What's New
MotionTools Final v2.1.1
Released: March,28th, 2011

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug with unified Dongle making the setup dialog not appearing.
  • Fixed: launching MotionTools.exe twice opens the configurator.
MotionTools Final v2.1.0
Released: December,21th, 2010

  • New: You can now manage iPhone devices. You have access through two buttons. One in the Settings panel, and the "settings" button next to device icon in the configurator.
  • Changed: Now when no device connected you can still access the Settings panel.
  • Fixed: #1331: keyboard action not launching on Vista.
MotionTools Final v2.0.0
Released: November,16th, 2010

  • New: Full support of "air Mouse" for iPhone.
MotionTools Final v1.3.18
Released: October,14th, 2010

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug with unified dongle default case.
MotionTools Final v1.3.17
Released: October,14th, 2010

  • Fixed #1175: Error while resizing in the spotlight on a secondary screen
  • Fixed : Safari shortcuts were not working in some cases.
  • Fixed: New keystroke maker.
  • Fixed: Added a default case configuration for the unified dongle.

MotionTools Final v1.3.16
Released: September,7th, 2010

  • Fixed #997: some action where showing option button when no option available.
  • Fixed : missing icon for PowerPoint. New itunes icon.
  • Fixed #1002: cheat shit was grabbing focus.
  • Fixed #1003: unexpected behavior when resizing in Spotlight Action.
  • Fixed #1005: Some actions' toolbars were showing wrong transparency status.
  • Fixed #1006: Discrepancies between hide/reveal orientations in toolbar and configurator.
  • Fixed #1007: reseting default parameters was not fully functional in Hide/Reveal Action toolbox.
  • Fixed #1009 and #1027: Pointer wasn't click-through and was causing unexpected behaviors.
  • Fixed #1010 and #1004: Combobox were not working correctly in actions' toolbars.
  • Fixed #1012: On-screen keyboard was crashing under Leopard.
  • Fixed #1020: Graphical bug in context tooltips, button truncated.
  • Fixed #1021: Button to open Mouse properties wasn't working on Leopard.
  • Fixed #1022: Cheat shit not available when gestures disable.
  • Fixed #1023: While updating, the displayed MT version is incomplete.

MotionTools Final v1.3.15
Released: September,1st, 2010

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug in powerpoint where launching an action would exit the slideshow.
  • Fixed: fixed the default case when no paired device to AME.

MotionTools Final v1.3.14
Released: July,29th, 2010

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug making some actions not working in a few applications likekeynote.
  • Fixed: fixed a bug making applications not launching on case sensitive systems.

MotionTools Final v1.3.13
Released: July,28th, 2010

  • Fixed: fixed a problem with AMGP now showing up.
  • Fixed: fixed a bug with applications icon in context tooltips.

MotionTools Final v1.3.12
Released: June,25th, 2010

  • New: We can now see the version of the dongle firmware in the Motiontools icon's menu and in the "Settings" page.

MotionTools Final v1.3.11
Released: May,12th, 2010

  • Changed: graphical actions are back in the presentation context.However, if the current application is Keynotethe action won't launch and you will get a notification of incompatibility.

MotionTools Beta v1.3.10
Released: May,11th, 2010

  • Fixed: #691: Most graphical actions were not working correctly with keynote. They are not available for keynote anymore.
  • Fixed: #708: AirVolume was not working under OSX 10.5.

MotionTools Beta v1.3.9
Released: May,10th, 2010

  • Fixed: #666: Finally fixed to CustomDialog Bug. You can now choose custom font, image, color directly from actions.

MotionTools Beta v1.3.8
Released: May,4th, 2010

  • Changed: "Windows" action category renamed to "OSX". Added all "OSX" actions to all contexts.
  • Fixed: #689: Some actions were not working with Firefox.
  • Fixed: #688: Closing the AirVolume closed open presentations.
  • Fixed: #690: Default profile was broken.
  • Fixed: #692: Removed "Previous/Next Doc" and replaced it by "Previous/Next tab" in the Internet Context.
  • Fixed: #645: New gesture algorithm. Works better in general.
  • Fixed: #592: When dropping an action, we had a wrong animation.

MotionTools Beta v1.3.7
Released: April,30th, 2010

  • Fixed: #673: Itunes actions were not working if Spaces was enable.
  • Fixed: #684: The pointer wasn't clickthrough. Now it is.
  • Fixed: #686: Launching custom applications like "Photo Booth" were not working.

MotionTools Beta v1.3.6
Released: April,28th, 2010

  • Fixed: #671: Some actions require accessibility access . Now if admin it will be done automatically.If not your password will be asked ONCE!
  • Fixed: #672: the print screen action wasn't working.
  • Fixed: jpg/gif/tif images couldn't be loaded in MotionTools.

MotionTools Beta v1.3.5
Released: April,27th, 2010

  • Fixed: Rollback on last version which broke almost everything ...

MotionTools Beta v1.3.4
Released: April,26th, 2010

  • Fixed: #642: All buttons were muting in The AirVolume.
  • Fixed: #643: In the stamp action. When starting a new resize, you were loosing you last rotation angle.
  • Fixed: #644: If an image couldn't be loaded by an action, we must not add it to the toolbar's image combobox.
  • Fixed: #645: tried to improve the gesture recognition system.

MotionTools Beta v1.3.3
Released: April,22nd, 2010

  • Fixed: #613: Corrected a graphical bug (black background) in the AirVolume.
  • Fixed: #618: While in an action, clicking an icon in the menu bar activated the menu.It shouldn't.

MotionTools Beta v1.3.2
Released: April,21st, 2010

  • Fixed: #600 and #601: Web browser actions (back, forward) weren't working with spaces enabledor when you are in a text input area.
  • Fixed: Firefox wasn't supported.

MotionTools Beta v1.3.1
Released: April,21st, 2010

  • Fixed: #598:Some actions were not working under Chrome. Chromium wasn't truly supported.
  • Fixed: #597: With gesture off, we still had some gesture effects like mouse relocation.
  • Fixed: #594: Keyboard action wasn't working on non-dev machines.
  • Fixed: #593: Popup action wasn't working.

MotionTools (com.gyration.motiontools) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is MotionTools 2.1.1. The most popular version of this application used by our users is MotionTools 1.3.11.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/MotionTools.app

Bundle Information: Your Gyration's Mouse companion

Copyright: Copyright (c) Gyration