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Google Quick Search Box (Cobalt)

Thank you for working with QSB and giving us so much encouragement andfeedback. We really appreciate it.

Here is the long awaited next beta. Hopefully you find it has beenworth the wait. A handful of the many, many issues we have fixed are listed below,but some of the big highlights are:

  • Fully 64 bit.
  • Support for Move To.. and Open With.. and other more complex actions.
  • Support for searching Google Calendars.
  • Faster Spotlight searches.

You will also notice the branding has changed significantly. We are movingfrom being a Google project, to a fully open sourced project. This means thatwe will are now soliciting external developers. If you are interested inhelping out, please join the http://groups.google.com/group/qsb-mac-dev mailing list and get in touch.

You will also notice that some features have been removed (the big onebeing the Twitter plugin) but fear not. These have been moved to ourplugins page. You can find them herehttp://code.google.com/p/qsb-mac-plugins/. You may find some newfunctionality that you didn't know existed.

This is still a beta, so please file issues on any bugs you see.

Please consider joining our mailing list athttp://groups.google.com/group/qsb-mac-discuss.

Issues can be filed on our issues list athttp://code.google.com/p/qsb-mac/issues/list.

  • Hopefully fixed up a bug in the mount source that was causing crashes.
  • Moved to a new crash reporting system.
  • Issue 972: Added Copy To... action.
  • Calculator results now copy and paste correctly.
  • Added GoogleDocsSaveAsActions which allow docs to be save to a localfile.Spreadsheets are also supported as of the fix toIssue 595.
  • Issue 52: We now show the QSB immediately on launch in a disabledstate until we are ready.
  • Issue 354: You can now assign a function key to QSB. Thanks tospleaner for supplying a patch for this issue.
  • Issue 518: You can now assign control-tab as hotkey for QSB.
  • Matching performance (especially on regularly used items) should benoticeably faster. Also, cut down on useless redraw.
  • Issue 515: Play songs in iTunes in non-English locales should nowwork. Thanks to Philipp Comans for isolating this issue.
  • A couple of checkboxes in preferences had their scaling turned onwhich was presenting warnings at compile time.The scaling was unnecessary and was removed.
  • Issue 483: At startup, the search window was always beingre-centered on the screen.This has been changed to restore theprevious position and then perform a sanity check to insure thewindow is completely visible.
  • Issue 564: Some garbage could be seen in the descriptive textshown for More results because the descriptive string containedmore than one line of text.This is no longer necessarysince only one line of description is now shown,so we retreive andpresent only the single line of descriptive text.Also enhanced thetool tip for More results by presenting a URL when available.
  • Issue 533: Accented characters and other composed charactersare now properly selected during autocompletion.
  • Issue 570: Eliminated warnings when compiling .xib files.
  • Issue 481: We no longer show up at startup if we are a startup item.
  • Issue 502: When looking for the double command key tap we now ignoreit if there is a mouse down or up during the taps. Makes cmd-clickingthings much easier.
  • Issue 531: Phone numbers now get a "1" country code stuck on themif necessary to make them work with Skype.
  • Issue 561: Contacts now show street addresses as one of theirfields.
  • Issue 562: The default action for a street address is to displayit in Google Maps.
  • Startup now has a "progress indicator" of sorts. Our window appearsmuch faster at startup so there isn't any "hang" after launch.
  • Issue 567: Right after launching, some shortcuts could be missingcritical information required for performing certain actions,particularly for sources that may take some time to refresh theirresults.To fix this, added -[HGSSearchSource archiveKeys] functionwhich allows sources to provide additional information to be cachedfor a result.This information could still become stale if thesource changes while QSB is not running, but that's a differentproblem.
  • Issue 350: We now keep track of what space (as in spaces and expose)the user is currently in, and display the preferences on that spaceinstead of jumping to the first space that they opened the preferencespanel on.
  • Issue 597: Darkened the selection to make it easier to discern.
  • Issue 540 and Issue 600: The positioning of the results in relation to the searchbox should be much better now.There was a cycle of window sizeadjustments occurring which has been eliminated.
  • Added a new python search source for retrieving stock data, given astock ticker called StockQuoter.This plugin also demonstrates theuse of custom results views.See the comments inQSBResultRowViewController.m and take a look at the implementationof StockQuoterViewController.h/.m.
  • Issue 581, Issue 540 and Issue 495: The search box can now be moved closer to the edgesof the screen, the movement of the window has been improved significantlywhen the results panel is presented, and the result window is keptbetter aligned with the search box.
  • Issue 503: Enhanced the reporting of authentication issuesfor Google Accounts.
  • Issue 119: URLs containing encoded special characters were notbeing complete decoded.
  • Issue 568: QuickLook should no longer block up our UI, and icons ingeneral should load faster.
  • Issue 119: Pivoting on a web history result, refining thesearch and choosing the default action should now result in a validURL.
  • Shortcuts for items that no longer exist are now removed from theshortcuts database.
  • Added Firefox bookmark plugin based on work by Adam Ecay.
  • Added support for unittesting plugins.
  • Issue 435: A console message is now generated if there has beenan authentication issue that might stem from a corrupt keychain.
  • Issue 586: A new action allowing image and movies results tobe uploaded to Picasa Web has been added to the PicasaWeb plugin.
  • Issue 104: Added a search source for clipboard history. It allowsyou to search for items in the history or simply search for "clipboard"to see a list of the (up to) 25 most recent clipboard items. Selectthe item, then hit return or command-C to copy back to the clipboard.
  • Issue 630: Account passwords can be edited for an account, or theaccount can be removed, for accounts for which the associated keychainentry has been removed.
