What's New

Release Notes

Version 4.0(980):

Added Option toggle to use either AirFlick or AirPlay to stream to appleTV.

Version 4.0(916):

Fixed minor bugs.

added appleTV Tab and controls (experimental)

changed the way the refresh button works

changed preferences button to option button

updated help web site

Version 4.0(780):

Removed conversion queue update button.  Updates are performed in the background and updated automatically.

Version 4.0(724):

Implemented native AirPlay feature, AirFlick is no longer needed to stream videos to AppleTV.

** NOTICE ** Version 4.0(578) - Update feature is broken, please download a newer version to re-enable auto updates.  Other versions can be downloaded from here

Version 4.0(526):

Fixed crash when running in 32bit mode

Version 4.0(522):

Fixed bug with spaces in Server Pin.  Can now enter  pin in XXX XXX XXX format.

Version 4.0(521):

Made compiler changes

Reenabled quality and audio boost sliders

Version 4.0(520):

If after update, saved servers are missing, stop app and rename the file

    Library/Preferences/com.yourcompany.Mac-AirVideo-Client.plist to


Added an elementary playlist feature

Fixed an AirFlick playback bug

Renamed “Edit Servers” button to “Preferences”


Support for Leopard (10.5) added to version v1.1(539)

Leopard support removed in 4.0(411) releases.  App not guaranteed to work after 4.0(411) on Leopard.

4.0(411) first version using Xcode 4.0.1.

Version 4.0(377):

Version 4.X is a major re-write of the application. 

The app is written entirely in ObjC. 

No more Ruby or RubyCocoa requirements.

Version 3.0(376):

Passwords are now saved in keychain.

Version 3.0(375):

Changed icon, thanks to Jason Holtslander for the new icon (please let me know if you like the new one)

Added server search feature.  This feature will automatically add any servers broadcasting on your local network.

Changed which audio stream is played during “live conversion” to be the first audio stream.  It use to be the last.

Version 3.0(374):

Added ability to send direct URL to AirFlick application

Version 3.0(373):

Disabled “Search” feature of finding AirVideo Servers.

Fixed minor UI errors.

Implemented AirFlick API.  Don’t have to paste URL into AirFlick.

Version 3.0(372):

Fixed bug with playing wrong video if the sort Options was changed.

Added audio Boost feature to conversion process.

Added support for AirFlick.  The live conversion URL is copied to the copy/paste buffer so it can be pasted into the AirFlick application.

Disabled the DataStore “Show” and “Selected” buttons.  Changes to the data structure do not lend itself to be printed.

Version 3.0(371):

Cleaned up User Interface.

Added new logo

Version 3.0(370):

Live conversion now utilizes the allowed bitrates for local and remote wifi

Version 3.0(355):

Added pause/resume feature to conversion process

Added ability to initiate convert feature from “video” tab

Fixed minor bugs

Version 3.0(350):

Minor bug fixes

Moved “Reset” button

Version 3.0(345):

Added Off-Line conversion queue feature.

Fixed Automatic off-line conversion feature.  Uses only the quality option for conversion, uses the existing widthXheight resolution.

Added a “Reset” button which will update the list of videos.

Known-Issue: If an object is deleted on the Server, the object is not removed, even after activating the “Reset Button”.

Fixed update of sort feature, must hit “Save” button, before the new option setting is activated.  Once saved, the video listing is reset.

Version 3.0(340):

Added Off-line conversion feature

    Known-Issue: List of queued videos does not work.

    Known-Issue: After a video has been converted, the list of videos is not updated. 

        Have to disconnect/re-connect to update list of videos.

Added Options tab/feature:

    Can sort by “Name” or “Time”, ascending or descending

    Known-Issue: Have to disconnect/re-connect after a change of Option

Fixed bug with live-streaming which caused it to not work.


Version 2.0(326):

Fixed processing of images to get details and thumbnails

Add thumbnails to Growl Notifications

Disabled “Update” button

Version 2.0(321) and greater:

Added sorting of combo box

Fix crash when connecting to linux server

Version 2.0(320):

Fixed issue with PIN feature, all mappings of server are added as server entries appended with a number starting with “0-”, “1-” and so on.  Choose the server PIN that best fits your network situation.

Version 2.0(305):

bug fix: app was crashing

Version 2.0(301) features:

Added Server PIN feature

Version 2.0 features:

New GUI Interface

Auto Update

Growl Notifications


Mac AirVideo Client (com.yourcompany.mac-airvideo-client) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Mac AirVideo Client 1163. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Mac AirVideo Client 374.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/AirPlay/Mac AirVideo Client.app

Minimum OS version: 10.5