What's New

PowerMate Version History

PowerMate 3.1.0 build 3015 - 22nd January 2014

  • Fixed bugs.

PowerMate 3.0 build 3014 - 21st January 2014

  • Fixed sensitivity issue on OS X Mavericks (10.9).

PowerMate 3.0 build 3013 - 11th December 2013

  • Updated for OS X Mavericks (10.9).

PowerMate 3.0 build 3012 - 1st July 2010

  • General release.

PowerMate 3.0 build 3011 - 21st June 2010

  • Updated Sparkle framework to latest version.
  • Added duplicate menu item.
  • Removed superfluous PowerPC support.
  • Miscellaneous cleanup with emphasis on 32/64 bit compatibility.

PowerMate 3.0 build 3010 - 1st June 2010

  • Added multiple Growl notification styles.
  • Added organizational headers to Library view.
  • Improved stability. Specifically: eliminated a crash caused by a double free.

PowerMate 3.0 build 3009 - 25th May 2010

  • Added additional default light state settings: System Volume Level, Audio Input Level, CPU Monitor.
  • Updated artwork and button style for toolbar items.
  • PowerMate now remembers if it was running from the menu bar after an update.
  • Fixed a problem that would sometimes prevent setting a Key Action to the return key.
  • Set icons should now update to refelect assignment/unassignment properly when un/plugging a PowerMate

PowerMate 3.0 build 3008 - 11th May 2010

  • No longer executes Long Presses on any press.

PowerMate 3.0 build 3007 - 10th May 2010

  • Clicking dock icon will reopen main window if it has been closed.
  • Warn user when quitting that PowerMate will no longer trigger any acitions.
  • Capture triggers that would have executed if not in One Shot mode and don't allow them to fall through to Global group.
  • Added a one second timeout to One Shot triggers, where a one shot may fire again after a period of inactivity.
  • Can now tab between fields in the Growl action properly.
  • Reorganized item menu.
  • Tweaked acceleration curve used for scroll wheel and mouse movement.
  • Library button now toggles library window visibility.
  • Triggers can now ignore unchecked modifers keys.
  • Added a "Reset Default Configuration" to Preferences.
  • Fixed source list colors when deactivated.

PowerMate 3.0 build 3006 - 27th April 2010

  • Actually include help in build.

PowerMate 3.0 build 3005 - 26th April 2010

  • Adding license agreement dialog.
  • Save split view position.
  • Limit split view size so as to not hide item list or inspector view.
  • Save a copy of initial imported settings.
  • .pmset files can now be loaded by double clicking.
  • Added symbol (pointy finger) for button click modifer.
  • Added "advanced concept" warning for Match Light State triggers.
  • Item list scrolls to make newly added items visible.
  • Selection is updated correctly when items are deleted.
  • Check for update dialog not presented until the second launch is working as intended to present a cleaner impression on initial launch.
  • Renamed Hide Dock and Menu Bar to Show an icon for PowerMate in the Dock.
  • Added tool tips for numerous controls.
  • Added help button for selected item to inspector header.
  • Added ability to choose an application by dragging it to the Group application icon well.
  • Added description of saving and restoring item sets to help.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed multiple Global groups to exist.
  • Minor user interface tweaks.

PowerMate 3.0 build 3004 - 6th April 2010

Important: This update stores PowerMate settings in ~/Library/Application Support/PowerMate/Store.pmset. Rename Store.powermate to Store.pmset to preserve your settings.

  • Added Extras including sample scripts to distribution.
  • Application Menu now updates to reflect running applications accurately.
  • Ability to save and import sets via drag and drop.
  • Button modifier disabled for Press type events.
  • On launch, check to see if old PM is running. If so, ask to quit it before completing launch, or quit.
  • Ability to import settings from PowerMate v2.0 and later.
  • Fixed view mode setting on initial launch.
  • Created distribution image.

PowerMate (com.griffintechnology.powermate) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is PowerMate 3015. The most popular version of this application used by our users is PowerMate 3000.

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.5

Bundle Information: PowerMate version 3.1.0, (c) 2009 Griffin Technology