What's New

SIP Communicator build 3364.

Build 3364 for MacOSX generated on Mon Mar 21 22:45:47 CET 2011.

  • Activate warning window before application rename.
Other recent changes in earlier versions:
  • Load Master Password Window before credential storage window and before provisioning.
  • Remove unused method and variable.
  • Adjusts home page jabber property implementation.
  • Added a home page property in the jabber account registration wizard.
  • Fixes an issue in the sip2sip and iptel.org account forms. Makes the jabber account form extendable, so that in the google talk account form we have all the options we find in the jabber form.
  • Commits work in progress on fixing overlapping issues with the JAWTRenderer on Mac OS X. Transitions the JAWTRenderer on Mac OS X from NSOpenGLContext to CAOpenGLLayer.
  • Parametrize names in debian package build scipts.
  • Facebook account registration wizard extends the current Jabber wizard.
  • Adds/fixes comments and javadocs.
  • Change NetworkUtils.getSRVRecord methods to return SRVRecord array instead of InetSocketAddress array.
  • The protocol providers resolve addresses from the SRVRecord.
  • Update CertificateVerificationService validates client options, obtaining sslcontext by specifying only error message, option to insert certificate and to look for system properties and system wide keystore. Patch provided by Ingo Bauersachs.
  • Migration from java.net
  • Commit from translate.sip-communicator.org by user emcho.: 1021 of 1022 messages translated (0 fuzzy).
  • Configuring Parallel DNS Resolver. Patch provided by Ingo Bauersachs.
  • Enhanced Windows installer images.
  • Enhanced Windows desktop icon.
  • Prepared a warning window for jitsi update (not yet activated).
  • Prepared a warning window for jitsi update (not yet activated).
  • Prepared a warning window for jitsi update (not yet activated).
  • Prepared a warning window for jitsi update (not yet activated).
  • Switching version to beta1
  • Trim the name of directshow capture devices because comparaison with MediaLocator's locator will fail otherwise (because internally it uses trim()).
  • Prepared a warning window for jitsi update (not yet activated).
  • Adding license and code formatting.
  • Provides a Makefile for the JNI library of JAWTRenderer on Mac OS X.
  • Fixes a NullPointerException that occurred when filtering requests in the presence of registrarless providers.
  • Fixes an unnecessary fallback to parallel resolving in the case of NODATA responses returned for AAAA and NAPTR queries. Patch by Ingo Bauersachs.
  • Fixes disappearing closed groups in contact list. Reported by Damian Minkov.
  • Normalize phone number before returning LDAP contact source.
  • Remove debug output.
  • Additionnal logs in directshow DataSource.
  • Remove border from the LDAP server configuration form.
  • Set the minimum size for the LDAP configuration form. In some cases video calling seems not work on Windows (call status stay to calling while the other peer is connected) because of directshow, we address first the establishment of the call and we will try later to see the directshow problem.
  • Further fixes issues wit unsupported media types. Reports, logs, and traces provided by z___al
  • Ongoing work on LDAP contact source: catch exception when trying to connect with no password, look also in mail attribute when perform a search.
  • Add/remove LDAP contact source service in a separate thread to avoid take too much time in Event Dispatch Thread.

SIP Communicator (org.sip-communicator) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is SIP Communicator 3364.

Operating System: Mac

Default Install Path: /Applications/SIP Communicator.app