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Important: do not click “Install Update”

A recent Apple security update causes updates through thiswindow to fail.

To update, please downloadPester 1.1b19 (for OS X 10.8) orPester1.1b2 (for OS X 10.9–macOS 10.12) and replace this copy ofPester with the updated version.

You must update Pester if you are using OS X MountainLion (10.8) or later: versions 1.1b14 and earlier will notwork properly.

Pester 1.1b15 and later are again able to update throughthis window.

Pester 1.1 beta 22 (67)

  • Pester is now a 64-bit application.
  • Use AVFoundation, Apple’s modern framework for video,rather than “classic” QuickTime.Note that this removessupport for image/PDF display and playback of some movieformats; please let me know if (and why) you rely on any ofthese.Because of a limitation of AVFoundation,audio from movie playback will be sent to the system soundoutput device, rather than the alert device selected inPreferences.
  • Fix multiple issues related to tracking and validatingrecent media.
  • Fix an issue introduced in 1.1b20 in which movie alertswould play their audio only, not their video.
  • Fix an issue in which the All Alarms window could beinvisible if alert restoration failed.
  • Fix multiple issues with setting and re-setting the Pestersystem-wide keyboard equivalent.
  • Pester no longer bounces its Dock icon when it isfrontmost even if you have requested it to do so, since thereis no supported way to do so in a 64-bit application.
  • Support natural-language date and time entry on macOSSierra (10.12), by linking to Perl 5.16 on OS X10.9–macOS 10.12.
  • Update to the current version of Sparkle.
  • Code cleanups and modernization without (intended) changesin functionality; remove some code which was never used.

Pester 1.1 beta 21 (65)

  • Use the current date when the Set Alarm window activatesand the date isn’t currently being edited, which shouldprevent an old date getting “stuck” and forcing you toexplicitly choose today or tomorrow.
  • Update application icon for Retina displays and modern OSX aesthetics — thanks to José Manuel Sánchez for thecontribution.
  • Don’t crash on startup if your default voice is adownloadable enhanced quality (”premium”) voice — thanks toSven-S. Porst for the report and patch.
  • Use SSL to retrieve Pester’s appcast, working around a Sparklesecurity vulnerability.
  • Don’t include Growl or Sparkle headers (reducingapplication size).

Pester 1.1 beta 20 (63)

  • Speed up launching Pester by delaying natural language dateparser initialization.
  • No longer use QuickTime for sound playback in mostcases.
  • Disable AirPlay output on OS X El Capitan (10.11), whichno longer supports individual applications playing sounds backthrough AirPlay.
  • Fix an issue where the selected sound output device wouldbe incorrectly reset if the default sound output device waschanged.
  • Fix an issue where the selected sound output device inPreferences would not be correctly shown if the list ofsound devices changed.
  • Fix an issue in which the media selection sheet would notdisplay if the alert sound was currently selected.
  • Fix an issue in which long date formats (e.g.,Portuguese) could cause the end of the date to be cut off atthe bottom left of the Set Alarm window.
  • Fix an issue where Pester would crash on launch if you hada Scottish voice enabled (others may have been affected aswell) — thanks to Horacio Mijail Antón Quiles for thereport.
  • Update the natural language dateparser, Date::Manip, to version 6.48.
  • Use Apple’s Data Detectors (reintroduced in OS X 10.7Lion) as a fallback date parser.
  • Support natural-language date and time entry on OS XEl Capitan (10.11), by linking to Perl 5.16 on OS X10.9–10.11.
  • Adjust some user interface elements to account for changesin OS X El Capitan.
  • Code cleanups and modernization without (intended) changesin functionality; remove some code which was never used.
  • Note: This version requires OS X 10.9 or later;1.1b19 is the last version of Pester to support OS X 10.7 and10.8.

