What's New

We are pleased to announce the release of Script Debugger 5.0.11. Script Debugger 5.0.11 is a _free_ maintenancerelease addressing a series of issues that came to light following the release of Script Debugger 5.0.This maintenanceimproves Script Debugger compatibility with El Capitan (Mac OS X 10.11) and addresses a number of stability and performance issues.

Bugs closed in the 5.0.11 release:

  • 18293 Resolved a problem where the Close & Save alert that appears when closing a running script window appeared twice.
  • 13133 Addressed misc. stability issues.
  • 17988 Integrated Sparkle 1.13.1 to address security issues with software updates.
  • 17990 Addressed problems with the "Respond to applescript:// URLs" General preferences setting.
  • 17456 Improve the information presented when Script Debugger licensing problems arise.
  • 18122 Added the `performSelectorOnSDMainThread` and `yieldToSDMainThread` AppleScriptObjC methods to facilitate limited main-thread code execution within the Script Debugger environment.

Bugs closed in the 5.0.10 release:

  • 18233 Add CFBundleAllowMixedLocalizations to Script Debugger to allow mixed english and localized strings.
  • 18220 Script Debugger now detects errOSACantStorePointers (-1763) errors when saving scripts and offers to recompile the script to clear any AppleScript Objective-C pointers retained in global variables.
  • 18217 Resolved a crashing bug that can occur when accessing one of Script Debugger's document properties through the scripting interface returning a text range.
  • 18216 Resolved an error position reporting problem when the error lies within property definitions preceding the first executable statement in a script.
  • 18209 Resolved a crashing bug that may occur when the AppleEvent log os overwhelmed by events.
  • 18203 Improved the display of Raw Syntax in the result display and other explorers throughout the application.
  • 18199 Resolved a hard crash when recording the actions of other applications.
  • 18198 Resolved a long standing bug where Script Debugger would fail to display image data (e.g. iTunes artwork) in the result browser.
  • 18188 Resolved problems displaying errors for scripts running in the non-current tab.
  • 18183 Resolved a crash that may occur when searching a dictionary.
  • 18195 [Yosemite] Resolved a crashing bug that occurs when running scripts from the Script Debugger scripts menu.
  • 18186 [Yosemite] Resolved a hand that can occur when displaying tooltip expressions on Yosemite systems.
  • 18185 [Yosemite] Resolved a hang that can occur when compiling scripts with expressions defined on Yosemite systems.
  • 18182 Stability improvements

Bugs closed in the 5.0.9 release:

  • 18149 Corrected a problem with the 'considering' and 'ignoring' templates inserted through command completion.
  • 18121 Resolved a problem with external debugging where debugging sessions did not end correctly if the script document was not already open in Script Debugger when the debugging session began.
  • 18129 Resolved a problem where breakpoints are not properly sorted by line number.
  • 18134 Script Debugger now properly saves bundled user templates.
  • 18142 Corrected a problem where scripts created from a user template may sometimes appear in tabs when they should appear in a new script window.
  • 18138 Corrected a series of issues that arise when editing text substitutions while the list of text substitutions is filtered.
  • 18137 Resolved a crashing bug that could occur when Script Debugger is launched.
  • 18132 The 'replace' property of text substitutions can once again be edited.
  • 18127 Resolved a problem where the explorer fails to display items of lists within an application object property when displayed as the result of an AppleScript statement or as the value of a variable.
  • 18126 Resolved a Table Of Contents error that may cause items to be missing if a property statement contains - characters.
  • 18125 Resolved a crashing problem that may occur when initiating command completion.
  • 18123 Mavericks: Corrected a problem where Script Debugger's QuickLook plugin is not used to display previews of .scptd documents on Mac OS X 10.9 systems.

Bugs closed in the 5.0.8 release:

  • 18117 Limit AppleEvent Log to the most recent 5000 events.This avoids a potential memory exhaustion situation that can arise when scripts run for a long time or generate a massive number of AppleEvents.
  • 18111 Improve how Script Debugger activates its self when stepping through a sequence of AppleScript code that sends AppleEvents to an active target application.
  • 18113 Resolved a crashing bug that may happen when a folder within the Scripts or Clippings menus is renamed, moved or deleted.
  • 18110 Resolved problems that arise when the dictionary window is viewing an application that is later deleted using the rm command line tool.
  • 18105 Resolved a problem where Script Debugger would fail to overwrite an existing file when creating a new script from a bundled template.
  • 18101 Improved the handling of bundled templates when creating new scripts.Script Debugger only prompts you to immediately save the new script when its an ASObjC bundle.
  • 18098 Mavericks: Resolved a problem where the Export Run-Only Script and Export Flattened Script commands fail to work when running on Mac OS 10.9
  • 18100 Resolved a crashing bug that may happen in some instances when refreshing explorers containing AppleScript lists containing expanded object references showing properties in another application.
  • 18099 Resolved a explorer problem that arises when viewing AppleScript lists containing object references.

