What's New

Remotix for Mac 4.1.2

    4.1.2 (19027)

  • Option to hide toolbar in viewer
  • Option to hide application title in main window
  • Fixed cursor colors in RDP connections
  • Fixed possible hang on reconnect

    4.1.1 (19004)

  • Fixed scrolling with non-Apple VNC servers

    4.1 (18987)

  • Sierra
  • We've fixed several issues with Remotix on Sierra, including certificate view display, numbers of servers in scanners. Also, Sierra brought us the ability to tab arbitrary windows and we've added the option to automatically open new viewers as tabs. Enjoy!

  • Scrolling
  • There are several major improvements in scrolling: RDP now has horizontal scrolling and both vertical and horizontal scrolling is now inertial. We've also fixed scrolling sensitivity with VNC servers.

  • Timezone
  • Remotix now properly detects client timezone and passes this information to RDP server. This should improve timezone redirection if you're using it.

  • Other
  • RDP window size was not saving on close, fixed.

    4.0.2 (18533)

  • RD Gateway SSL SNI servers support
  • RDP TLS authentication SSL handshake fix

    4.0.1 (18438)

  • RD Gateway credentials saving fix
  • RD Gateway better error messages
  • Remotix does not show RDP error when disconnect is initiated by user
  • RDP desktop scale saving fix
  • RDP file redirection fix
  • RDP file redirection folder custom was not selectable

    4.0.0 (18393)

  • Multiple Computer Observer

    Monitor the displays of multiple computers with multiple pages and slideshow modes. Extremely useful in Mac classrooms.

  • Seamless Auto Reconnect

    If network connect is lost, Wi-Fi goes away, Remotix transparently reconnects to the machine. Auto-reconnect works for both RDP and VNC connections.

  • RD Gateway

    This is the most long-awaited RDP feature for business users, finally coming to Remotix. It took us a lot of time to do it, but hopefully we did it right and tested enough configurations so you won't have problems with it. Just in case you do - drop us a line and we'll try to find out the solution.

  • RDP Live Resolution & Scale Change

    Remotix automatically changes RDP resolution on window resize or fullscreen. You can also change the scale of the elements on-the-fly, without leaving the viewer. Note, resolution and scale change only works on non-server Windows editions, starting from 8.1.

  • Load-balancing Configurations

    Previosly Remotix didn't support RDP redirection, required for large RD farms. Now, this is fully functional.

  • Better RDP Network Speed Adaptivity

    RDP engine now performs periodic network speed checks while you're connected to automatically tune RDP features for the best performance.

  • Superzoom

    Zoom remote screen to the window size or fullscreen even if remote resolution is lower.

  • Connection Info Panel

    We've added HUD display of current connection parameters, including current rate, total bytes used and total time connected.

  • VeNCrypt TLS Authentication

    Remotix is currently the only client (as far as we know) supporting TLS VeNCrypt authentication used by ProxMox and TurboVNC.

  • Bugfixes
    • addressed the long-standing issue with RealVNC "Invalid protocol message"
    • you can rename "Unsorted" category (!)
    • there are a lot of small fixes here and there, and of course, new bugs!

    3.1.4 (16920)

  • RDP Audio Redirection fixes
  • Linux VNC ctrl+letters fixes

    3.1.2 (16920)

  • Crash fix on OS X 10.7 and 10.8

    3.1.1 (16900)

  • Stability improvements

    3.1 (16886)

  • Modifier key mapping
  • Hide local cursor option
  • Vino server secure authentication support (Ubuntu Remote Desktop)
  • RDP login is not uppercased by default anymore
  • RDP empty password login
  • Registration through proxy
  • Saving last category or scanner selection
  • Black or gray background
  • Improved URL handling

    3.0.6 (16083)

  • Stability improvements

    3.0.5 (16050)

  • Connect to multiple servers with one click
  • Remotix Cloud connections are more robust in corporate networks
  • Stored server online status fix
  • SSH empty private key password fix
  • Multiple display fixes
  • Visual improvements
  • Disappearing observe/control buttons fix

    3.0.3 (15808)

  • Stability improvements
  • URL handling fix

    3.0.2 (15707)

  • Stability improvements

    3.0.1 (15674)


  • Introducing Remotix Cloud!

    Connect to any computer from anywhere with zero configuration. Quick access code to help colleagues and friends.Set up trusted users to share the computer with teammates. And even manage your computers from the web interface!More info at remotixcloud.com

  • Brand New Interface

    Optimized for Mavericks and Yosemite. If you have lots of servers to manage, you'll love new server table view.