  • Added stars and cleaner icons to Google Docs.
  • Pivoting on a folder will show contents sorted by date modified by default.
  • Pivoting on an app will sort recent documents by date
  • Added Quit Others action
  • Issue 691: Added a localizable string for '^Upload to Picasa WebAlbums'.
  • Issue 660: Adjusted the minimum and maximum screen size to allowsmaller results to not leave any blank space in the results window.
  • Issue 550: Change the escape key to clear the current query resultscompletely and hide the results window or, if there are no resultsshowing, to dismiss the search window.
  • Issue 693: Eliminated the escessive reporting of access limitationsto Google Spreadsheet worksheets.
  • Issue 689: The Safari and Camino bookmarks file monitoring nowrecognizes file moved and rename events.
  • Issue 706: Fixed a problem where moving into a corpus directlyin the search box would render results improperly offset towardsthe bottom.(Caused by the fix forIssue 660.)
  • Issue 705: Pressing <esc> would completely dismiss thesearch box if there was still a search term in it with no resultsshowing.Changed it so that the text would be cleared at firstpress and the search box dismissed at second press.
  • Issue 713: Reduced the number of notifications to only thoseresulting from a user action.Console messages are logged for othersituations where appropriate.
  • Issue 674: Fixed Calculator source so it always shows the answer.
  • Issue 484: Turned on the sudden termination flag for Snow Leopard.
  • Added a "Set Desktop Picture" action for image results.
  • Added support for "localized string" in AppleScript plugins. You cannow use "localized string" exactly like you would in an AppleScriptbundle.
  • Added "Capture Region" and "Capture Window" actions to partially addressissue 622.
  • Issue 122: Added check for updates menu item.
  • Issue 647 andIssue 677: Some clipboard bugs addressed.
  • Issue 61: Added copy action.
  • Issue 757: Fixed a crash where a search produced no results.Thecrash was occurring because the Search Google for... resultwas being inserted into a hard-coded 'second' position though therewas nothing in the first position.
  • Issue 784: Weather results are now given a high score so that thewill properly appear high in the results.
  • Issue 758: In conjunction with the revised scoring mechanism,HGSSearchTermScorer now provides calibrated scores for perfect, strong,moderate, weak, and insignificant scores.These calibrated scoresare used for determining where results are presented and can beused in custom search sources.
  • Issue 789: The Glossy menu item in the Theme popup wasnot coming up as checked after a clean install even though 'Glossy'was the default.Fixed.
  • Issue 788: The gray autocompletion text in the search box was notbeing refreshed in response to various text cursor movements or whennew results would come in causing the result selection to change.Fixed.
  • Scriptability has been implemented for accounts and sourceextensions associated with accounts.It is now possible to get a listof the accounts which have been registered:tell application "Quick Search Box"get accountsend tellGoogle accounts can be registered using:tell application "Quick Search Box"register google account "daisyboone@gmail.com" password "kentuckyRules"end tellAnd source extensions associated with and accountscan be manipulated using the account identifier as follows:tell application "Quick Search Box"set exts to extensions whose associated account is "com.google.qsb.google.account.daisyboone@gmail.com"repeat with ext in extsget installed of extset enabled of ext to falseend repeatend tell
  • Issue 787: Python sources will now archive their icons for resultsso that they show up when used as a shortcut.
  • Issue 807: The main title for StockQuoter results would showimproperly encoded ampersands as \x26 due to improperly encodedJSON coming from the stock feed. StockTicker.py now filtersfor these encodings.
  • Issue 815: The results view no longer flickers in and out afterthe query reset timer triggers.
  • Issue 335: Fixed up the calculator so it uses the correct settingsfor separators (groups and decimals).
  • Issue 598: Apps on secondary drives that are dupes of apps on the bootdrive will have a lower rank.
  • Issue 635: Make our install process more user friendly.
  • Issue 572: Shortcuts should now be updating correctly, and shouldn'tget corrupted.
  • Issue 730: Fixed up drag and drop that regressed.
  • Issue 436: Fixes Google Maps not being recorded in shortcuts.
  • Issue 817: When pivoting on a folder, the contents of thatfolder are now shown above the fold, scoring higher than actions.
  • Fixed up a pile of Spotlight related issues.
  • Added "Open Again" action to allow you to open multiple copies of thesame app/document.
  • A new attribute ("HGSActionExcludedDirectObjectTypesKey") was added tothe actions configuration which allows the action to filter outresults types that otherwise would be allowed (by"kHGSActionDirectObjectTypesKey"). This could be used, for example,by actions that would normally allow all results ("*") butwhich want to exclude one or more specific types (such as"webpage" types and all of its subtypes).
  • Issue 631: A PDF version Google Doc result now shows with aunique PDF tag.
  • Issue 125: Adopt Sparkleas the update mechanism.
  • Issue 625: 'No Internet connection' notices are no longer loggedto the Console for the Google Docs and PicasaWeb sources.
  • Added actions for uploading to Google Docs. Files which can beconverted to a Google Doc (text, PDF, CSV, etc.) are uploaded for anyaccount type. Files can also be uploaded to Google Docs as-is for certainaccounts. Image files (specifically image/png, image/gif and image/jpeg)can be uploaded and then converted by OCR (optical character recognition)into textual Google Docs.
  • Added a Google Calendars search source. A search term of "calendar" willpresent a list of all 'owned' calendars for all Google accounts for whichthe Google Calendar search source has been enabled. Pivoting on aparticular calendar will present all events for the current day forthat calendar.

Quick Search Box (com.google.qsb) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Quick Search Box The most popular version of this application used by our users is Quick Search Box

Operating System: Mac

Minimum OS version: 10.5.0

Bundle Information: QSB - Cobalt, (c) 2005-2010 Google Inc.

Copyright: (c) 2005-2010 Google Inc.