Pester 1.1 beta 19 (61)

  • Display messages in help tags in notification alerts,useful when messages are too large to fit.
  • Display singular time units (second, minute, etc.) in thepopup menu as appropriate.
  • Improve speech voice handling: limit the voice pop-upmenu’s contents to the voices you have enabled in SystemPreferences; more reliably select non-MacinTalk voices(previously, the default voice was used); don't display«unknown» in the voice pop-up menu unless it’s currentlyselected; update the voice pop-up menu when voices are enabledor disabled. (Build 61: Fix an issue where Pester would hangor crash on launch in some configurations — thanks to JoãoNelas for the report; also, display the voice pop-up menusimilarly to its counterpart in System Preferences.)
  • Support natural-language date and time entry on OS XYosemite (10.10), by linking to Perl 5.16 on OS X10.9–10.10.Perl 5.12 remains in use on OS X10.7–10.8.(Build 59: Actually use Perl 5.12 instead offailing at using 5.16 on OS X 10.8.)
  • Adjust some user interface elements to account for changesin OS X Yosemite.
  • Update Developer ID code signing for Apple’s changes toGatekeeper in OS X 10.9.5 and 10.10.
  • Work around a bug in OS X 10.10 which initially scrolledthe first alarm in the alarm list out of view.
  • Update Sparkle to 1.7.1.
  • Code cleanups and modernization without (intended) changesin functionality; remove some code which was never used.
  • Note: This version requires OS X 10.7 or later;1.1b18 is the last version of Pester to support Mac OS X10.6.8.

Pester 1.1 beta 18 (56)

  • Work around a bug in OS X 10.8 and 10.9 which preventedspeech voice changes from taking effect.
  • Fix an issue introduced in 1.1b17 which prevented changesto the sound output device in Preferences from taking effect,or the Preferences window from being displayed after changingthe sound output device.
  • Improve clarity and consistency of time remaining displayin Pester’s Dock icon.(Build 56: Fix a memory leakintroduced by this change.)
  • Fix an issue in which the time remaining would not displayin Pester’s Dock icon on OS X 10.8 and later until you toggledthe option in Preferences.
  • Permit entry of midnight as “0” (previously you needed touse “00” or “24”).
  • Update Read Me for changes in Pester 1.1.
  • Improve display of Read Me.

Pester 1.1 beta 17 (52)

  • Support natural-language date and time entry on OS XMavericks (10.9), by linking to Perl 5.12 on OS X10.7–10.9.Perl 5.10 remains in use on Mac OS X10.6.
  • Make alert sound preview work like alert soundplayback.
  • Work around a bug in OS X 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 which causedtext in the About window to be off-center.
  • Code cleanups and modernization without (intended) changesin functionality; remove some code which was never used.

Pester 1.1 beta 16 (51)

  • Added Notification Center alerts on OS X Mountain Lion(10.8) and later.Use Notifications System Preferences tocustomize the alert style and behavior. If you select theAlerts style, you can click the Stop Repeatingbutton in an alert to stop a repeating alarm.Unlike Growl,Notification Center only supports one type of alert perapplication, so the time remaining confirmation is notdisplayed as an OS X alert.If you have Growl installed, itwill still be used for this purpose unless you’ve turned itoff.Also unlike Growl 1.x, Notification Center does notinform Pester when an alert disappears from the screen, sorepeating alarms don’t wait until you’ve dismissed the alert(or it disappears) to repeat.
  • Don’t wait forever for Growl 2.0 and 2.1 beforerescheduling a repeating alarm.This affects repeating alarmsfor which you have Notify with Growl selected butnot Display message and time.More information aboutthis issue isavailable here.
  • Optionally disable display of the time remaining until thenext alarm in Pester’s Dock icon, in Preferences. (Thanks toNur Monson for the contribution.)
  • Permit entry of 12-hour single-digit hour/minute timeswithout punctuation.For example, you can now type“930a”.
  • Mark repeating alarms in the Alarms window with a curvedarrow icon.
  • Remove an item from the Edit menu that didn’t do anythinguseful and should not have been there.
  • Add Retina calendar and volume icons.
  • Improve display of certain sound device names (such asthose of AirPlay devices) so that they are consistent with theSound menu extra.
  • Update the natural language dateparser, Date::Manip (fixes for Spanish, Finnish,French, Portuguese, Swedish and Turkish).
  • Fix tabbing with Full Keyboard Access enabled.
  • Improve playback of default alert sound.
  • Improve display of long alarm messages in the alarm listwindow and notification alerts.
  • Optionally log expired alarms to the Console.(Note thatyou can also view expired alarms in Growl or NotificationCenter, if you have the corresponding alert enabled.)This isnot exposed in Pester’s user interface, but you can quitPester, type defaults write net.sabi.PesterPesterLogAlarmTimerExpired -bool YES in Terminal andreopen Pester to enable logging; replace YESwith NO to disable logging.(Thanks to Mikey Reppyfor the suggestion.)
  • Fix speech previews playing through the wrong device whenyou change Play sound through in Preferences.
  • Greatly improve error handling when restoring alarms andalerts.
  • Offer to automatically move Pester to your Applicationsfolder.

