What's New

Version 3.1.4, build 3B135; 03/23/15

  • Fixed bug where SMTP port could not be edited
  • Fixed bug where email preferences did not stick when running in French

Version 3.1.3, build 3B134; 03/20/15

  • Added ability to display second temperature attribute if primary temperature attribute doesn't exist
  • Changed Email Preferences window to eliminate default port and always require port to be specified
  • Fixed bug where temperature display for 190 attribute would not display in Fahrenheit if preference was selected
  • Fixed bug causing crash when running tests if email notifications were turned on
  • Fixed bug where DrivesList.plist was incorrectly marking passed drives as failing
  • Fixed bug where info, attributes, errors, and tests windows still had "/dev"
  • Fixed bug where info, attributes, errors, and tests windows didn't show drive name when there was only one partition
  • Fixed bug causing multiple popups occurring in rare situations
  • Fixed bug that caused a rare crash when saving drives
  • Updated French localization for new attributes and UI
  • Updated smartctl engine to 6.3 which supports many more drives

Version 3.1.2, build 3B117; 05/28/14

  • Implemented new sending email system to provide better support, fixing bugs with Gmail and Mavericks
  • Analyzed all code, cleaned up code, and fixed many potential bugs
  • Added check time to Casper plist
  • Changed email to include all drives in one email
  • Changed email to include "SMART Utility" and host name in subject line
  • Changed "Last Updated" display to include date as well as time
  • Fixed bug on 10.5, 10.6, and 10.7 systems where "Install SAT SMART Driver" menu item would not work
  • Fixed bug where Casper plist would not be created when all drives passed
  • Fixed bug where Casper plist would not be created by menu extra
  • Fixed bug in Casper script
  • Fixed bug with toggling tests
  • Fixed rare bug where menu extra would run scheduled tests when preferences were changed
  • Fixed some bugs with French localization in Menu Extra
  • Removed "/dev/" from drive descriptions for better clarity
  • Updated help
  • Updated French Localization
  • Updated attribute human readable names
  • Updated model list for new Macs
  • Updated SAT SMART Driver to version 0.8
  • Updated smartctl engine to 6.2, which supports many more drives, especially SSDs

Version 3.1.1, build 3B073; 03/06/13

  • Added support for demo serial numbers
  • Added support for file used by script to import drive data into Casper
  • Added SATA version and rotation rate to info window and removed ATA standard
  • Added menu item to install SAT SATA Driver for external drive support
  • Fixed bug where having menu extra would always cause app to launch
  • Fixed bug where unsupported drives would send Grow and email notifications
  • Update eSellerate engine to 5.0, which now is encapsulated all in the app, and fixed a crash
  • Updated smartctl engine to 6.0, which supports many more drives

Version 3.1, build 3B049; 08/03/12

  • Added email notifications for app and extra
  • Added SMART Utiilty.log file to crash reports to provide more information
  • Added Developer ID signing for Gatekeeper on 10.8
  • Fixed a bug preventing the overall status from displaying properly on 10.8
  • Fixed some other minor bugs
  • Reorganized preferences window
  • Reorganized Growl notifications (removed scan and update complete, added drive name and partitions)
  • Updated smartctl engine to 5.42, which supports many more drives
  • Updated Growl framework to 1.2.3, which fixes some bugs
  • Switched to using GCC 4.2
  • Dropped support for 10.4

SMART Utility (com.volitans-software.smartutility) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is SMART Utility 3B135. The most popular version of this application used by our users is SMART Utility 2C097.

Operating System: Mac

Bundle Information: 3.1.4 build 3B135, (c)2015 Volitans Software

Copyright: (c)2015 Volitans Software