What's New

Version 5.30

8th December 2016

This new release fixes backwards compatibility with macOS 10.10, which was broken in previous release. Sorry!

Version 5.29

30th November 2016

This new release improves the status bar countdown.

Version 5.28

24th May 2016

This new release adds new and updated ergonomic tips.

Version 5.27

22nd March 2016

This release fixes a minor bug in the microbreaks feature.

Version 5.26

17th February 2016

This release improves the mailing list sign-up experience.

Version 5.25

2nd February 2016

This release fixes a software update vulnerability in the Sparkle framework that was exposed on the 29th of January.

Version 5.24

17th November 2015

The new version adjusts the default volume of the sound notifications.

Version 5.23

3rd November 2015

This new version fixes a number of problems on Mac OS X 10.11 El Captian

  • signature problems resolved.
  • built with Xcode 7 and SDK 10.11
  • updated version of Sparkle Auto-Update framework for fully automatic updates.

Version 5.22

23rd September 2015

Minor bug fixes.

Version 5.21

29th July 2015

This new version further improves the installation experience.

Version 5.20

18th May 2015

This new version fixes a bug that affected users who had previously configured MacBreakZ to use the Growlnotification system instead of the built-in notification engine.

Version 5.19

11th March 2015

The new version features improved startup behaviour.

Version 5.18

13th January 2015

This is the first Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite-only version of MacBreakZ.

This new version:

  • adopts the Yosemite Vibrant Dark theme.
  • adds compatibility with the Dark menu mode.
  • makes many under the hood changes to take advantage of the new operating system

Version 5.17

28th November 2014

MacBreakZ is leaving the Mac App Store, so that we can concentrate on developing the product rather than onsatisfying ever more stringent sandboxing requirements.

Version 5.16

11th November 2014

MacBreakZ is leaving the Mac App Store, so that we can concentrate on developing the product rather than onsatisfying ever more stringent sandboxing requirements.

This latest release fixes a drawing bug and is the last release that will be 10.8 compatible.

Version 5.15

20th May 2014

The latest version fixes a minor preferences bug.

Version 5.14

18th March 2014

The latest version adopts the new ARC memory architecture.

Version 5.13

16th January 2014

The latest version further adopts Mavericks energy savings features.

Version 5.12

6th November 2013

The latest version adds global keyboard shortcut improvements.

Version 5.11

24th September 2013

The latest version adds support for starting, ending and delaying breaks via global keyboard shortcuts.

Version 5.10

30th July 2013

This release makes it easy to bring the application to the front by clicking on its menu bar icon.

Version 5.09

18th June 2013

This release makes it easier to join our new opt-in mailing list.

Version 5.08

14th September 2012

The new release fixes a startup problem due to framework problems. Sorry about that!

Version 5.07

11th September 2012

The new release adds full support for high-resolution Retina graphics.

Version 5.06

9th May 2012

The new version adopts Developer ID signing in preparation for Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Version 5.05

6th February 2012

The new version fixes a minor problem affecting hot key behaviour.

Version 5.03

5th October 2011

The new version adds new menu bar item display options.

Version 5.02

11th August 2011

This latest release adds support for Growl notifications.

Version 5.01

8th June 2011

This version fixes a memory utilisation problem.

Version 5.0

25th May 2011

This is the first major release of MacBreakZ for a while and concentrates on updating the look & feel and onbringing the tool up to date with the latest technologies.

MacBreakZ 5 requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later.

Version 4.17

22nd April 2009

A direct link to our brand-new support forums has been added to the "Help" menu.

Version 4.8.8

19th January 2009

The new release fixes two minor bugs:

  • if a micro break is showing when you temporarily disable breaks, the dialog is no longer "stuck" onthe screen
  • when you manually change stretches the stretch timer now correctly restarts the stretching time

Version 4.8.7

29th October 2008

This fixes a display bug due to a change of behavior (bug?) in WebKit that caused the stretching instructions to bedisplayed in tiny 9 pixel text!?

Version 4.8.6

28th October 2008

The new release adds improved menu item feedback.

Version 4.8.5

30th September 2008

This new release focuses on better support for stylus and tablet user input devices.

  • added questions about stylus and tablet use to the setup assistant which now choose appropriate settings foryou
  • added more "relaxed" activity measurement settings to cope with the "jitter" of stylus inputdevices
  • added additional tool tips to clarify some settings

Version 4.8.1

14th July 2008

This is a minor bug fix correcting a spelling mistake in the stretch instructions.