  • Your battery's best friend

    Due to extensive optimizations, Remotix is not only providing the fastest remote desktop on a planet,but also makes your battery happy.

    PLEASE NOTE: Remotix 3 requires OS X 10.7 or higher to run.If you have OS X 10.6 please do not update.

    2.1.4 (13794)

  • RDP apostrophe key input fix

    2.1.3 (13789)

  • Fixed RDP grid drawing issues (observed on Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Startup crash fix
  • RDP crash fixes

    2.1.1 (13593)

  • New design
  • Gestures: zoom, smart zoom, scroll and rotation go to the remote machine (Apple Screen Sharing only)
  • Server categories
  • Master password to protect the app from unattended access
  • OS X Mavericks Screen Sharing encryped connection fixes
  • RDP crash fixes
  • RDP timezone redirection fixes
  • OS X Mavericks font issue fixed
  • Caps Lock works on remote machine
  • Non-selectable .ssh files fixed
  • Can now open .rdp files
  • Miscellaneous small fixes

    2.0.5 (12361)

  • Show server list at startup option (useful for having Remotix in startup items)
  • UltraVNC disconnection fixes
  • Preliminary clipboard sync crash fix
  • Fixed scanners parameter saving
  • Danish keyboard < & > input fixes
  • RDP NumLock fix
  • It is now possible to select custom folder in RDP file redirection
  • RDP logout error message fixed
  • Fn + Ctrl + selection RDP fixed
  • Network activity now minimized when viewer window is not visible
  • Misc crash and stability fixes

    2.0.3 (12162)

  • Universal binary
  • RDP clipboard copy/paste crash fix
  • Other crash fixes

    2.0.2 (12143)

  • RDP on Snow Leopard fix
  • Crash fixes

    2.0.1 (12137)

  • RDP host resolving crash fix
  • Startup crash fix
  • Fixed right mouse click with apple server and vnc password authentication
  • Other fixes

    2.0 (12129)

  • Long-awaited RDP support, including:
    • Sound playback and sound recording
    • NLA authentication
    • Complete international character input
    • Clipboard synchronization, both text & images
    • rdp:// url scheme handling enabling integration with 3rd party apps
  • Ability to wake Mac and PC with Wake-on-LAN
  • Apple Screen Sharing encrypted connections support
  • Improvements:
    • Server list search & filtering
    • .vncloc & .rdp file import
    • Lots of bug fixes

    1.2 (10972)

  • MacBook Pro with Retina display support, including connections to
  • Drag and drop images, texts, URLs between client and server (Apple Screen Sharing only)
  • File transfers between client and server (Apple Screen Sharing only)
  • Remote screen locking (Apple Screen Sharing only)
  • Server list search support
  • Remotix does not require discrete video card anymore and correctly handles automatic graphics switching
  • Remotix prevented shutdown bug fixed
  • Automatic clipboard synchronization (all VNC servers), including images (Apple, UltraVNC)
  • New Mac-style viewer toolbar, toolbar state saving, window position saving
  • Session select now shares the screen without asking
  • Panning and zooming fixes
  • Lots of crash fixes
  • .vncloc handling & remotix:// scheme URL handling
  • International keyboard input fixes (x11vnc, UltraVNC), keyboard input style selection
  • Hotkeys for Zoom In, Zoom Out and Search Servers in server list
  • Portuguese Brazilian localization + localization updates

    1.0.3 (28)

  • Fixed crash on using SSH tunnel

    1.0.2 (27)

  • Fixed crash on viewer activation

    1.0.1 (26)

  • SSH host resolving fix
  • Scanners not saving fix
  • Lock indication option
  • Crash fixes

    0.9.3 (23)

  • Server List window state saving
  • CMD key sending fix
  • Improved locking logic
  • Translations update
  • Greatly improved help
  • vnc:// and remotix:// URL handling
  • Settings editor usability fixes
  • "Welcome" server list view
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • Settings moved to ~/Library/Application Support/Remotix Wild

    0.9.2 (22)

  • Cocoa server viewer (native toolbar, better resize handling)
  • Viewer windows position/size saving
  • UI fixes
  • RealVNC and X11Vnc keyboard input fixes
  • Show password option
  • Partial Snow Leopard support (incomplete)

    0.9.1 (21)

  • Crash fix
  • Japanese translation fix
  • Minor UI fixes

    0.9.0 (20)

  • Initial release

Remotix (com.nulana.remotixmacwild) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Remotix 19027. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Remotix 18438.

Operating System: Mac

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2011-2016 Nulana LTD