Pester 1.1 beta 15 (48)

  • Fix rare instances where the Dock displays an inaccuratetime remaining.
  • Fix Read Me losing its section navigation.(If you'reviewing the Read Me on a Retina display, you may find it gainsunwanted horizontal scrolling.To work around this issue,close and reopen the Read Me window.)
  • Fix natural-language date processing on OS X MountainLion.Earlier Pester 1.1 betas are not compatible with OS XMountain Lion.
  • Permit entry of single-digit hour/minute times withoutpunctuation or an initial zero.For example, you can now type“930” for 9:30, where previously “0930” or “9:30” wasrequired.
  • Don’t require the discrete GPU on MacBook Pro models fromearly 2011 and later, on OS X Lion or later. If you’re usingan earlier OS X version or an older multi-GPU MacBook Pro,Apple provides no way for Pester to “opt out” of the discreteGPU.You may find gfxCardStatushelpful as a workaround.
  • Update Growl framework to 1.2.3.
  • Update Sparkle to work around a problem with updateverification that only occurred after recent OS X securityupdates.
  • Sign with Developer ID for Gatekeeper on OS X MountainLion (10.8).

Pester 1.1 beta 14 (47)

  • Avoid a crash that can be triggered by dragging the volumeslider quickly on OS X Lion.To ensure accurate volumepreview, drag the slider more slowly (or use the keyboard iffull keyboard access is enabled).
  • Fix a problem with relative date/time display where thecutoff for a larger unit was 999 hours/days; now displayssmaller units up to twice the larger unit.Multiple units arestill only used up to “days and hours”, not“weeks and days”.
  • Fix a few minor visual glitches on OS X Lion.
  • Update Growl framework to 1.2.2 for compatibility withGrowl 1.3 (OS X Lion only).

Pester 1.1 beta 13 (46)

  • Note: This version requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later,including OS X Lion (10.7); 1.1b12 is the last version ofPester to support Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.
  • Link to Perl 5.10 rather than 5.8, to support OS X Lion.Earlier Pester 1.1 betas are not compatible with OS X Lion.

Pester 1.1 beta 12 (42)

  • Display alarm remaining time in a friendlier fashion.(Build 42: don’t display “0 seconds”, etc.).
  • Fix problem where Pester keyboard equivalents involving the “A” key would not be assigned.
  • Wake up the display when a message is displayed.By putting the display to sleep with ⌃⇧⏏ after setting an alarm, you can thus use Pester as an effective visual alarm.(Just make sure your Mac doesn’t go to sleep or enter a locking screen saver before the alarm expires.)

Pester 1.1 beta 11 (39)

  • Added Growl alerts. Configure Growl alert appearance and behavior from Growl System Preferences or the Growl application (in 2.0 and later).Growl is optional; install it separately if you wish to use it.
  • If Growl is installed, display an alarm’s time remaining when it is set as a confirmation.You can disable this from the Growl System Preferences pane as well.
  • Fix Preferences not displaying on Mac OS X 10.4.
  • Fix intermittent failure to play the correct speech voice.
  • Fix memory leak on speech completion on Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Make date popup fully functional for French and more functional for Italian and Swedish.

