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April 8, 2010
January 20, 2013

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What's New

New in Sente 5.7.15

Several reference detectors have been updated either to handle changes in the web site format, or to handle additional page formats on a supported site.These include: Google Scholar, PubMed, ERIC, WorldCat, Cambridge Journals, ACS, IEEEXplore, ScienceDirect, informaworld, InterScience, and SpringerLink.

New in Sente 5.7.14

The PubMed reference detector for targeted browsing has been updated to reflect recent changes in the PubMed web site.

New in Sente 5.7.13

Added support for Sente 6 license codes.This lets users of Mac OS X 10.4 purchase a Sente 6 license and use it to run Sente 5.(Sente 6 requires OS X 10.5.8 or later.)

New in Sente 5.7.12


  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes be encountered when modifying reference editor views.
  • Fixed a problem in the author field that sometimes put the reference editor into an undefined state.
  • Fixed a problem in MLA 3 that caused the final period in a bibliography entry sometimes to be omitted.

New in Sente 5.7.11


  • Fixed a bug that could crash the software during targeted browsing or SRU queries.

New in Sente 5.7.10

Targeted Browsing Changes

  • Modified Sage reference detector to fix a problem with the search results page and added support for the My Citations page.
  • Added support for EBSCOhost RILM data source (Music Abstracts).
  • Added support for JSTOR detail pages.


  • Fixed a bug that could crash the software if all "favorite" bibliography styles were removed.
  • Added Call Number to the list of available columns in the main reference table.
  • Fixed a potential crash in the reference editor that could result from editing view definitions.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when there were two adjacent citations in a Pages document, and the cursor was placed between them.
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes caused smart collection contents not to be updated correctly.
  • Added support for newsitem, review, editorialmaterial and letter to the BibTeX importer.

New in Sente 5.7.9

Targeted Browsing Changes

  • Changed the Google Scholar support to handle changes made recently by Google.
  • Modified EBSCOhost reference detector to handle the advanced search results page.
  • Added support for (the Internet Archive).
  • Added support for (Karger Publishers).
  • Added support for additional types of pages at (US Library of Congress).
  • Added support for additional types of pages at (Science Direct)
  • Added support for additional types of pages at (British Library).
  • Improved support for journal table of contents pages at (Wiley InterScience).

Miscellaneous Features

  • Added support for some additional pages at the US Library of Congress.
  • Modified the RTF scanner to allow for LinkBack data in RTF files.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • For BibTeX import, improved handling of braces between quotation marks.
  • Fixed the handling of some of the RTF produced by Nisus when working with Japanese.
  • Corrected a problem in the APA format, where extra periods were sometimes added to entries.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when configuring the reference editor.

New in Sente 5.7.8

Targeted Browsing Updates

  • Added support for AnthroSource.
  • Added support for Emerald Insight.
  • Updated Google Books reference detector to handle recent changes on the site.
  • Improved operation of SAGE reference detector.
  • Improved determination of publication type when importing MLA data from EBSCOHost.
  • Fixed a bug in the Web of Knowledge reference detector that caused first and last names sometimes to be reversed.
  • Modified ACM detector to handle recent changes in site organization.
  • Added support for Related References pages on Web of Knowledge.
  • Updated Library of Congress reference detector to handle recent changes in site organization.
  • Minor tweaks to several other reference detectors.

Miscellaneous Features

  • Added bibliography format for JACS (submitted by Warren Beck).
  • Added InternetArchiveID as standard identifier.
  • The "DOM-based" versions of the Word 2008 and Pages scanners are now turned on by default for new users.Existing users will need to turn off the old scanners and turn on the new scanners in the plug-in preferences if they want to use the new scanners.The older versions of these scanners are still available and can be turned on in the plug-ins page in preferences.

