What's New

Propane 1.3.4 - Nov 1, 2013

Infrastructure Changes and 10.5 compatibility

This release includes support for an upcoming change to the Campfire infrastructure which is known to trigger room-loading problems for all prior versions of Propane. This update is strongly recommended.

Corrects problems using the new Campfire login system on 10.5 systems.

Propane 1.3.1 - Aug 28, 2013

Authentication Changes

In order to support upcoming changes to Campfire's login system, Propane now uses OAuth for login.

Notification Fixes (Growl)

This release includes an updated version of the Growl notification library, addressing various notification-related bugs.

Propane 1.2.5 - Jul 24, 2012

Mountain Lion Compatibility

Please read this note for information about the Keychain prompts you will see after upgrading to this version.

This release incorporates the Mountain Lion and Safari 5.2 fixes from the experimental 1.2.2 release, as well as a new Gatekeeper-compatible code signature.

Propane 1.2.2 - March 5, 2012

Safari 5.2 beta compatibility.

Please file bugs if this version is unstable for you.

  • Fix inability to upload files
  • (Hopfully) address crashes deep inside WebKit
  • Remove errant tooltip in the chat view

Image hiding of uploaded files.

Previously the "Hide Annoying Image" menu item was only available for image URLs, not uploaded files. This version lets you hide annoying uploaded images now too.

Propane 1.2.0 - Oct 5, 2011

Lots of little updates.

Text-sizing menus work again, Lion full-screen, Growl 1.3 support, additional customizations...

Read the full notes, especially if you like to tinker.

Propane 1.1.4 - August 2, 2011

BugFix: Lion / Safari 5 - first upload failures

Corrected a problem where the first file upload after joining a room would always fail.

Propane 1.1.3 - April 12, 2011

BugFix: repeated chat terminations

Your login session repeatedly gets clobbered if the room referenced by one of Propane's open tabs is deleted on the server. This should now be corrected and a message should appear informing you that the room is no longer available on the server.

BugFix: crash when selecting room in the lobby

Some people experience crashes when selecting rooms from the lobby. This should now be corrected

Propane 1.1.2 - February 13, 2011

Support for user-defined scripts

Propane now provides a place to load user-defined javascript into your running chats.

See this example for more information.

BugFix: markup visible in growl alerts

A recent change in Campfire caused "did enter the room" growl alerts to display html markup. This has been corrected.

Propane 1.1.0 - January 18, 2011

Support for hiding Enter/Leave messages

See this article explaining the feature, especially if you have edited Propane's internal stylesheet to hide these messages yourself.

BugFix: correct display of uploaded images containing embedded thumbnails.

Sometimes when displaying an uploaded image, the image would be smaller than expected. This has been corrected.

Propane 1.0.8 - April 4, 2010

Conference Calling Support

Ability to initiate a conference call (for accounts that support it) from the Room menu.

New notification and sound preferences for conference calls.

Propane 1.0.7 - March 5, 2010

Permanently mark alerted messages in the ChatView.

If a message matched one of your alert terms, its body background colour will now be a pleasant minty-green.
When you join a chat Propane will also search through the recent transcript looking for messages that need minty-green goodness :-)

Improved searching and alerts for tweet messages.

Propane now uses the text content of tweet messages when searching in-page and when deciding if an alert needs to be fired.

Propane 1.0.5 - January 27, 2010

Changes to Tweet URL handling.

Campfire now has enhanced handling of twitter status URLs so Propane doesn't convert them into Twictures any more.

Propane 1.0.4 - December 13, 2009

More compatibility changes for 37signals accounts

Interface changes to hide the Openbar in Propane. See version 1.0.3 below for more info on the 37signals accounts changes.

Propane 1.0.3 - December 12, 2009

Compatibility changes for 37signals accounts

37signals will introduce a new username and password system in the coming days. This release adds compatibility with the new system (well, that's the plan, anyhow...)

Note: Propane only supports username/password style 37signals accounts and cannot be used with OpenID.

Propane 1.0.2 - September 25 2009

BugFix: Crash when logging in if password stored in keychain goes missing.

The new SSL login facilities have uncovered a bug in Propane where it attempts to write a null password to your keychain if a) the host was set to store passwords in the keychain, b) Propane had successfully stored the keychain entry at least once before and c) the keychain item is now missing for some reason.

Writing a null password is a "very bad thing", resulting in a crash.

Feature: Link titles for truncated external URLs.

Any truncated URL in the chat view now as a 'title' attribute set. If you hover over a truncated link, or over any external image, a tooltip containing the full URL will appear.

Propane 1.0.1 - September 23 2009

Feature: Bounce Dock Icon option in notification preferences.

You can now elect to have Propane's Dock Icon bounce for messages and alerts. See the preferences panel, it's pretty straight-forward.

