What's New
  • [Updated] Updated back & forward buttons to use OS X's native buttons.
  • [Updated] Added Retina-compatible icons.
  • [Feature] Support for synchronizing across multiple computers via Dropbox.
  • [Feature] Sandboxed for better security and in preparation for a potential release in the Mac App Store.
  • [Updated] Updated back & forward buttons to match Lion.
  • [Updated] New icon.
  • [Updated] ScratchPad is now 64-bit.
  • [Updated] Update Sparkle Framework to version 1.5.
  • [Changed] Secure updating is now used by default.
  • [Changed] "Go to Page Number" is now a HUD window.
  • [Changed] Updated code base (get rid of some of the warnings & depreciated code).
  • [Changed] Code optimizations.
  • [Changed] Next page and previous page keyboard shortcuts are now command+option+right arrow and command+option+left arrow, respectively.
  • [International] Updated German localization.
  • [Feature] Ability to make the main window transparent.
  • [Feature] Ability to float the main window above all other windows.
  • [Feature] Users can now automatically create backup directories of their pages and preferences.
  • [Feature] Backups can be re-imported into ScratchPad.
  • [Changed] Moved 'Delete Page' menu item to the File menu.
  • [International] Dutch localization added.
  • [Feature] Users can now delete pages via a new menu item or a new toolbar button.
  • [Fixed] Empty pages are no longer saved and also automatically removed from the harddrive.
  • [Fixed] Fixed a problem with the German localization and umlauts.
  • [International] French localization added.
  • [Changed] Added a 'Show Ruler' toolbar icon.
  • [Changed] Current page number is now shown in title bar.
  • [Fixed] Auto-save now works when navigating to a specific page number.
  • [Fixed] ScratchPad no longer responds to letters typed in the Go To Page Number box.
  • [International] Japanese localization added.
  • [International] German localization added.
  • [Fixed] Go to Page Number window now remembers its last position.
  • [Fixed] Fixed a problem with the bundle identifier -- users will be prompted again to check for automatic updates.
  • [Feature] Users can now navigate to a specific page by typing in a page number in a toolbar item or by selecting an option in the Page menu.
  • [Feature] ScratchPad now remembers the last page the user used. This can be disabled in the Preferences.
  • [Feature] Pages can now be exported.
  • [Changed] Added 'Page' menu and moved Previous Page and Next Page to it.
  • [Changed] Added License information to the Help menu.
  • [Fixed] The Preferences window now remembers its last position.
  • [Fixed] Terminology more consistent throughout the program. "Notes" are now called "Pages" everywhere.
  • Initial Release

ScratchPad (com.alexseifert.scratchpad) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is ScratchPad 1.4.1. The most popular version of this application used by our users is ScratchPad 1.0.

Operating System: Mac