What's New

Changes in revision 15:

Note: An early build accidentally only included 64bit support. An updated build with 32bit support has been published, you only need to redownload if you need 32bit support.

This updated requires OS X 10.6 and an Intel processor. OS X 10.5 and PPC are no longer supported.


  • Add option to open files in either new or frontmost window, optionally reusing idle windows when possible.
  • Updated help (big thanks to Bilal Hussain!).
  • Add menu items to play previous/next episode (Bilal Hussain).
  • Add menu item to reset the volume.
  • Improved support for multichannel audio.
  • Updated file type and preferences icons (thanks to Bilal Hussain and Yummygum).


  • The App is now code-signed for Mountain Lion and Mavericks.
  • Add proxy icon to window title (Bilal Hussain)
  • Inspector title is now a label - double click to edit.
  • Improved inspector layout (Johan Lundström).
  • Better skip icons in player window (Johan Lundström).
  • Use 00:00:00 for undefined timestamps instead of xx:xx:xx (Johan Lundström).
  • Only show the application name in the title bar if no file is open (Dako).
  • Add fit to screen window sizing option to menu as well (Dako).
  • Auto-detect number of output channels of current audio device, add option to override.
  • Add support for more default MPlayer keybindings.
  • Try to play files even if extension is missing or unknown.
  • Cleaned up file types and type descriptions (Bilal Hussain).
  • Use BT.709 color matrix for HD video (Stefano Pigozzi).
  • Make ontop option a toggle and split off "only while playing", allowing to make a menu command to toggle ontop.
  • Application size down 38% by dropping PPC support, removing unnecessary libraries and only needing one MPlayer binary now that FFmpeg-MT has been merged.


  • Fix menu bar not disappearing in Mavericks in some cases.
  • Work around exception when opening the open panel.
  • Fix blank open dialog and fullscreen scrubbing bar flicker.
  • Fix andimprove sleep prevention (allow sleep when playing only audio or while paused).
  • Keep window on screen when resizing using the menu commands.
  • Fix video size not matching actual display size of video.
  • Fix blacking windows not having the same window level as the main window.
  • Fix MPlayer and OS X channel layouts not matching for multichannel audio.
  • Fix volume being reset after changing audio tracks.
  • Fix playing VIDEO_TS folders with a dash in their path.
  • Fix audio stream cycling using the '#' key.
  • Fix some preferences items not prompting for playback restart.
  • Fix subtitle scale set in inspector being applied incorrectly (Johan Lundström).

New MPlayer build from 10. November 2013 (r36505)

  • FFmpeg-MT has been merged into main FFmpeg! No longer separate binaries for the two.
  • Set up build system from scratch and removed lots of libraries. Now using system libraries where possible, removed features should be covered by ffmpeg.
  • Includes support for 10bit h264.
  • Fix for AC3 and DTS passthrough.

MPlayer OSX Extended (hu.mplayerhq.mplayerosx.extended) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is MPlayer OSX Extended 1511. The most popular version of this application used by our users is MPlayer OSX Extended 1.0 ext5.

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.6