Feature: Indicate guest users and allow admins to 'kick' guests.

The names of guest users now appear in bold in the "Who's here" list. If you're an admin user, you can 'kick' guests by right-clicking (or control-clicking) the user's name and selecting "Kick Guest User".

Feature: Propane is now code-signed.

After this update you should no longer get those annoying keychain prompts every time I make a release of Propane.

Feature: (OS X 10.6 only) Save autocorrect and text-replacement settings in preferences.

Snow Leopard (10.6) has new options for automatic spelling correction and automatic text replacement. You can set these options from the 'speak' field's context menu, under "Spelling and Grammar" -> "Correct Spelling Automatically" and "Substitutions" -> "Text Replacement". Propane will remember your settings in Preferences.

BugFix: Campfire Security Enhancements.

Multiple fixes to make Propane play nice with Campfire's XSRF protection and SSL-enabled login (for non-SSL accounts).

BugFix: Correct input focus in chat views.

Under certain circumstances, the chat view's input focus could be set to a hidden 'search' field, resulting in the chat being replaced by the transcripts page.

Propane 1.0.0 - August 11 2009

*Un*Feature: Text resizing.

It's bizarre and sad to have to mark my 1.0 release by removing an established feature but I have little choice: the "make text bigger/smaller" menu items have been removed for the time being. The backstory and workaround are explained here.

BugFix: Eliminate crashes on startup for some users.

Related to the removal of text-resizing (above), Propane no longer crashes with inscrutable stack traces pointing to JavascriptCore.

Propane 0.9.8 (1.0RC) - July 13 2009

Feature: Downloads and Image display.

Propane (finally) handles file downloads and the display of images, rather than delegating that task to the system web browser.

BugFix: Clean up context menus for images and downloads.

Context menus for images and downloads operate correctly now.

BugFix: Protect against unread-counters deadlock.

A subtle bug in Leopard causes an exception to be raised when trying to set the dock badge for unread messages. This exception was happening right at a point where Propane had an NSLock in place, causing a deadlock and crashing Propane. The lock is now correctly released if Leopard raises the exception.

BugFix: Safari 4 page-height miscalculation messes up autoscrolling.

Campfire's page-height calculations are completely wrong with text-only scaling and the webkit that comes with Safari 4, causing Campfire's scrollToBottom() method to scroll to the wrong place in the document. This version of Propane alters the Campfire window manager to ask Propane for the true page size rather than try to calculate the size itself.

BugFix: /play now correctly ignores your sound preferences when you type /play.

The normal rule is to not fire extra message events like sounds when you type a message yourself.However, with /play messages, you probably wanted to hear that rimshot... so I'm obliging.

BugFix: Now with a little less ugly.

Finally got around to tarting up the bottom border of windows so it doesn't look so unfinished.

Propane 0.9.7 - April 30 2009

Feature: Sad Trombone and other custom sounds

Check out the preferences screen, there's now finer-grained control over sounds, including whether you want to hear "/play" sounds.

Feature: Hide annoying image.

Got a colleague who keeps linking to animated gifs? You can now right click on any external image and select "Hide annoying image" to turn the image into a regular hyperlink.

Feature: Ignore alerts for specific users.

This is useful if you have bots posting into your room but you don't want their messages to generate alerts.

From within the chat window you can right-click on a user's message and select "Ingore Alerts for User" (or "Enable Alerts for User" to turn them back on). You can also right-click a user's name in the participants list in the sidebar to perform the same action.

Feature: Improved chat sidebar layout.

The chat sidebar is a little prettier now. It also displays a little 'z' beside the names of people who are 'idle' in the chat (Campfire in a browser indicates this by using a grey text-color for the person's name).

If you are ignoring alerts for a user (see above) then a little 'x' will appear in a speech bubble beside the person's name.

Feature: Speak box font-size preference.

When my laptop is up on a stand and far from my eyes, the small font used in the 'speak' input box is a little hard on my eyes.You can now switch to a larger font on the main preferences panel.

Feature: Open external links 'behind' Propane

If you use the middle mouse-button or command-click to activate any external link then your system browser will open behind Propane's window.

Propane 0.9.6 - April 9 2009

BugFix: Search in transcripts autosubmit.

Fixed the search-bar to stop autosubmitting when searching transcripts

BugFix: Notifications not being delivered with certain user names.

Notifications would not be triggered if your user name contained regular expression metacharacters.

BugFix: Fixed the true source of the strange lobby room rendering bug.

Identified and fixed the conditions where rooms would fail to render in the lobby.

BugFix: various little ones.

Fix goofy artifacts when resizing windows to something *really* small.

Ensure keyboard events go to the right spot when shield window is in place.

Small tweak to make the 'leave room' state machine more robust.