Other Bug Fixes

  • In bibliography generation, improved handling of punctuation for forenames when only initials are used (e.g., "Wu, J.-L.").
  • Fixed problem in APA 5 bibliography style related to the handling of article titles ending with a question mark.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the handling of URLs in BibTeX export.
  • Improved handling of {} to force case in BibTeX output.
  • Corrected a problem that sometimes caused an ISBN to be assigned as the DOI for new references during QuickAdd.
  • Modified the Bibliography Fields view to fix a crash that could occur when changing the publication type of an existing reference.
  • Improved performance of "region selection" in large PDFs.

New in Sente 5.7.7

Targeted Browsing Updates

  • Added support for German State Library - Berlin.
  • Added support for Cambridge Journals Online.

Miscellaneous Features

  • Added import support for CSA Illumina data.
  • Changed Z39.50 query editor not to strip off trailing punctuation in search string to handle sites that do not support "begins with" searches, but which do handle wildcard searches (some use *, some use ?).

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected a problem with scanning files with names that include non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed several problems in the (beta) Pages DOM-based scanner, including: trailing punctuation was being lost; bold was not being applied correctly; elements with attributes like italics or bold were not showing up in the bibliography.

  • Fixed a problem in the handling of hyphenated first names when importing author names.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some valid Sente XML files to be rejected on import.
  • Improved handling of Dublin Core data (e.g., strip whitespace and trailing punctuation).
  • Corrected problem where author names were sometimes not being parsed correctly on Web of Knowledge data.
  • Corrected a problem with the Copy function in the Bibliography Format Editor that caused the wrong style to be copied.

New in Sente 5.7.6

Revised Pages and Word docx scanners (beta)

This release includes two new plugins, one for scanning Pages files and the other for scanning Word docx files.These new plugins are significant updates to the current scanners, and they support some new features, like the ability to produce scannable output files (which would let you add new references to the result of a scan and then scan this file to incorporate the new references).

These new plugins are being released as beta only, however, and they have to be enabled before they will be used.The existing Pages and Word docx scanner plugins are enabled by default in this release and we do not recommend switching to the new scanners if you are working on a deadline and the existing scanners are working well for you.

To enable the beta scanners, you will need to: (1) open the Sente preferences window to the plugin pane, (2) turn OFF the existing MS Word XML, or Pages XML scanners, and (3) turn ON the Word XML (DOM-based) or Pages XML (DOM-based) scanners.You can always switch back to the current production scanners by reversing the above settings.

Please let us know if you try the new scanners and tell us about any problems you encounter.

Targeted Browsing Updates

  • Added support for NASA ???, the British Library, and BCIN.
  • Updated the PubMed reference detector to handle recent changes to the PubMed site.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several BibTeX import and export bugs.
  • Fixed problem where a, b, c, etc. was not being added where needed when the % (year only) modifier was used.
  • Fixed a bug in the EndNote importer that caused it not to handle some files with multiple byte characters at the head of the file.

New in Sente 5.7.5

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the incorrect ordering of citations in groups in numbered bibliography formats like JAMA.
  • When a citation is not matched during the File > Scan process, Sente now places "**UNRESOLVED**" in the text at the location of the citation.
  • Modified the BibTeX export for Book Chapters.Also Publication Country is now exported as "address."

New in Sente 5.7.4

Miscellaneous Features

  • When Sente is in "reference selection" mode (that is, the user has asked to insert a citation in a word processor, selecting a reference and pressing Return as well as double-clicking on a reference are both now equivalent to selecting a reference and clicking on the yellow arrow to return the reference to the word processor.
  • Added an option to order bibliographies by author surnames plus date.
  • Added an option to control whether the normal separator is included between adjacent references in a group by the same authors.

Bug Fixes

  • Modified the parsing of search results from Google Scholar and Google Books to handle format changes recently made by Google.
  • Fixed a problem with character encoding when importing data from RefMan format from WorldCat.
  • Corrected a problem in bibliography generation when titles were converted to Title Case, where the word preceding an internal "phrase-ending character" was not being capitalized.
  • Modified the RTF scanner to better handle Japanese characters.
  • Fixed a problem in the Word 2004 integration that sometimes caused Sente to become unresponsive.
  • Modified the RefMan importer to extract Database and Language fields.
  • Fixed a potential crash in PDF import.
  • Fixed a problem in Chicago 15 N that caused cited pages to appear twice in the case of Ibid.