Bugs closed in the 5.0.7 release:

  • 18096 Mavericks: Added a new bundled script template option with AppleScript Objective-C enabled.This option only appears when Script Debugger is running on Mac OS X 19.9 (Mavericks) systems.
  • 18085 Mavericks: Resolved a hang on Mavericks systems with with Xcode 4.x command-line tools installed.
  • 18088 Mavericks: Resolved a problem on Mac OS X 19.9 (Mavericks) systems where typing a " character results in an open and closing quote character being inserted into the script.This type of quote character is not recognized by the AppleScript compiler and causes compilation errors.This change also addresses a problem where typing -- results in a emdash (–) being inserted into the script.
  • 18083 Mavericks: Support "interleaved" handler declaration syntax
  • 18084 Mavericks: Script Debugger correctly parses scripts using the new use statement.
  • 18082 Mavericks: Holding the option key down when opening a script bundle with an associated SDEF causes the script's dictionary to be displayed (this modifier matches Apple's AppleScript Editor).
  • 18081 Mavericks: Resolved a bug where SDEF-defined terms in Mavericks library scripts did not appear when scripts are opened in Script Debugger.
  • 18080 Mavericks: Opening a run-only script bundle containing an SDEF causes the script's dictionary to be displayed.
  • 18068 The Copy Reference command in the Variables panel once again copies variable references to the clipboard.
  • 18079 Resolved a crashing bug that can sometimes happen when displaying the Scripting Additions dictionary.
  • 18077 Improve 'path to me' support
  • 18072 Resolved a potential memory leak when closing the Open Quickly panel.
  • 18067 Corrected a regression in the 5.0.6 maintenance release where Script Debugger may crash in some instances when updating the Scripts or Clippings menus.

Bugs closed in the 5.0.6 release:

  • 18064 Resolved a problem where the shift key modifier was not reversing the meaning of the Open In Tabs preference setting.
  • 18061 Resolved some copy and drag issues involving the dictionary search results list.
  • 18060 Resolved a block-closing bug that happens when entering a new line into the end of the script and the last character is a " closing a string literal (application name).
  • 18057 Improved how Script Debugger determines how to track libraries when they are added.It now uses the libraries location relative to the document and the various "system" directories to decide if a library reference is relative to the document, the system or absolute.
  • 18056 Libraries can be re-ordered using drag and drop within the Libraries pane within the Resources tab.
  • 18055 Resolved a problem where pasting text with leading white space resulted in an extra newline being added to the end of the pasted text.
  • 18052 Printing has been improved to reduce the size of margins so that more text can appear on each page.Line wrapping is indented when printing as it is in the editor.
  • 18049 When deleting a newline Script Debugger now ignores any whitespace characters that may follow the newline.
  • 18046 [Crash] Script Debugger no longer hangs when a script running within Script Debugger sends a Quit Apple Event to Script Debugger.
  • 18048 Corrected a bug in the 'on adding folder items to' Folder Actions simualtor where the direct parameter was empty when running on 10.8 (Mountain Lion) systems.
  • 17711 Scripts can once again be printed on 10.8 systems.
  • 18035 Improved text completion to include command templates and placeholders for command parameters.Completion now includes templates for AppleScript control structures (if, repeat, try,tell, etc.).
  • 18039 Improved placeholders so that pressing return commits the currently selected placeholder.
  • 18038 Added a 'Open a Recent Document' control to the Template Chooser Panel.
  • 18036 You can now use the up and down arrow keys when focused on the Open Quickly panel's search field to select items in the search results table.This saves the step of moving focus to the search results table.
  • 18037 Resolved a cosmetic bug when presenting QuickLook previews in the Open Quickly panel.QuickLook previews once again begin their zoom from the selected item in the search results table.
  • 18033 Resolved a window focus problem when closing one of two or more windows viewing the same document.
  • 18032 Restored a Script Debugger 3 feature where Script Debugger only reactivates target applications when a script actually sends an AppleEvent command to that application.
  • 18031 Resolved a problem with toolbar item positioning in dictionary windows on Retina display systems.
  • 18014 Corrected a problem where Superclass information is not shown in all instances within dictionary class descriptions.
  • 18030 Resolved a regression in the 5.0.5 release where Script Debugger hangs when displaying object specifiers that refer to Script Debugger its self.
  • 18029 Auto-indentation no longer indents lines when editing within a string literal.
  • 18024 Added a new expert pref (PrefShowFullPathInWindowTitle) which causes the script window title bar to show the script's full path.
  • 18018 Improve Mail Rule debugging
  • 18010 Correct a bug where the Uncomment command does not function if the first selected line does not begin with a comment.
  • 18009 Corrected a problem where Markers defined in comments on the same line as a handler declaration don't appear in the Table Of Contents menu.
  • 17824 Factory default setting for Language Keywords once again matches that applied by Apple's AppleScript Editor: black Verdana Bold.
  • 18008 Script Debugger is now able to open InDesign 5 dictionaries.
  • 18007 Resolved a problem stepping through code that uses range object specifiers.
  • 17976 The 'Open In Tabs' preference was not being honoured when handling applescript:// URLs in web pages.

