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May 2, 2014
January 18, 2013

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What's New

We always recommend updating to our latest release. The changes listed below apply to NOTION3, they may not all be applicable to specific SLE versions.

3.2.9960Fix: Fermatas being ignored if the following measure did not have notesFix: Default behavior of fermatas and other pauses are not to halt playback unless double-click edited to set durationFix: Arpeggio rendering/insert issues with grand staffFix: Silent playback of notes on repeats, jumps and codas in certain situationsFix: Layout issues in Score Setup with certain scores

3.2.9927Updated UI Palette to include techniques for new sounds.

3.2.9925OSX Lion CompatiblityFixes and Enhancements to Sample LibrarySupport of New Sound KitsCompatibility with Progression for iPadAddition of iPad/Mobile Distortion VSTGuitar Pro File Import (versions 3-5)UI Fixes and UpdatesNew Score Layout, Page Margin and Printing OptionsFixed lyrics tool to avoid collisionsScore rendering fixes including TAB notation improvementsDelete function fixed for TAB staffsFixed playback of muted open notes on fretted instrumentsArpeggio playback timing fixedNote on/Note off message timing fixed for VSTi pluginsFixed playback of Fermatas and Cesuras in NTempo ModeNTempo Vamp issues resolvedFixed false entrance after repeat barFixed Gliss Note Off in NTempoMade Sounds Update an optional processImporting of Brass and Woodwind sections with XML

3.1.281Fixed Trumpet, Bass Trombone and Tuba samples in ff dynamics.Fixed issues with installing prox files.Added Text formatting of Rehearsal Marks.Added VIPRO techniques to the entry palette.

3.1.280LSO Looped sounds update (woodwinds and brass).Added Hide Resting Staffs.Added Text formatting of Titles and Text boxes.Added VSL VI PRO support.Added support for circled half and whole notes in TABAdded ties on TAB-only staffs.Added parenthesis support on single tied note in TAB.Fixed Mixer interface issuesIncreased guitar staff default spacing for lowest note.

3.1.277 Add trill playback for Miroslav Philharmonik Fixed issue with latest edition of EastWest PLAY. Tempos/Rehearsals/etc are now immediately editable on insert. Effect settings reset when plug-in is added fixed.

3.1.275New randomization feature.Better support for GPO.Support for our new jazz sounds.MIDI export bug fixes.Safer in file saving.Faster score opening and editing.Several other bugs and improvements.

3.1.266New integration with SoundCloud.New 24- and 32-bit audio export.Beaming issues fixed.

3.1.261New beaming options.New built-in reverb.New mixer features.New MIDI recording features.

3.1.258Fix NOTION not showing as ReWire device.Fix import of certain MIDI files.Fix adding of ties and changed accidentals.Other bugs and enhancements.

3.1.256Added warnings on the mixer for plug-ins and instruments.Added classical guitar support.Faster opening and saving of files.Memory use decreased.Other bugs and enhancements.

3.0.250Expansion sounds are now available; see our web site to purchase these.Crash on the mixer with multi-channel VST instruments.Improved palette with techniques listed per instrument.Improved presets for VSL, EWQL, and Miroslav.

3.0.241Combined entry of notes, articulations, accidentals.Fix reloading of VST instrument data.Improved pan controls.

3.0.239New sequencer overlay feature.New option for real-time rendering.New chord construction shortcuts.Fixes to bends and vibrato playback.Security software upgraded.

3.0.236Improved MIDI input and import.Playback fixed on certain multichannel audio devices.

3.0.233Fixes issues with ReWire and VSL presets.Adds compatibility with NOTION 2 sound kits.

3.0.230Fixes issues with Jazz font, closing windows, and several other areas.Updates for Garritan, Vienna, and East West sample libraries.Adds transposition for step-time entry.Adds echo when notes are clicked.

3.0.226Issues with ReWire, multi-channel VST instruments, and Snow Leopard compatibility.

Notion 3 (com.notionmusic.notion) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Notion 3 9960. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Notion 3 10381.0.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Notion

Bundle Identifier: Notion 3 (com.notionmusic.Notion)

Bundle Information: 3.2.9960, Copyright 2009-2011, NOTION Music Inc.