What's New

New in Version 2017.1.2

  • Fixes an uncommon row alignment to actual track issue in program queue

New in Version 2017.1.1

  • Published tracks are now bolded in Play History and Album is now bolded for published items if Publish Album is on
  • Player volumes are now set to prevailing up volume when players are started without a fader start with auto off and fader starts on
  • Fixed encodings for Line In and Line Out names
  • Keyboard commands are now accepted again when Keyboard Reference window is showing
  • Added Advanced Preferences DisableAppToFront and DisableScrollWheelVolume
  • Triple segue using 3rd player for non-voiceovers is no longer used with Auto off
  • Spots can now use fader start for 3rd player
  • Waveforms and Cue button now update more properly in Track Properties after editing start trim

New in Version 2016.12.1

  • Added Airence console USB control support
  • Added new replacement tags for TCP and Serial Publishing and Custom Publishing. See Help
  • Default publishing duration is now set to the duration until the next published start time in queue
  • Auto Logo now resets after manually playing palette
  • Palette now highlights most recently played item
  • Improved time between multiple lines for TCP send
  • Added UDP unicast option to publishing
  • Now resets LEDs on Airlite and Airence on quit
  • Fixed publishing loop for default publishing when artist was filled but title was blank
  • Fixed voiceover reload loop when voiced-over track has a start trim
  • Fixed some publishing issues when different players use different outputs with different publishing
  • TCP and Serial no longer attempt connection if text will be blank
  • All listboxes use a darker theme when the window background is set to a darker color
  • Rows in program queue without tracks are now removed

New in Version 2016.11.1

  • Reveal in Finder should now activate Finder again
  • Sorted Spot list should now pick correct tracks for certain contextual menu items again
  • Improved spot list order and selection restore on relaunch
  • Twitter now sends a maximum of 140 bytes instead of 140 characters
  • TuneIn should now properly send the commercial flag when publishing default publishing

New in Version 2016.9.1

  • Build 2733: Fixed getting local time announcements in split DJ and Scheduler setup
  • Added Airlite UDP support
  • Better resets of Airlite button states
  • Changed TCP publishing text encoding from ISOLatin1 to UTF-8
  • Possible localization fix
  • Now filters line feeds out of grouping
  • UTI fixes
  • Modernized build structure and codesigning

New in Version 2016.8.1

  • Added USB HID control and Airlite support
  • Added Persistent ID support for marking tracks played in iTunes, logging, and web publishing
  • Added separate preview player control support for MIDI Surface and USB HID
  • Changed Advanced Preference iTunesMarkUsingAlbum to iTunesMarkUsingPersistentID
  • Added https support for CustomPublishURL
  • Accommodates MIDI buttons that use Note velocity to indicate on/off states

Radiologik DJ (com.macinmind.radiologikdj) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Radiologik DJ The most popular version of this application used by our users is Radiologik DJ

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Radiologik DJ.app

Minimum OS version: 10.4.0

Bundle Information: Radiologik DJ 2011.1.1, (c) 2007-2011 MacinMind Software, Inc.