Version 4.8

29th April 2008

The latest release includes complete a complete Apple Help Book for the program.

Version 4.7.5

23rd January 2008

The new version allows the voice volume to be adjusted from within the MacBreakZ preferences.

Version 4.7

12th December 2007

The new version:

  • adds two additional stretches by British illustrator Nick Miller, bringing the total up to 42 stretches
  • improves compatibility with Leopard's Spaces
  • tweaks messages display for better readability
  • fixes minor display problems

Version 4.6.5

23rd October 2007

Delivers Leopard compatibility and makes some minor corrections.

Version 4.6

3rd October 2007

The new version addresses a typical situation that everybody runs into when using a break timer: Sometimes you wantto be sure not to be interrupted for a while.

Whether you're giving a presentation, showing your boss the latest figures or you simply positively need to get onwith it, it would be great if you could disable the program for just a little while.

The new release allows you to disable the program for:

  • the next 2 hours
  • the next 4 hours
  • the rest of the day

As soon as you're done, MacBreakZ will unobtrusively re-activate itself.

Version 4.5

4th September 2007

The new version allows you to switch off the "Clock keeps running" and "Clock runs backwards"features of the activity monitor.

These features were designed to minimize the number of breaks by ensuring that breaks only occur after prolongedtyping or mousing. This "rewards" you when you use your input devices sparingly (a good idea!) by forcingfewer breaks on you. In this manner as long as you work safely, you may never get interrupted by a forced break.

Postural problems, headaches and eye-strain prevention, however, are more tightly linked to the amount of time youspend in front of the computer than your activity level. Switching off the "clock runs backwards" featurecan make you benefit from more frequent and more regular stretch breaks.

Version 4.4

11th July 2007

Apple's DVD Player application simulates user activity during playback to prevent the screen saver fromactivating.

This "fake" user activity is now ignored by MacBreakZ, making it safer to watch DVD's while running it.

Version 4.3

28th March 2007

The new version adds the ability to add your own stretches to the program.

Version 4.2.5

18th February 2007

This minor update significantly reduces CPU utilization.

Version 4.2

31st January 2007

The new version adds 10 additional stretches, as well as some minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 4.1

20th December 2006

New features:

  • a new stretch manager allows you to choose which stretches you want to perform
  • alternative representation for activity level in the menu bar item
  • change the activity monitor's influence on the clock to make it more intuitive
  • option not to show stretches or ergonomic tips

Version 4.0 Final

28th November 2006

The first full release of version 4.

Changes from beta 3:

  • 20 additional stretches
  • "informal" stretching illustrations redone completely
  • Fixed adaptation mode problem

Version 4.0 Beta 3

19th October 2006

New Features:

  • Setup Assistant guides users to find an optimal initial setup that corresponds to their needs,preferences and work environment
  • adaptation mode allows break duration and interval to be gradually changed over an "adaptationperiod"
  • sounds are now played through the "sound effects" device, so can be played by the built-inspeaker rather than the hifi system for example
  • option to enforce breaks so that they cannot be manually skipped
  • new application icon
  • application icon indicates activity level
  • user manual now available and linked from the Help menu

Improvements & Fixes

  • activity measurement is more "relaxed" by default and can be adjusted across a larger range
  • it is now possible to customize the colors used in the activity menu bar
  • by default a darker green color is used in the activity menu bar to improve readability
  • more stretches per break by default due to popularity of the feature
  • microbreaks are automatically dismissed after being ignored for 90 seconds (no stop to the activity)
  • the same stretch will no longer appear several times in a single rest break
  • fixed microbreaks bug
  • corrected some spelling mistakes
  • trial period restarts for 3rd beta
  • unlock code is now easier to enter when dock item is hidden

Version 4.0 Beta 2

4th October 2006

The new version add a new user interface mode that allows the menu bar and the dock icon to be hidden for morediscrete operation.

The volume of the built-in sounds has been reduced, microbreaks are now more configurable, the defaults havebeen improved. The new release also contains a number of other refinements as well as some minor bug fixes.

MacBreakZ 5 (net.publicspace.mb5) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is MacBreakZ 5 5.30. The most popular version of this application used by our users is MacBreakZ 5 5.06.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/MacBreakZ 5.app

Bundle Information: Version 5.03

Copyright: Copyright Frank Reiff 2011. All Rights Reserved.