What's New

N.E.D. 3.3.12

  • New in N.E.D. 3.3.12
    • Adds Select All / Deselect All in downloads view.
    • Media can now be played from the Library level and the Section Level.
    • Bug fix: Media UI buttons update correctly while media is playing.

N.E.D. 3.3.11

  • New in N.E.D. 3.3.11
    • Fixed a crash when showing/hiding certain items in the Library.

N.E.D. 3.3.10

  • New in N.E.D. 3.3.10
    • Fixed issue to enable videos to download when the users password contains special characters

N.E.D. 3.3.9

  • New in N.E.D. 3.3.9
    • Bug fixes.

N.E.D. 3.3.8

  • New in N.E.D. 3.3.8
    • Added Course Versions into library view

N.E.D. 3.3.7

  • New in N.E.D. 3.3.7
    • Removed the Demos button

N.E.D. 3.3.6

  • New in N.E.D. 3.3.6
    • The application is now a universal build which enables both intel and PPC users

N.E.D. 3.3.5

  • New in N.E.D. 3.3.5
    • Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to view movies on 10.6 and 10.7 after updating from an earlier version of N.E.D.

N.E.D. 3.3.4

  • New in N.E.D. 3.3.4
    • Fixed a crash that would not allow 10.5 intel systems to run N.E.D.

N.E.D. 3.3.2

  • New in N.E.D. 3.3.2
    • Intel System Required
    • Do not update if you are running on a PPC Mac
    • Fixed playback buttons sticking

N.E.D. 3.3.1

  • New in N.E.D. 3.3.1
    • Changes web calls to be more future proof

N.E.D. 3.3

  • New in N.E.D. 3.3
    • Removed tutorial syncing
      • syncing is no longer required - Tutorials can be download via N.E.D.i
    • Fixes burning issues
    • Fixes downloading issues

N.E.D. 3.0

  • New in N.E.D. 3.0
    • Cleaner, improved user interface
    • Integrated Tutorial managment
    • More intuitive download managment
    • Improved video playback
    • Improved document handling
    • Various other improvments

N.E.D. (com.nonlineareducating.ned3) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is N.E.D. 355. The most popular version of this application used by our users is N.E.D. 336.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/N.E.D..app

Bundle Information: 3.3, (c) 2009 Nonlinear Educating Inc.