC swapsecondandthirdmousebutton YES
  • Added default for disabling mouse button emulation. You need to set it via the command line (for now) like:
    defaults write de.jinx.JollysFastVNC disablemousebuttonemulation YES
  • Fixed bug regarding moving of windows between different graphics cards on 10.6.
  • Fixed many typos. Including a syntax correction for the defaults setting pasteboardsynchronisationsize.
  • Fixed potential 64-bit bug.

Version 1.00 (1000103) Fri Jan1 00:20:59 FJT 2010

It's finished, this is version 1.00

  • Minor cosmetic changes.
  • Added underscore to be used in hostnames even though it's not rfc (rfc952, rfc1123) compliant, but windows uses it.
  • Removed expiration. This version will no longer expire.

JollysFastVNC (de.jinx.jollysfastvnc) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is JollysFastVNC 1213706. The most popular version of this application used by our users is JollysFastVNC 1006406.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/