Pester 1.1 beta 10 (36)

  • Fix regression whereby Pester would not come to the front automatically in Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Fix problems where various Pester keyboard equivalents could not be assigned; improve reliability of keyboard equivalent display.
  • Fix crash on speech voice preview.
  • Handle audio devices being connected/disconnected while Pester is running.
  • Really fix some long-standing inconsistencies between icon and Dock menu time display.

Pester 1.1 beta 9 (35)

  • If you have no snooze time set, then choose “until,” then cancel, restore the previously selected snooze duration.
  • Handle default alert device changing while Pester is running.
  • Allow keyboard navigation of the Read Me.
  • Expand selectable sound output device (in Preferences) to speech as well as alert sounds (Mac OS X 10.5 and later).
  • Make date popup fully functional for German and Dutch.
  • Fix some keyboard focus issues with alerts in the Set Alarm window.
  • Make Dock bouncing significantly more reliable.
  • Wait until you stop typing or moving the mouse to bring Pester to the front (optional, in Preferences).
  • Readd “– All” (remove all recent messages) via Option-click.
  • Fix launching on machines without English as the preferred language (sorry!).
  • Don’t allow setting =, `, etc. as the Pester keyboard equivalent.

Pester 1.1 beta 8 (31)

  • Added customizable alert sounds—the most requested feature. The feature uses QuickTime, so you're welcome to pick a movie or even a bitmap or PDF to use instead.
  • Added selectable sound output device (in Preferences) and adjustable volume for alert sounds. (Note: Pester doesn't yet respond to audio devices being connected/disconnected while it is running, although you should always get audio output somewhere.)
  • Baseline, ICU-based support for non-natural language dates and times is much more robust (for example, simply “20” or “8p” works to specify 8:00 PM).
  • Support natural-language dates in non-English languages via Date::Manip. I uncovered some bugs here, which the author of Date::Manip is working on fixing, but Catalan, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Polish and Russian should work fine. The date popup is limited to the days of the week, for now.
  • Optionally wait until you stop typing or moving the mouse to display a message. This is quite helpful so you don't start typing into the Snooze box when you want to be typing into another document. The feature is disabled by default; enable it in Preferences.
  • Handle time zone changes, many more time zones, and more reliably determine the time zone.
  • Autocomplete common natural-language dates.
  • Simplify tab ordering.
  • Better save and restore focus when you're working as an alarm goes off; will no longer bring unwanted windows to the front.
  • Open the Set Alarm window in the current Space when triggered with a keyboard equivalent or the Dock menu.
  • Switch to tomorrow automatically if necessary when tabbing into “on”. If you specify a time that's already passed, while the specified date is today, simply tabbing into the date field will switch the date to tomorrow.
  • Display “today” and “tomorrow” in the bottom left corner of the Set Alarm window.
  • Open the Set Alarm window in the current Space when triggered with a keyboard equivalent or the Dock menu.
  • If the Set Alarm window was visible when Pester was last active, prevent it from switching Spaces and obscuring a notification alert.
  • (Re-)added optional dock icon bouncing, which works more reliably.
  • Restored “today” item to date completion menus.
  • Fix horizontal resizing glitches in the Alarms window.
  • Save the most recent alarm message across runs of Pester.
  • Disable the “–” button when it would do nothing.
  • Added “days” and “weeks” alarm interval units.
  • Allow specifying intervals up to 999 weeks.
  • Many more bug fixes and full compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Pester 1.1 beta 7 (24)

  • Fix “Snooze until” times being an hour late in some time zones.
  • Fix speech voices displaying as dotted identifiers instead of names.
  • Fix crash on launch on PowerPC Macs running Leopard.

Pester 1.1 beta 6 (22)

  • Repeating alarms continue to repeat if they didn’t expire while Pester was not running.
  • (Re-)added speech alerts.
  • Alert help tags in the alarm list appear correctly in Leopard.
  • Changes to the field you’re editing are saved when switching between “in” and “at”.
  • Corrected validation of the alert repetition field which allowed you to specify zero (blank) or over 99 repetitions.
  • Pester 1.0 alarms no longer create duplicates of themselves on import.

Pester (net.sabi.pester) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Pester 67. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Pester 21.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Pester.app

Minimum OS version: 10.6