Bugs closed in the 5.0.5 release:

  • 17779 Script Debugger now generates bundle IDs for bundled compiled scripts and applets/droplets.A new Bundle ID field has been added to the Resources tab for editing a script's bundle ID.Additionally, a new Bundle ID Prefix field has been added to the General prefs panel to control the prefix used to build default bundle IDs when scripts are created.
  • 17119 Improved the accuracy of the timer when stepping through scripts, and when the Event Log is visible.
  • 17871 Resolved a problem where the properties of all text suite objects in the Tex-Edit Plus application dictionary are missing.
  • 17870 Improved performance when displaying large lists of object specifiers in the result viewer.
  • 17865 Corrected a regression introduced in Script Debugger 5.0.4 which prevents Script Debugger from recognizing when faceless background applications such as System Events or Image Events are launched or quit.
  • 17863 [Crash] Resolved a crash that can occur when undoing a compile operation where placeholders are present from a previous Paste Tell or insert clipping operation.
  • 17821 [Crash] Resolved a crash that can occur when using the Help menu to search the Script Debugger's menus and help book after the Paste Tell item in the Edit menu has been used to explore application object models.
  • 17815 [Crash] Corrected a crash that occurred when AppleScript returned the errOSAStackOverflow status value when Script Debugger is trying to determine if the value of a property or variable has changed.AppleScript may report errOSAStackOverflow when script objects contain very large arrays of values.
  • 17801 [Crash] Resolved a crash that may occur when the contents of Script Debugger's Scripts or Clippings folders changes while the Key Bindings preferences panel is open.
  • 17808 [Crash] Resolved a crash that can occur when a script with its event log visible targets an application that is deleted between successive runs.
  • 17780 Corrected a Script Debugger 5.0.4 regression which causes the Comment and Uncomment commands to eat newlines.

Bugs closed in the 5.0.4 release:

  • 17769 Resolved issues when using the Find panel to search for whitespace within a script.
  • 16268, 17765 Added an 'in window' parameter to the 'open' command in Script Debugger's scripting interface.When specified, this parameter causes newly opened documents appear in new tab within the specified script window.
  • 17761 Improved selection management when inserting clippings that use the [[select:]] directive.
  • 17755 Resolved a problem where text replace operations involving Regular Expression groups are not properly substituted.
  • 17757 Resolved a crash that occurs when a script document's 'properties' property is read while the document its self does not have a 'last result' value (i.e. has never been run).
  • 17742 Corrected a problem where it became impossible to close a window following an attempt to save a script with a compilation, and the user elects to save the script as text.
  • 17744 If you have any of the Activate SD On Pause, Activate SD On End or Activate SD On Error, SD will post user notifications to the Mac OS X 10.8 User Notification Centre.
  • 17697 Resolved a crashing bug that occurs when Script Debugger is asked to quit as part of a system shutdown or user logout.
  • 17736 Corrected a problem introduced by the Mac OS X 10.8.2 update that causes SOAP and XML-RPC events to hang when sent from Script Debugger.
  • 17730 Corrected a problem where Script Debugger failed to send Crash Reports to Late Night Software on Mountain Lion (10.8) systems.
  • 17685 Corrected a bug where the Event Log does not properly filter events targeted at remote machines (using the eppc:// protocol).
  • 17556 Resolved a problem where clicking on enumeration links in the Scripting Additions dictionary window dod not lead you to the definition for the enumeration.
  • 17714 Resolved a crash that occurs when an external debugging session ends with no result value returned from the script being debugged.
  • 17715 Resolved a crash that may occur when using the Forward and Backward buttons in Value Explorers.
  • 17710 Entering a backslash key no longer causes paired chevron characters to appear when the Auto-Pair Delimiters Editor preference is checked.
  • 17684 Resolved a crash that may occur when closing windows with the Event Log visible.
  • 17698 Resolved a crash that may happen when resuming script execution.
  • 17695 Resolved a regression that causes Script Debugger 5.0.3 to crash when displaying compilation errors on 32-Bit Intel Macintoshes.
  • 17707 Corrected a regression introduced in Script Debugger 5.0.1 which caused the Compile Error sheet to incorrectly display run-time error values.