New in Sente 5.7.3

Miscellaneous Features

  • Added support for Pages '09 documents.
  • Added support for targeted browsing on
  • There is a new author name style in the bibliography format editor that includes the last name only, in upper case.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in BibTeX export that resulted in upper case letters not being properly escaped.
  • Fixed a problem in the generation of BibTeX escape sequences for diereses.
  • Fixed a problem that caused prepend and append text to be duplicated when used in citation groups.

New in Sente 5.7.2

Targeted Browsing Enhancements

This version adds supports the following web sites:

  • Cern
  • ACS Publications
  • ACM Digital Library
  • IEEE Xplore
  • ERIC
  • Sage Publications

Miscellaneous Features

  • Added support for MarcXML data.
  • Added "BibTeX Marker" to list of available fields in the bibliography format editor.
  • Added BibTeX Marker as Drop Style for references.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem in the Word 2008 scanner that caused the scan to fail on documents encoded with ISO Latin1.
  • In the BibTeX importer, "Proceedings" is now a synonym for "InProceedings".
  • Corrected a problem in bibliography generation involving Cyrillic initials.
  • Corrected a problem that caused the % modifier to be ignored on citations in groups within a document.
  • Corrected a problem in Force Title Case that caused words like "the" not to be capitalized when they occurred at the beginning of a phrase.

New in Sente 5.7.1

Miscellaneous Features

  • Added new author name styles in the bibliography format editor: "A.B. SMITH" and "A. B. SMITH".
  • It is now possible to drop URLs directly onto a Library to create a new ELEC reference for the web page (until now it was necessary to drop URLs onto collections within a library for this feature).
  • Added support for targeted browsing on systems running Safari 3.2 and higher.For security reasons, Apple has disabled the inclusion of local graphic files when rendering a web page.This will result in missing target icons (among others), so we now host these graphics on our server and link to them remotely.There are also new preferences that make it possible to use alternative graphics, should anyone care to (see the Advanced Preferences tab).

Bug Fixes

  • Modified several targeted browsing reference detectors to better handle some "proxified" URLs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused invocations of QuickAdd with edits pending in notes to sometimes discard the edits.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in an exception when a reference with unsaved changes in notes was deleted.
  • Fixed a problem that resulted in disclosure triangles not showing up in the notes view when some custom fonts were used in the reference editor.

New in Sente 5.7.0

Improved Notes Interface

Sente's note-taking interface has been completely rewritten and important new functionality has been added.

The new interface makes better use of screen area for viewing and editing notes, and it offers several enhancements, like the ability to open and view all notes on a reference at one time.

In addition, the Links view has been enhanced to make creating notes from PDFs and web pages very easy.You can now select text or graphics in either a PDF or web page and create a new note containing the selection by clicking on the Create Note button in the Links view.

Watch the introductory video on our site to see these changes in action.

Targeted Browsing

This version adds supports the following web sites:

  • Scitation
  • Social Science Research Network
  • informaworld
  • IngentaConnect

Miscellaneous Features

  • There is now a command to open the selected reference in its own tab in the main window.
  • Sente now imports RefWorks format files.
  • A new citation modifier ("^") has been added that causes Sente to omit the reference from the bibliography.Thus, "{^Smith 2001}" will cause a citation to the paper to be inserted in the text at the right location, but no bibliography entry will be created.

Bug Fixes

  • Chicago N and NB formats were modified to use "In" (instead of "in") between book and chapter titles.
  • A problem with accented characters found in styled (bold, italics, underline) text has been fixed.
  • A few problems in BibTeX import have been fixed.

This is a free upgrade for all users currently own a Sente 5 license.

Sente (sente) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Sente 5.7.15. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Sente 5.7.10.

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