Propane 0.9.5 - March 17 2009

Feature: Unified search bar with in-page searching.

The new 'unified' search-bar (much like Safari's 'find' bar) means that Propane can finally search the current page. Command-f will scope your search to the current page, while command-shift-f will scope your search to Campfire's "Files and Transcripts" search.

See this knowledge-base article for details on how to influence the style of search highlights.

Feature: keyboard-driven scrolling of the chat view.

Propane now sends up/down arrow events to the chat view if your 'speak' field is empty.

BugFix: fixed slow memory leak.

A small leak was present when refreshing lobby data that caused Propane to slowly consume memory if you left it running for days.

BugFix: strange failures rendering rooms in the lobby.

I have to say this is an odd one.I think it's fixed but I'm not 100% convinced I've dealt with the true source of the problem.

The list of participants for a room in the lobby occasionally would include a participant with a nil name, causing the cell that draws each room to choke.I've made a fix to scrub any nil participant names so the exceptions should no-longer happen, but you may see participant names in the form of 'user_12345'.

I'm still trying to track down why I'm sometimes getting a nil name when extracting the participant.

Propane 0.9.4 - March 2 2009

BugFix: Never-ending chat tab spinner

Corrected a small race condition was introduced in 0.9.3 which meant that the chat tab spinner would never stop.

BugFix: Unable to use keyboard shortcuts when status overlay window visible.

Corrected a problem where keyboard shortcuts to close and navigate between chat tabs were not available when the status overlay window was visible.

Propane 0.9.3 - Feb 27 2009

This is a significant refactor of the guts of Propane, paving the way for a lot of new stuff coming soon.

Feature: Leave a room.

You can now explicitly leave a room from the 'Room' menu.command-shift-L will leave the room and close the chat window. Automatic room-leaving will come soon but requires some effort to deal with sleep mode.

Feature: Chat participants displayed in the lobby window.

Current chat participants are displayed in the lobby, kept up-to-date with the next feature...

Feature: room listings automatic refresh.

The room list for all hosts you've logged-in to will be refreshed once a minute. This also drives the automatic-retry I describe below...

Feature: improved handling of load failures.

All but one of the dreaded network-failure alerts have been eliminated. Propane will simply try again in 15 (or so) seconds if a failure occurs.

The only remaining network-failure alert is if a network failure happens when Propane is currently trying to send your login credentials after firsttrying to load the host's rooms.It's a *very* rare situation

If it does happen,there is no automatic retry (it would be too annoying to pop-up the login panel over and over).You can leave the login panel open and retry manuallyor you can cancel the login (which closes any pending chats for that host).

Feature: improved feedback during host/room loading.

The lobby and chat views now sport some extra information telling you what's going on during a load.If a failure occurs it will reassure youthat it'll retry soon.

The chat view feedback is provided on a translucent overlay window that will disappear once your chat is ready enough for you to speak some text.

BugFixes: a couple of important bugs fixed.

Wire up the change-topic panel to correctly set the topic when the mouse is used to confirm the dialog.

Ensure long growl notifications don't get mangled during cleansing (the regex library I used was truncating the message text).

Propane 0.9.2 - Feb 5 2009

BugFix: images in room topics cause multiple failures.

Any room topics that contained images would confuse Propane rather thoroughly, in some cases stopping you from seeing updates from other chatters.

Propane 0.9.1 - Feb 5 2009

Feature: room topic display and editing

The room topic is now displayed in the header, although links are not clickable and long topics are simply truncated at the moment.

You can change the topic from the "Room" menu or with the command-shift-t hotkey.

Feature: tweaks to chat window layout.

The header bar looks less ugly now that the sidebar drag handle has been moved to beside the text input box.

Feature: view-menu option to change text size.

Your preferred text size is saved to preferences and affects all windows.

BugFix: Next Tab and Previous Tab should 'wrap'

The next and previous tab actions now cycle through the tab list, wrapping around to the beginning or end of the list as appropriate.

Feature: "Switch to Tab" menu.

The 'View' menu now has a submenu that lists all of the tabs for your open chats.The hotkeys of command-1 through command-9 can be used to activate the relevant tab.

Feature: lobby window is now a bit more persistent about showing itself

The lobby now shows itself if there are no other windows open when you switch to Propane from another application.

BugFix: alert UI issues and failing regexes

Disabled checkboxes were displayed incorrectly in the room alerts settings.
Room alerts were re-using global alert objects, allowing you to clobber global alerts when editing per-room ones.
Malformed alert regexes were causing the entire notification chain to fail. Malformed regexes are now ignored and marked in the UI with red text.

All fixed.

BugFix: registration form rejecting slightly-mangled keys.

Registration screen is a lot more tolerant of spurious whitespace in the key.

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