Bugs closed in the 5.0.3 release:

  • 17364 Resolved a problem where external debugging sessions did not end correctly and could cause Script Debugger and the applet/droplet being debugged to hang.
  • 17486 Scripts auto-saved by the AppleScript Editor on Mountain Lion systems with uncompiled changes are correctly opened.
  • 17676 Resolved a problem where Script Debugger is unable to send AppleEvent commands to sandboxed applications (Mail, TextEdit, QuickTime Player, etc.) on Mountain Lion (10.8) systems.
  • 17674 Resolved a problem where script compilation errors were not reported properly in some instances when expressions are present.
  • 17667 Resolved a crashing bug that can occur when displaying the Progress dialog during a compile.
  • 17651 Resolved a problem where the Page Up/Page Down/Home/End keys don't work correctly int he Explorer Outline view.
  • 17641 The Bundle editor now allows you to preview the contents of files using Quick Look.
  • 17630 Resolved a problem where Script Debugger fails to properly copy multiple scripts embedded within a bundled script (.scptd document).
  • 17642 Resolved a crashing problem which may occur when a lot of Event Log activity takes place.
  • 17614 Corrected a crashing bug that can occur when saving scripts that reference non-applications with tell blocks.
  • 17633 Improve performance when running scripts once the Event Log pane has been shown, and then hidden in the script window.
  • 17616 Resolved a regression in the 5.0.2 release that may cause the Open In Tabs preference to be ignored when re-opening scripts.
  • 17631 Resolved a series of problems that may lead to Cocoa exceptions when using the Replace All command.
  • 17632 Corrected a newline problem in the XML manifest report.

Bugs closed in the 5.0.2 release:

  • 17584 Resolved a crash that can occur when closing a paused document with leaked resources (e.g. unclosed files opened with the 'open for access' command).
  • 17570 The Recompile command is once again operational.
  • 17565 Corrected a problem where Script Debugger would not quit if the top window is an Event Log window.
  • 17489 Resolved a problem where Script Debugger would crash opening multiple document tabs on 10.6.4 systems.
  • 17548 Resolved a crash that happens when the event log window is opened, closed, reopened and then closed while the document remains open.
  • 17528 Script Debugger reopens scripts in their tabs rather than in separate windows following a crash.
  • 17521 Corrected a problem where text selections may not be drawn properly following a Replace All operation.
  • 17512 Resolved a problem where Script Debugger may report a parameter error (-50) when a script stops on 10.6.4 systems.
  • 17517 Improve the presentation when confirming document saving while closing a window with multiple dirty tabs.
  • 17487 Libraries added from the Application Support folder now default to 'Relative To Application Support'.
  • 17480 Resolved a problem where Script Debugger crashes when launched on 10.6.4 systems.
  • 17505, 17543, 15974 Resolved a series of memory related bugs that may improve overall stability.
  • 17494 Improved performance when opening and compiling longer scripts.

Bugs closed in the 5.0.1 release:

  • 17450 Bug fixes to address stability issues that can arise when closing script windows.
  • 17372 Corrected a problem where 'CGAffineTransformInvert: singular matrix' messages may appear in the system console when opening documents in Script Debugger.
  • 17457 Restored the inclusion of script descriptions when printing script documents.
  • 17442 Resolved a crash that may occur when examining 'alias' object references from System Events in the result viewer.
  • 17443 Resolved a problem where the state of the 'Show Raw (Chevron) Syntax' menu item in the View menu can fall out of sync when this setting is altered using the Explorer's contextual menu.
  • 17427 Corrected a bug where incorrect filename extensions where applied when file name extensions are hidden in the Save panel.
  • 17396 Resolved a crash that may occur when dragging Suites from the Dictionary Outline in the Scripting Additions Dictionary.
  • 17424 Resolved a crash that may occur when updating the Event Log display.
  • 17423 Resolved a crash that may occur when displaying an entire scripting addition in the Scripting Additions Dictionary window.
  • 17425 The Result Explorer appearing within the Event Log initially displays "Empty" when first displayed.
  • 17410 Resolved a intermittent crashing bug that occurs when updating toolbar items.
  • 17417 The Template Chooser panel is closed (if its open) when a script document is created via an AppleEvent.
  • 17414 Improved the handling of quoted strings in the Open Quickly panel.Searching for 'tell application "Mail"' now succeeds where it failed to find hits in the past.
  • 17413 The Help button in the Open Quickly panel now moves properly when the panel is resized.
  • 17405 Corrected a problem with the fonts used in the Timer toolbar item.
  • 17406 Corrected a problem where the Script Libraries and Templates folders were not being created within the ~/Library/Application Support/Script Debugger 5 folder the first time Script Debugger 5 launches.

Script Debugger (com.latenightsw.scriptdebugger5) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Script Debugger 706. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Script Debugger 560.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/Script Debugger.app

Minimum OS version: 10.6

Copyright: Copyright (c) 1993-2012 Late Night Software Ltd. All rights reserved.